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Inside commuters will find how to get to and from their destination with information, tools and resources about the various travel options available within Calgary.
Calgary commuters will also find links to up-to-date road reports, pathway and bikeway maps and transit route and schedules so you can avoid congestion and get to your destination safely and conveniently. Census takers will continue collecting data throughout Calgary neighbourhoods until April 22. Paul Denys, Leader of Election and Census, explains in the video below what the census is and why it is so important to participate in the annual count.
Fielding is a seasoned municipal administrator who's brought innovation and excellence to cities across Canada since beginning his career in municipal government in 1978.
The City continues to take steps to prepare for potential flooding this year and citizens should too. In addition to the website, The City's planning a series of videos and public information sessions designed to keep Calgarians informed. Updates are also available through The City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, our Newsroom, email alerts and mobile app.
The City is committed to helping Calgarians recover from last year’s flood and prepare for the possibility of future floods.
The Government of Alberta is undertaking a review of the most important piece of legislation for municipalities – the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Although the MGA has been previously amended in response to new trends and issues, this is the first comprehensive review of the legislation since 1995.
The City of Calgary will participate in the MGA review and the Government of Alberta’s consultations being held in Calgary from April 9 to 11. Youth and young adults were lined up for hours before the doors even opened as The City of Calgary kicked off its 16th Annual Youth Hiring Fair. In the first half-hour, 1,000 eager young job seekers entered the event with an estimated 500 more lined up outside waiting to get in. The Youth Hiring Fair, hosted by The City of Calgary and the Youth Employment Centre, is Calgary’s only hiring fair exclusively for young people aged 15 to 24.
Today’s event features more than 5,000 full-time, part-time, seasonal and career opportunities offered by over 80 local employers.
The first through the doors today was 19-year-old Mike Schmidt who had been in line since 9 a.m. Employers, such as Shakers Fun Centre, were equally happy to see so many qualified young people with the potential to fill needed roles within their organizations. Being YardSmart is about enjoying an inviting, beautiful yard that’s low maintenance, low cost and easy on the environment. Whether you are new to gardening or are an advanced gardener, get inspired and prepared for the 2014 gardening season at this weekend’s Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show at Spruce Meadows.
Taking a few minutes to answer census questions will help Calgary school boards plan for the future. School boards also use census data to plan for new schools and to examine how existing schools are being utilized.

As part of providing Calgarians with more transportation choices in Calgary’s busiest area, the Centre City, The City is taking a recommended Cycle Track network to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit on April 16. Keeping Calgary clean is a collaborative effort and The City is asking all Calgarians to help make the city a beautiful place to live by doing their part― move vehicles and blue and black carts from the street when sweeping is scheduled. To keep the 2014 tax increase down, council had asked City administration last fall to find savings across all departments.
The Transportation department proposed the reduction to the Spring Clean-up program because it has the least impact on citizen safety when compared to other programs like pothole repair, streetlighting or paving.
The City’s annual Spring Clean-up program is scheduled to start on April 22, 2014, weather permitting. If debris is left behind because a car or cart has not been moved and you want to be a good neighbour, you can sweep the debris yourself.
When cleaning up gravel, dust, rocks and other debris put all materials into a garbage bag.
Rocks and other material may be heavy and needs to be double-bagged to avoid punctures and rips in the bags.
For your collector’s safety, make sure your bags are not overweight and place all debris inside your black cart for removal. Although Spring Clean-up’s official start date is April 22, you may see sweepers sooner in your area as crews take advantage of the fair weather for winter sweeping.
If you take a drive or stroll through some of my favourite neighbourhoods like Sunnyside, Marda Loop, or Parkdale, you’ll notice they were all built using this grid network. The modified grid network provides multiple route options and convenient access to destination points, although less so than the grid network. As a part of my job as a City Planner, I take in to account what works elsewhere and try to incorporate it into new project plans.
In the southeast, for example, a grid network would allow 52 Street SE to continue south into the Rangeview area allowing direct access to amenities and shopping destinations along that corridor. While there can be some challenges to implementing this grid style, such as the drainage corridors in Rangeview or the wetlands that are found throughout the land where Cornerstone is being planned, there are opportunities to modify it slightly to preserve and protect what’s precious (as in the example of a modified grid above). We can also angle the grid, which is an option being considered in Rangeview to preserve stunning views of the Rockies to the south and west for future residents who will surely come to love that aspect of their community. Jill is a Planner in Planning, Development and Assessment who is part of a team working on the Area Structure Plans for Rangeview and Cornerstone. One year certificate with the option to ladder into the second year of the Administrative Information Management diploma program.
The School of Business at SAIT is one of Alberta's largest providers of corporate training and professional development. Certification CoursesSAIT Recreation offers a variety of recreational professional certification courses to start your career in aquatics and fitness leadership. Families and students, with CASL we need to get your permission to email you about your child. For forty years, our institutions have been providing students from around the world with high-quality academic studies, social activities, and a complete immersion experience.

This is one of our recent ACP graduates, Bassam, and he was awarded a $5,000.00 scholarship from Laurentian University. Whether you choose to walk, ride your bike, take transit , carpool or carshare, Getting Around Calgary will have you on your way allowing you to choose the most convenient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable way to travel.
Getting around Calgary also provides information about work options like telework for reducing and even eliminating peak hour commutes.
Currently, Fielding is the City Manager of the City of Burlington, and will begin his role with The City of Calgary on June 2. The site contains information on what The City is doing to prepare for high water season and what steps Calgarians should take to prepare themselves and protect their families in the event of future flooding.
The MGA outlines how every municipality in Alberta operates, how municipal councils function, how municipalities serve citizens, and how citizens work with their municipalities. Since then, Calgary has grown tremendously and now faces a variety of challenges and opportunities that didn’t exist before.
City identification badges are worn by all census takers; if it is not in plain view just ask to see it. The discussion and planning for cuts actually began last summer, and last Monday, March 31, 2014, Council reviewed the proposals and approved the reduction to the Spring Clean-up (street sweeping) program. Cars that remain parked on roadways during scheduled street cleaning will no longer be towed. Gridded streets also connect neighbouring communities more directly to one another and to other areas of the city, without dead-ending. Two recent new community projects my team is working on include Cornerstone in the northeast quadrant, and Rangeview in the southeast. The following programs can be registered by individual learners, or customized for a corporate training program. Our programs and courses can provide you with the skills sought by employers and even help you prepare for industry certification in your field. ESL, Focus on Communication, Business English, TOEFL iBT, Accent Modification, IELTS, and much more in Toronto and Calgary, Canada. The portal, called Getting Around Calgary, is dedicated to providing quick and easy travel information for Calgary commuters.
You can even take part in various programs and partnerships and track the benefit your alternative commute has on the environment while reducing congestion for all Calgarians. If you’re not home, the census taker will leave a phone number where they can be reached to arrange the completion of your census. Due to the changes in resources this season, crews will continue street sweeping activities after Stampede and throughout the summer months.
Our dedicated staff has the skills and experience to help you succeed in your language goals.

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