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There are always new skills to learn and new abilities to master, and that’s why so many librarians continue to utilize online courses to boost their overall knowledge.
Idaho State Library ABLE – The Alternative Basic Library Education program offers online tutorials for free that cover all basic library related skills. Library of Congress Professional Development Workshops – These online modules are offered by the most famous library in the country and cover a wide range of different topics. Library of Congress Webcasts – These are an additional option that is basically short seminars on different topics that librarians will find informative, interesting, and useful. Tech Atlas – This site provides free courses so you can learn how to use TechAtlas for technology planning, as well as hardware and software inventory management in your library.
Utah State Library Cataloging Basics – Here you’ll be able to find a wide range of tutorials and links to information that help provide a solid education on the basics of good, effective cataloging. Texas State Small Library Management Program – This site provides a wide range of courses that cover all aspects of librarianship, including closer looks at the skills needed to effectively manage small libraries. WebJunction Online Learning Opportunities – There are some fee based courses here, but there are also numerous free programs that offer an education in the field of librarianship that make this site worth a visit.
OPAL – OPAL is a collaboration by several international libraries that focuses on providing free web based training for library users. Internet Library For Librarians – This is a free resource available online that helps librarians locate various online information about their field.
Infopeople – These are free online workshops that include a wide range of different tools including PowerPoint presentations, handouts, worksheets, exercises, and more. Library Support Staff Training – Basically, this is an online resource that links up different information and training materials from various libraries in an ability to help librarians understand more about the field and how to thrive in it. Sirsi Dynix – This is a collection of online web seminars that helps to provide references and support to librarians around the country.

WebJunction – WebJunction is home to numerous free and fee based courses that cover a huge range of different subjects including many that apply to the use of technology in the field.
USC Beaufort Library Bare Bones to the Internet – This is one of the oldest and one of the best free online training programs that is designed for library employees. Hot Courses – This Website has many free library classes that are of particular use to people who live in the United Kingdom. Info People – If you want to sharpen your professional librarian skills, you can take free classes at Info People. Library of Congress Catalogers Learning Workshop – The Library of Congress has several free classes that will train you on how to organize and classify bibliographic information. There are many additional free online resources available that you can use to help you move your level of knowledge forwards.
Do you know of other Free online courses librarians & information science types would enjoy? Apply Legal And Ethical Parameters To Nursing Practiceonline, therefore access to the internet is required. Delivering Online In Regional AustraliaCommenced online delivery of community services in 2001 (see Table 1).
Search jobs in Pakistan online, Job opportunities in engineering, computer, banking, data entry, medical, finance, Government. The fact is that being a librarian involves a lot more than just putting books on shelves and making sure that the library is used properly. And there are numerous online resources out there that offer online training and education without charging you a dime. Since this is one of the most important skills to master in the field, it’s a resource well worth visiting.

It’s a must-see for anyone looking to enter the field as well as for those who are looking to enhance their current skillset. You can take classes in how to organize a school library, and how to hone your skills as a media specialist in a variety of libraries. It’s also produced by library staff and provides the very best information that you can find, totally for free.
They’re mainly focused on helping the staff of the State Library of Ohio, but most of the skills and information found there applies to pretty much any library around the world.
This free librarian class focuses on communication, collaboration, visual communications, personal learning environments, productivity tools and a capstone. These classes are based upon hands on, real world situations in libraries and all classes are tailored to the needs of librarians.
There’s no doubt that mastering the field of librarianship is worth doing, but it does contain many more challenges than most people realize.
Melissa Steele has worked in academic and non academic research environments for over 10 years. Everything from a good working knowledge of technology to strong people skills are needed to thrive in these positions. It’s a collection of podcasts that can be listened to on MP3 players or on computers.
The sites listed above are good starting points to begin your journey for knowledge, and could help you become a master in this regularly evolving field.

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