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Distance learning courses allows professionals currently working in the field of teaching to pursue a doctorate degree with a focus on leadership skills while maintaining their current, demanding schedules as teachers or administrators. Doctor of Education (Ed.D) – Management – Capella University offers this doctoral program which focuses on the development of educational management skills, preparing educators for jobs with a focus on administration prowess. PhD – Administration – It is offered by Capella University as an alternative to an Ed.D degree.
The demand for higher education in America is growing because of recession and job competition.
Every learning institution, from preschool to the graduate school level, needs at least one strong leader who will shape the teaching that happens within the school’s walls and motivate the staff and students toward a bright future.
These leaders are education administrators, most of whom begin their careers as teachers and prepare for advancement into educational leadership by completing a degree at the graduate school level. Educational requirements for administrators of preschools and child care centers vary with the setting of the program and the state where they are employed. Educational leaders lay the groundwork for their career with rigorous academic studies, beginning with a bachelor’s degree followed by the mandatory master’s degree, and often culminating in a doctorate degree in education. While educational leadership opportunities will grow at the same pace as most other occupations, more positions vacated by retirement, termination and industry change will positively impact that prediction.
In a 2008 report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 445,400 employed education administrators. The BLS's estimate is bolstered by the Occupational Information Network, a project of the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration, with a combined estimate of over 170,000 positions available between 2008 and 2018.
This particular career path requires advanced education, as high as a doctorate, which may discourage some from pursuing it. The BLS reports that earnings could vary widely depending on education level, experience attained as well as the actual school district where the professional works. Teaching degrees that focus on educational leadership at the graduate school level include courses in school leadership, school finance and budgeting, school law, research design and data analysis, politics in education, community relations, curriculum development and evaluation, and counseling. Although requirements vary by state, most states require principals to be licensed as school administrators. A growing number of advanced degrees in educational leadership are offered through accredited online institutions as well as traditional colleges and universities.
The best online educational leadership programs gives students a high-quality education similar to one offered at a local ground school, in a more flexible format that may better suit working professionals. To be considered for educational administrator positions, workers must prove themselves in their current roles first.
The ability to make sound decisions and to organize work efficiently is also essential to an educational leadership role. Knowledge of leadership practices, attained through experience and formal education, is important as well. Learn to excel as a school administrator and make a difference at your school—and in your career—with the online master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the Cato School of Education at Queens University of Charlotte. We offer education built on the factors that set you up for success, with a curriculum grounded in intellectual curiosity and the liberal arts tradition, taught by expert faculty who will guide you toward your goals. Completion of the master’s in Educational Leadership prepares candidates for K-12 North Carolina principal licensure. Queens University offers a non-licensure option in the online master’s degree in Educational Leadership program. In the non-licensure track, students will complete all requirements that are listed for the education degree, except for the North Carolina K-12 licensure exam.
The faculty at Queens University of Charlotte understands the challenges of school administration, as its members are real-world practitioners with extensive experience in the field. Find out how a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership can help you create an effective plan for improving your school and helping your students.
Andrea Runyon, MA in Educational Leadership graduate: The reason I chose a program at Queens was because Queens does an excellent job at teaching relationship building skills which is one of the most important parts of my job as a school administrator.

