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Whether you call it “e-learning,” “online education or “online training,” you can bet that the newest way to be a student is here to stay. In the United States alone, online training is growing at an estimated 30 percent per year. The popularity of online learning comes hand-in-hand with new digital tools (tablets and smart phones), Web-based modes of communication (email) and social interaction (Twitter, Facebook). That makes logical sense, considering the intensive educational experience that graduate programs offer, not to mention the financial and logistical dedication that is traditionally required to attend graduate school.
Many people who would benefit from a graduate education might never seriously consider it because of the cost and the change of lifestyle required. However, an online graduate program affords students the opportunity to attend class whenever it is convenient for them, allowing them to forgo many of the personal and professional sacrifices typically involved with pursuing a graduate degree, and at the same time, maintain the quality of the education they receive. Statistics have shown that one of most powerful tools in increasing your earning potential is a graduate degree. Online Certificate Programs Today’s job market is a highly competitive place that is often filled with uncertainty. For our education rankings, we considered which online schools were affordable, had strong student outcomes, and prepared students well for licensure.
The average annual tuition for an online bachelor's degree is $12,290, with 7 schools costing less than $10,000. Western Governors University has a longstanding history of providing reputable teaching and education programs. Fort Hays State University’s education program provides an affordable option for students looking to obtain a degree in education at an average annual tuition of $5,912. Chadron State College’s average annual tuition of $7,200 makes it an affordable option for students seeking an online education degree.
The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers many online education degree and certification programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Career outcomes are favorable for students who obtain an online education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. Wilmington University’s online education degree programs equip students with the skills necessary to enter into several different careers in the field. With an average tuition cost of $7,967, Athens State University provides an affordable choice for students seeking an online education degree.
Brandman University Online’s average annual tuition of $15,000 provides an affordable option for students seeking an online degree in education.
City University of Seattle offers online education degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
In addition to a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, ULM offers several online master’s programs in areas such as elementary education, secondary education, and special education.
Students already in possession of an associate degree, or 60 semester hours of coursework from an accredited college should consider Bellevue University’s bachelor’s degree in adult education. Granite State College’s generous credit transfer policy, coupled with its affordable average annual tuition rate of $9,450, make it an excellent option for students seeking an online education degree.
The University of West Alabama offers several online education degree and certificate programs. Students seeking an online undergraduate education degree in early childhood education may find Western Carolina University’s birth-kindergarten program to be a good fit for them.
Completion of one of Ottawa University’s online education programs will prepare students for teaching and administrative positions.
Aspen University provides both bachelor’s and master’s education programs that can be completed entirely online. Park University offers several online education degree programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Eastern New Mexico’s average annual tuition of $14,208 makes it the most affordable option in the state for students seeking an online education degree. Southwestern Assemblies of God University offers online education degrees at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Rasmussen College offers online education degree programs at an affordable average annual tuition rate of $11,830.
Students interested in obtaining an online degree in education will find that Northern Arizona University has several bachelor’s and master’s programs available, which will help equip students for careers either in teaching or in administration. Ashford University offers several online education programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
The University of Phoenix offers several online education degree programs for students considering a career in teaching or education administration. The advantages of using these technologies to learn include convenience, lower costs and one-on-one teacher-student interaction. The open environment of the online world is challenging the once-exclusive institutions of higher learning. As online learning marches toward becoming the de facto mode of learning in the corporate world and in government, application service providers will release more turnkey e-learning solutions. If you have ever considered pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree, but have found yourself impeded by such obstacles, an online graduate program may help you fulfill your education goals and maximize your professional potential. This has been especially true of those who have been in the workforce for years, who have good paying jobs and stable family lives.
Employers understand and respect the knowledge and commitment that such an accomplishment reflects.
Colleges on our list offered online programs focusing on childhood education, special education, education administration, and many other disciplines. Schools like Western Governors University have programs accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education that lead to licensure. Its online teaching degree program was the first of its kind to be accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Students may pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which will prepare them for licensure. CSC offers a bachelor’s of science in education degree for students interested in teaching physical education or health.
UNK’s Bachelor’s of Education in Early Childhood Education prepares students to work with children from birth through 3rd grade.
The school offers many education degree programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Students may choose between a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including an associate degree in early childhood education, a bachelor’s degree in in elementary education, and a master’s degree in applied technology. ASU’s online education programs are unique in their offerings; students may pursue a bachelor’s of science degree in technical education with specializations in several different areas, such as post-secondary instruction, early instruction, and military instruction.

Students seeking to become primary school teachers can apply to the university’s bachelor of arts program in elementary education, which leads to certification.
These graduate degrees allow students with undergraduate degrees outside of the education field to obtain teaching certification.
The program is designed to prepare students to better teach at the professional and vocational level and includes classes such as instructional design process, adult learning theory, and learning style fundamentals.
