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Many people ask if the training is for birth doula or postpartum doula certification and the simple answer is that it will train you in both. GROUP TRAINING: If you are interested in hosting a group training in your area, please send us an email.
Are you a doula that is longing for more education, business advice and support?Running a successful doula business is tricky! The Doula Alliance training fully teaches you the business aspect of starting and running a your own successful business as a professional labor support person. After you go through the training we want to keep in touch with you, mentor you, and allow you a space where you can find comfort and support. We support new doulas with as much love and care as we do with the new mothers we work with. We are excited about the growth of this profession everywhere!
Birth Arts International offers Certified Doula, Postpartum Doula Certification, Childbirth Educator (CBE), Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC)  and Midwife’s Assistant certification, Business of Birth and Prosperity course, Aromatherapy and other advanced trainings via workshop, distance learning and online eLearning. Doula Certifications Become a professional Birth Arts International Certified Doula.Become a Certified Doula and realize your professional goals by embarking on an educational journey that is the most in-depth and comprehensive education available to students.
Postpartum Doula CertificationBirth Arts International offers an exemplary Postpartum Doula education and certification program.
Childbirth Educator CertificationAt BAI, we allow our Childbirth Educators to explore and discover the specific needs of their community.Our providers work in a variety of settings to include independent practices, birth centers and hospitals.
Well, our doulas attend training (of course) and they receive their very own doula handbook, created just for them. Basically, we want to see our doulas enter this incredible profession feeling confident, supported, and able to have their questions answered simply by grabbing this perfect book. Our doulas get samples of our professionally designed marketing materials, Supporting Arms booklet for their clients, and business training so that they know how to effectively run a professional doula business as well as support women and their partners in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.
The sitting portion of training allows for learning about everything you will need to know for doula success from tips to running your doula business, conducting interviews, birth etiquette, scope of practice, sustainability, and building relationships quickly and effectively. We are big on continuing education and building strong relationships at Birth Boot Camp, so every three years we host a "retreat". Back row, left to right, Debbe Cannone (CA), Courtney Smith (TX), Emilie Wilson (OK), Tara Ussery (TX), Alexa Gumm (TX), Laurie McGowan (Canada), Krisha Crosley (TX), Kim Agnew (TX), Beth Dickerson (TX), Angharad Hollingswort (LA), Janine Heincker (KA), Sarah Clark (CA), Melanie Sarpy (LA), Nancy Rebarchik (TX), April Francom (TX). We have spent years compiling, researching, writing and teaching this manual based on over 25 years of experience working as business-minded, professional doulas.

You will have the power to choose which one you'd like to be based on what fits for your life. The forms, files and even quickbooks that are designed for other business aren't a good fit for this type of work.
It teaches all about pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum, but also nutrition, aromatherapy, and natural remedies and oh! We will make sure to provide the tools, education, and support you will need for your doula journey and help you grow as a high-integrity birth worker so that the term ‘doula’ is held in high regard in your community. We hope you will become part of this vision!
We are honored that you are taking the time to learn more about the dynamic educational paths available to students. Your educational process will allow you to plan and design a progressive childbirth education program to women in your community.Students complete a rigorous didactic and exploratory education process.
This program equips students with the education and skills to support midwives in their community.The program is a blend of academic work, skills training and birth attendance.
These women are just so incredible and we are excited to bring them to towns across America (and one in Canada)!
In all seriousness, we know that the community and relationships built at training are incredibly valuable for each and every doula. Maria and Amanda bring years of doula work and business sense to the table and welcome each doula with open arms. We want our doulas to leave training knowing these things, not struggle for years hoping to figure them out.
We love training new doulas, and we are also honored that so many of our doulas are coming to train with us after years of practice. Part of both our instructor and doula trainings includes professionally shot and edited headshots.
Front row, left to right, Brittany Hernandez (TX), Maria Pokluda and Amanda Devereux (trainers), Melissa Carroll (OH).
They not only build your doula sisterhood but they give you a hands-on training that can be finished in a weekend.
We also teach you how to create contracts, keep track of your clients, and get your foot in the door with hospitals and birth centers.
This is because it is important to serve your communities in a way that is supportive and works to improve birth satisfaction for all mothers.

This program is based on the first level of NARM skills.This program is focused on supporting students who want to eventually become a midwife (CPM), or one who desires to work as a midwife’s assistant at a professional level. It also contains highlights from doula training, tips for what to put in your doula bag, how to have a fabulous interview with a potential client, basics of your prenatal and postpartum meetings, and business tips. Maria and Amanda, our two doula trainers, are gifted in both business AND doula practice and they share that incredible knowledge with our doulas. The women you meet at training (and your trainers) will be the ones who hold your hand, answer your questions, and offer a shoulder to cry on in the years to come.
We want each doula to know that they have the mentorship and experience of professional and successful doulas behind them. If you are in the middle of raising small children or have a full time job that isn't very flexible, you may need to have your doula life more structured so being a postpartum doula might be the answer for you during this time. Group trainings do cost more money because we give you a training manual, provide food and refreshments for the weekend and have to rent a venue, not to mention the fun give-aways we do at the end of each training. The Business Savvy Doula Course is designed to help teach you the business aspect of being a doula! We don't just teach you how to be a doula but how to get your name out to your community, how to interview, and how to market your business! When you become a Postpartum Doula you are supporting your community and making positive strides in maternal satisfaction and infant health and well-being.When you enroll you are embarking on a dynamic and rewarding career that allows you to be flexibleand work around your family. Part of our Birth Boot Camp DOULA training is instruction on how to use the amazing birth tool known as the birth scarf (also often called a rebozo). We love honoring all the women and skills that have come before us and this tool is one of the most important in your doula bag!
Plus the large group of Birth Boot Camp instructors will help you network and grow your own business.

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