Runyon: The program here had a great emphasis on leadership, I learned a lot about different styles of leadership and was able to evaluate which style I am or which style I want to be moving forward and then to take that into my school and put that into practice.
Dunlap: Internships and mentoring are very important in the Queens program because they are starting right out in the program gathering data, working with their principals, determining the kinds of tasks they want to do in the internship. Morton: It’s really important to us that there is no back row in the online classroom, that every single student is present, that we create a sense of community in the online classroom and that the professor is readily available. Dunlap: I’ve had colleagues tell me that you can’t discuss things online like you can on ground and I beg to differ with them. Runyon: Queens has given me the foundation I needed to move forward in my career and a place to come back to with people who continue to be committed to helping me grow professionally. Queens University of Charlotte is a participant in Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus. Queens University of Charlotte’s online programs are approved in many states in the US, but are still awaiting full approval from some states. Our courses include an ever-increasing number of Q&A sessions with dynamic leaders in education around the state. The particular major prepares educators for higher positions within the field of education. This same curriculum format is also available from North Central University online for those holding a Master’s from a regionally accredited university; it has no residency requirements and is delivered entirely in the online environment. Capella is offering this for professionals holding a Master’s from an accredited university in an online environment; it is designed to be completed within 3 years and there are no residency requirements.
It is state approved for licensure making the program a good choice for educators wishing to move their teaching career into the administration focus and become principals, superintendents, or other knowledge-base leaders. Students can gain a competitive edge against other colleagues just by adding a post graduate credential to their resume. Principals, vice principals and school district administrators lead the way in public schools, and must earn a master’s degree in education administration or educational leadership.
Academic deans and chairpersons at colleges and universities will have already earned a master’s or doctoral degree in preparation for a professorship in their departments.
The educational administration field is tough and with the changing education landscape, many expect the job to become more challenging. With the predicted 8% growth rate, there will be a total of 482,500 positions by 2018 – a growth of 37,000 new jobs. This estimate took into account the high-stress career expectations, as well as the aging, well-pensioned workforce who may be retiring soon., there will be over 170,000 positions available to qualified education administrators from 2008 to 2018.
Many prospective educational leadership students are working professionals seeking to enhance their credentials in order to qualify for another career within the education industry. In order to obtain the best education you can, at a price that you can afford, do your research when choosing an educational leadership degree program at the master’s level. Leadership, determination, confidence, and innovation are all qualities that employers value. Because much of an administrator’s job involves working with other people, he or she must have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Our expert educational leadership graduate program faculty will provide you with individualized mentorship and guidance to foster your professional development and empower you to successfully transform students’ lives. Principals and school administrators need more than just exceptional teaching skills to face them successfully. You will learn to foster your creativity, communication, commitment to ethical behavior and responsible citizenship which will serve as a foundation for your success as a school leader. Candidates in other states are encouraged to check with their school district and state DOE to confirm transferability and reciprocity. Students who do not wish to pursue licensure are able to enter into a program of study that meets their professional and personal goals in Educational Leadership. Throughout your experience, you can look to your professors as mentors, available for guidance, support and expertise as you pursue your calling in educational leadership.

Call us at 866-313-2356 to speak with one of our admissions advisors, or request more information. Linda Dunlap, Associate Professor, Program Director: Our program ensures that our students are going to go out and be building leaders who are effective. Lynn Morton, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs: Many of our students are drawn to educational leadership because they loved making a difference as a classroom teacher and they see the potential for taking that difference to a much bigger audience.
I think it is valuable to be taught by those who teach teachers because there is a lot of great learning and storytelling and those are the things that resonate with you and stick with you. Someone will come up with something I’m doing in my school and right away you’ll have 2 or 3 say “tell us more about it, that sounds great.” I love the way they interact with each other as well as interacting with me.
I am applying for my first principalship, and part of the reason I feel comfortable moving forward is because of the leadership skills and the support I continue to have from my experience at Queens. Please contact (866) 313-2356 or click here to determine if you are located in a status from which Queens University of Charlotte can accept applications.
The leaders included are sitting school principals, district-level leaders of principals, and state-level leaders. If you are looking for a doctorate program in Educational Leadership that is both flexible and thorough, then you should consider a distance learning college. It is designed for those already working in the field who hold a Master’s degree in teaching. Though the program is offered online, it has residential colloquia experience requirements for 35-week colloquia’s intermittent throughout your enrollment time. On top of it, there are many opportunities for educator’s to further their career with additional academic skills.
In public schools, some principals and central office administrators have a doctorate in education administration. As with a lot of those in the education industry, the desire to see students succeed is a driving force that must be present in order for the professional to remain passionate and on top of their field.
Review this website thoroughly and ask your admissions the questions that can make or break your decision.
They need the leadership ability to inspire improvement and the analytical skills and business savvy to create it. Through small class sizes and an emphasis on mentorship and meaningful interaction, faculty members create an intimate learning environment in which every student feels valued. The Queens Master’s in Educational Leadership faculty are uniquely qualified because they have been in positions of leadership in public schools. And when you’re on the job you remember what someone told you about what happened to them and that helps you make good decisions. In most cases, certification can be completed entirely online, though some might have brief residency requirements.
Choosing the right doctoral degree path is the first step to excelling your career with Doctoral Programs in Educational Leadership. In private schools, some principals and assistant principals hold only a bachelor’s degree, but the majority of principals have a master’s or doctoral degree. Our comprehensive Educational Leadership curriculum, delivered in an interactive online learning environment, was designed by our faculty to equip you with valuable insights from their own experiences in the field and the skills to drive meaningful outcomes. Linda Dunlap, Program Director of the MA in Educational Leadership, making sure students have an exceptional learning experience at Queens is her most important goal.

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