GSC offers several different degree programs, both for those just starting their education careers and those more established in the field. Those who enroll in this program will receive a bachelor’s of science degree which leads to licensure. AU’s bachelor of science in early education prepares students to work in preschools and daycares, as teachers or center directors.
Students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree may specialize in a specific age group, such as early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary education.
Students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education may specialize in the specific age groups of early childhood, elementary, or middle and secondary education, or they may choose to focus on specific subject areas; degrees concentrated in math, music, physical education and theater are available at this institution. Rasmussen’s programs are particularly well-suited to students interested in the field of early childhood education, as the college offers programs specializing in that area at both the undergraduate and certificate level. These degrees focus in areas such as career and technical education, elementary education, and educational leadership, and may include classes such as principles of curriculum construction, integrated teaching and learning, and contemporary technology education programs, in addition to fieldwork and a capstone project. For those seeking a bachelor’s degree, Ashford University offers several programs related to early childhood education and development, and english language learner studies, in addition to degrees more targeted towards education administration and curriculum design. Another benefit people often overlook is that learning via technology encourages student participation.
By deploying quality education programs online, society can benefit enormously—particularly in remote areas where schools and teachers are scarce. Thanks to lower operational costs, learning providers can deliver high-quality content without the students setting foot in ivy-covered bricks and mortar.
This will be a boon for users who don’t have the means or time to develop their own training programs. With over five years of experience in Information Technology, he also brings a depth of experience in ensuring that team members are meeting their targets and skill gaps are bridged.
While the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that a bachelor’s degree can almost double your income over having just a high school diploma, the highest paying, most upwardly mobile jobs are often reserved for those with master’s degrees and higher. It has also been true for recent college graduates, those who would like to burnish their skills and knowledge before entering professional life, but who simply cannot afford the high tuition and cost-of-living expenses associated with graduate school.
With a clear sense of purpose and a little Internet research, it is possible to find the program and curriculum that meets your needs. With highly regarded schools now offering online graduate programs in a flexible and accessible context, the working professional has a variety of online learning options to pursue. Through a combination of online classes and full-time student teaching, students are able to earn licensure in subjects such as the social sciences, mathematics, and science, among others.
CSC also offers an endorsement in mathematics for students who have already earned their teaching certification.
USM’s online master’s in educational administration and supervision program prepares students with prior teaching experience to take on leadership roles within the school. Although these degrees do not immediately qualify students for state licensure, students can transition into a certification program upon completion of their degree.
These programs prepare students to teach in a variety of different environments; they may also supplement a career at government agencies or at a nonProfit. BU’s bachelor’s degree in early childhood education complements previous training in the field. Students in this program may take classes such as literacy instruction, American school law, and multicultural education, in addition to a teaching internship.
ULM also offers a doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction for those interested in teacher-education, education policy, and curriculum structure and planning, as well as obtaining a broader perspective in the realm of education. As one of Bellevue University’s accelerated bachelor’s programs, this degree can be completed in as little as 16 months. Students may pursue a bachelor’s degree leading to teaching certification in elementary education, special education, and mathematics, among many other subjects. UWA also offers master’s degree programs in early childhood, elementary, and high school education, as well as concentrations such as special education and school counseling.
OU’s bachelor’s degree in elementary education includes classes such as technology for educators, foundations of schools in a diverse society, and elementary reading and mathematics methods.
In addition to general education requirements, students will take classes such as education psychology, language development, and curriculum for young children. The curriculum of each will prepare students to deal with the daily challenges faced in the classroom, and includes classes such as the school as a social system, educational psychology, and the study of the family. The university’s bachelor’s of occupational education program sets students up to succeed as educators at community and technical colleges, as well as in the business setting.
Students can take classes such as adolescent literacy, introduction to linguistics, and psychology of education.
Students wishing to acquire a good foundation in early childhood education may wish to enroll in the college’s certificate program. Students with a bachelor’s degree may also pursue a graduate certificate program in areas such as autism spectrum disorders, educational technology, and science teaching.
For students already in possession of a bachelor’s degree, AU offers a master’s degree in education.
The bachelor’s degree in elementary teacher education prepares students for teaching certification and includes courses such as foundations of education, child development, and structured English immersion.
Shy students and those who need a little more time to “get it” can often learn at their own pace and interact with the instructor and one another more freely than in a classroom. With job descriptions evolving faster and faster, frankly the local community college and its job training programs are probably a little behind the times.
Expensive private schools are re-purposing high-quality versions of their curricula for the online community. Software-as-a-service companies are innovating online training courses customized for specific industries.
