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Our on-line training portal allows affordable access for everyone, regardless of their location - worldwide! We started the program in 2012 and we will be launching new courses regularly - particularly hydraulic safety courses. We here at FPTI™ believe that every person should have an equal opportunity to learn hydraulics regardless of their geographic region, financial situation, or family situation. If you are, for example, serving your country, caring for an aging parent, working two shifts to make ends meet, and you want to learn hydraulics, please let us know and we will work with you to help you gain access to our online training courses. Send us an e-mail or an enquiry through the contact form describing your situation and we will contact you about how we can help with your training needs.
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This Product Search is a drill down through hundreds of product categories and thousands of SKUs to help locate a specific item without the need for a Vendor Name, Part Description or Part Number. Experiment with basic hydraulic components to understand the fundamental principles that dictate all hydraulic equipment design.Simulations include pressure, flow, logic valves, circuits, power units, hydraulic components, proportional control etc. Students can experiment with different circuit configurations in order to understand exactly where and why each component is used.
Working models of each valve on its test stand make an excellent way of learning how the valve's function. All of our simulation modules work in real time so you can change the parameters of the power unit simulation and observe the effect on its performance. Allowing students to test a range of different system controls with a simple to use computer program will save both time and money when compared to traditional training methods.

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Simulations include sandwich plate circuits, logic circuits, proportional control, power unit design.
A real time mathematical model based on the valve's design criteria calculates its response.Simulations include a pressure relief valve and counterbalance valve. The effects of doubling the pressure or flow can also be demonstrated without the risk of killing anyone.Simulations include contamination generation and off line filtering, temperature build up and cooling.

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