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In this Excel 2013 tutorial course for Microsoft Excel 2013, an expert author takes you beyond the basics of Excel, and teaches you how to use the advanced features and functions in this spreadsheet program from Microsoft.
You will start with basic operations such as SUM, MIN, and MAX, as well as conditional mathematical functions.
By the completion of this computer based advanced Excel training video for Microsoft Excel 2013, you will be comfortable with many of the advanced features and functions that this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft has to offer. Excel 2010 is the newest version of Microsoft’s comprehensive spreadsheet tool that offers features that support a wide range of functions. Excel 2010 provides a number of tools and features that allow you to visually enhance the appearance of worksheets and workbooks. While it can look complicated and daunting, navigating the Excel interface isn’t as difficult as it first appears.
The ability to easily manipulate data is probably the biggest benefit of using productivity applications, such as Excel 2010. Excel 2010 provides tools that enable you to efficiently present your data and that can also make your data easier to understand.
Excel 2010 provides easy to use and access tools that allow you to review, proof, and protect the workbooks you create and share.
Excel 2010 provides you with the tools that allow you to perform calculations on your workbook data. One of the great features of Excel 2010 is its ability to perform a wide variety of functions to make your use of Excel 2010 easier and more fun. Using the charts feature in Excel 2010, you can create attractive and well-organized representations of worksheet and workbook data. University tested online training courses for Microsoft Office, Windows, Social Networking, & Digital Photography Cameras! Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.
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The Ribbon menu is unique to Microsoft Office and stacks the many features of Excel into related tabs, making it easy to quickly access the ones you need.

Data and cells can be manipulated and customized using various positioning and formatting features.
This course will show you how to move around the Excel interface using the various keys on the keyboard, such as the Home and End keys, and Ribbon commands. For instance, if you have to copy the same data multiple times or move large amounts of data from one place to another within a worksheet or between workbooks, you can see this is much more easily accomplished through software than through the use of pen and paper. When you create an Excel workbook, you will most likely want to save it, and in many instances, print it to save a hard copy or share with someone else. Tables can be used to logically present data in an easy to read fashion and table styles provide a way to make your workbooks more attractive and professional looking. Being able to use formulas to do complicated calculations not only simplifies your work but also helps to reduce the number of errors that can arise in such complex tasks. Functions are inbuilt formulas that save you time by allowing you to choose one that suits your needs rather than having to create a complex formula from scratch. Charts can be easily inserted and customized from the Charts group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon. You will learn how to perform data lookups using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and how to create Sparklines.
Backstage view is a streamlined gathering of all file-level tools, such as those used for saving, printing, and sharing your files. This course explores the processing of formatting cells and text, using tools such as the format painter and changing the way text is presented in order for it to be more visually appealing.
The course also covers the ways in which you can view and arrange workbooks and worksheets to be the most useful and shows you how you can access Excel’s many Help features.
For example, Excel 2010 features such as Live Preview let you see how copied data will look before you copy it, even if it’s copied between Office applications, and the Paste Special option allows you to further define how your data is copied or moved. New features of Excel 2010 also allow you to easily collaborate with others by using the Sharing option in Backstage view. Conditional formatting allows you to highlight trends and exceptions in cells or ranges of cells by presenting the identified data in a number of unique ways to make it stand out. The various tasks you can perform with these features are covered in this course, along with how and when you would use these tools. This course introduces the concepts and terminology associated with formulas, and demonstrates how to create and edit them, copy and paste them, and how to check for errors that can arise.

This course introduces you to the changes made to functions in Excel 2010, including improved function accuracy and consistency as well as the changes made to some function names that make them more intuitive. This course focuses on these and other graphic elements that can be added to Excel 2010 spreadsheets.
Other features that are covered in this advanced Excel tutorial are; working with time, outlining, custom views, text manipulation, error checking, pivot tables and pivot charts.
With all his timing and thorough explanations, Guy made it very easy to learn some of Excel’s most daunting features such as Macros or Data Lookups. This course explores these topics and many other basics of Excel 2010, including opening the application, creating new spreadsheets, entering data and, AutoFill features. This course is designed to show you many of the ways that Excel 2010 allows you to manipulate data and the worksheets that contain them and describes features that let you do this quickly and efficiently. All of these options a€“ saving, printing, and sharing a€“ are grouped together on the File tab for convenience. Sparklines, a new feature of Excel 2010 are small charts within a cell that provide a visual representation of data and can be used to show trends in an appealing manner. It describes the useful feature of Excel’s status bar that automatically displays basic calculations as well as the Function Library, which groups useful functions. The course also covers some basic Macro operations within Excel for optimizing your workflow.
It also provides an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and use your spreadsheets productively.
This course describes these Excel features and explains how to use them to increase your efficiency and productivity. These features a€“ tables, styles, conditional formatting, and sparklines a€“ how to access them and how to use them, are covered in this course.
The most common use of functions, calculating basic financial, logical, date and time data is also covered.

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