In that research, you will likely also find that many online graduate programs will allow you to tailor your class work to fit in with your own unique schedule, with many programs available part-time. Students may also choose to specialize in an age range such as elementary education, or in special education, at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Those interested in pursuing an upper-level degree may want to consider Chadron State College’s master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. Online bachelor’s degree programs are available in areas such as elementary education and special education.

Those interested in taking on a leadership role within a school or district may wish to pursue an online doctoral degree in educational or organizational leadership. The program combines fieldwork and practicums with coursework in childhood development and culminates in a capstone class where students have to maintain a healthy learning environment for children. For those with prior experience in education, CityU’s master’s program in educational leadership with administrator certification prepares students to take on administrative roles within the field.
The average annual tuition for an online education degree program at the University of Louisiana Monroe is $11,250. Post-baccalaureate teacher certification programs are available for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree.
Many certification programs are also available in areas such as library media, instructional leadership, and special education. Coursework will include core classes related to literacy, adaptations for children with disabilities, and early childhood curriculum, in addition to electives related to a student’s chosen concentration. Those wishing to become principals or administrators can apply for Aspen University’s master’s in education program. Eastern New Mexico’s master’s degree program in educational administration is geared towards students interested in taking on a leadership role within the education system, either as principals or superintendents, and qualifies students to earn their administration license.
The associate degree program in early childhood education allows students to specialize in areas such as child and family studies, special needs, or english language learners. Students of this program can choose to specialize in areas such as education and public policy, culturally responsive education, and reading literacy, among many other options.
The University of Phoenix’s master’s and doctoral degrees in education give students already in possession of a bachelor’s degree a broader perspective of national education policy and contemporary problems.
Now and in the future, employers are turning to on-the-job training via online education to push new skills and industry standards to their organizations. In addition, students can avoid many of the costs associated with traditional learning, such as commuting and buying textbooks. At an average annual tuition of $5,780, Western Governors education program is one of the most affordable options available for students seeking an online degree.
Students can choose to focus on elementary education, secondary education, reading specialization, or special education, in order to deepen their understanding of a specific area in the field.
The curriculum, along with student teaching, prepares students to excel in the teaching field. Wilmington University’s online education programs have an average annual tuition of $10,140. For current teachers seeking advancement or a deeper understanding of curriculum design and school administration, Brandman University’s master’s degree in education, curriculum, and instruction may be a good fit. The average annual tuition for City University of Seattle’s online education degree is $15,300. ULM offers several merit-based scholarships to incoming freshman to help offset the cost of the degree. Bellevue University is a military friendly school, and offers credit for military training, in addition to a reduced tuition rate for active servicemembers and veterans.
Granite State College also offers certificate options for teachers and educators wishing to specialize in a certain area. The University of West Alabama is committed to making education affordable and offers several grants, scholarships, and loans to its students.
Students wishing to earn licensure can also participate in an internship program to gain hands-on experience in the field. Ottawa University’s master’s program in curriculum and instruction deepens teaching skills and allows students to take on leadership positions within the school. Students in this program can choose to specialize in education technology, curriculum development, or transformational leadership. Completion of an undergraduate degree is the first step in earning teaching certification, and Park University is committed to helping students continue on to do so. As part of this program, students will complete an internship in a public school administration setting. SAGU also offers several master’s programs for students interested in curriculum development, administration, and school counseling. Rasmussen College’s bachelor’s degree program in early childhood education leadership is geared towards students who wish to pursue a career in administration or as a pre-kindergarten teacher.
Students with an associate degree may apply up to 90 credits to their bachelor’s degree program at NAU.
Students may take classes such as ethical issues in education and social and global perspectives of teacher leadership. Quick training online means avoiding the lag time of retreat-based training or classroom courses. The University of Southern Mississippi’s education program has an average annual tuition of $6,980. Students will have the opportunity to focus on areas such as educational leadership, instructional technology, and teaching and learning.
Approximately 80% of UWA students receive some form of financial aid in order to support their degree. This degree program has an average annual cost of $14,825, although students may apply for one of WCU’s many merit and need-based scholarships to help offset the cost of their degree. Coursework includes classes such as curriculum development, leadership and management of change, and diverse communities of learners, which focuses on how to help at-risk students in the classroom. Park also offers several master’s degree programs, in areas such as adult education, educational leadership, and language and literature. This degree is part of RC’s acceleratED program, and can be completed in as little as 18 months. The average annual cost for an online education degree at the University of Phoenix is $13,175.
At an average annual cost of $14,880, Ottawa University provides an affordable option for students seeking an online education degree. Furthermore, Aspen University’s generous credit policy means military training, prior coursework, and seminars and workshops could be accepted as transfer credits towards a degree. The average annual tuition for students earning an online education degree at Park University is $13,860. Students may offset the cost even further with AU’s liberal credit transfer policy, which allows students to apply up to 30 semester credits from accredited colleges and universities, military training, and prior learning assessments to their degree.

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