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The coach understands the greatest benefit the client can get from the session is to coach for compassion instead of coaching for compliance. When you recognize the connection between today’s goals and your full potential the effect is transformative.
Dynamic Coaching  effectually empowering people to find answers, encouraging and supporting them as they continue to make important life-nourishing and life-changing decisions. Working with an online life coach you set the agenda and the coach asks you powerful questions which set the stage for the action steps.
A life coach address specific personal issues, business projects and success, how to deal with the transitions in your life, relationship building.
A Life coach is an expert at change, they help people take responsibility for their lives and take action to maximize their potential.
Most people don’t even realize they are drifting as they are too busy following convention and living up to the expectations of society.
Once you realize this fulfillment model you can take your life in any direction you choose. A life coach engenders an authentic relationship fueled by a goal driven agenda and a client centric approach. If this were a military operation then the mission takes precedence over the man; in coaching the mission is the man.
COACHING 4 YOUR GREAT LIFECoaching 4 Your Great Life is designed to allow you to focus, beliefs and the right enthusiasm is necessary to achieve the consistent results you demand in the most important areas of your personal life.
If you answered yes to any of these questions then life coaching may be your next endeavor! DISCOVERThe first step to improving the overall quality of your life and to producing extraordinary results is discovery. MASTEREach of us has a 'recipe for success' that is unique to our personal dreams and aspirations. Maybe youa€™re not feeling the love, support, and synergy in your personal relationships and want to know how to turn them around (or how to end the toxic relationships in your life and attract new, positive relationships). Maybe you feel like youa€™re stuck in a dead-end job, and dread waking up and going to work each morning. Maybe youa€™re struggling to make ends meet, and want to find a way to become financially free so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want and feel confident and secure about your financial future. Wherever you happen to be in life, and whatever challenges youa€™re facing right now, our online life coaching courses provide you with the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountabilitya€”and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible.
In this structured, 52-week online course you’ll discover how to effortlessly attract the financial freedom, love, happiness and success you most desire.
Wherever you happen to be in life, and whatever challenges youa€™re facing right now, the Coach Yourself to Success online courseA has the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability, and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the easiest, quickest way possible. Attract what you want in life by eliminating the energy drains and adding in new, healthy energy sources. Finding work you love is deeply satisfying; start making the necessary transitions so that you do only what you love to do. To communicate effectively, you first need to become a profound listener and develop the art of acknowledging people fully. This month youa€™ll be further increasing your self-care and expanding your willingness to have.
At this stage in the life coaching course youa€™ll already have attracted any number of wonderful things, opportunities and people into your life. After implementing Talane’s life coaching program, I organized my finances, calculated my net worth, fired a financial advisor, threw out a mountain of junk, re-decorated my apartment, hired a reliable cleaning lady, upgraded my computer skills, and got a new job paying $20,000 more than my old one! Click here to buy Talane Miedaner’s bestselling book, Coach Yourself To Success and receive 30 days FREE online coaching! Try our free starter kit for a sample of the materials you’ll get in the Coach Yourself to Success online courses.
Get in touchIf you need help using our site, or want to find out more about our 1:1 coaching, then please get in touch. The Personal Development Cafe for Personal Development Plans, Career Advice, Job search, CVs and resumes, Interview skills and team building.
More and more people are turning to online life coaching as the pressures of modern life make increasing demands on both our personal and professional lives.  But what exactly is online life coaching, what are the benefits and how do you choose an online life coach? The internet has changed how we get information, how we communicate and socialise.  It has also made it possible for us to make contact and build relationships across the world via e-mail, messenger, telephone, skype and webcam. Are there times when you are not sure what to do?  Would you like to speak to someone who is prepared to listen without judging you and work with you to solve your problems? Whilst family, friends and work colleagues can be very important and offer suggestions, often a fresh opinion from a qualified coach can provide the solution.
Not everyone wants to discuss sensitive or personal issues face-to-face or with someone they know.  Online life coaching gives you the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a life coach who is there to help you achieve your agreed goal(s). If after having looked carefully at your life you have identified issues that you need to address, finding the right coach for you will greatly increase your chance of success.

What type of life coach are you looking for?  Do you want a career coach, a business coach to help you professionally? You may want someone to help you with a very specific issue such as weight loss, quitting smoking – then maybe a hypnotherapist would be ideal. Perhaps you are thinking of changing your life and considering either an NLP life coach or a law of attraction coach.
Whatever you are looking for, your life coach should be someone you learn to trust, respect and most importantly a person you can work with. With the increasing demand for life coaching we suggest you visit The NLP Life Coach Directory find a coach, take a look at their site if they have one, then contact them and get a feel of them for yourself. Rachel Anderson of Tea and Empathy NLP York is an inspirational executive and life coach, offering face to face coaching and flexible online coaching options.
Jo Painter is a passionate and experienced Life coach, who specialises in supporting and motivating women to develop their self-esteem and confidence to get the best out of their lives.
Jo offers her coaching programmes Face to Face in Bishop’s Stortford or by Skype and telephone in the UK and all over the world. Here are some of the coaching programmes she runs which are all tailored to the individual. Judy is the author of  Teach Yourself: Be a happier parent with NLP and the Engaging NLP series – parents, children, teens, teachers, back to work, new mums and relationships.
Judy is passionate about working with children to enhance their communication skills leading to good rapport, confidence and self esteem and behavioural issues, stress and state management eg anger. One to one therapy and workshops are delivered from the Home Counties in the UK and telephone coaching is offered for everywhere else. We have long experience with startup businesses and now we are in the position to share our collective knowledge.
We currently operate in several countries but we focus mostly on businesses in the UK and Greece. We are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship and this passion is evident in our work.
If you are considering becoming a personal life coach  you can get certification through our Online NLP  Coaching Program. Want to share your life coaching experience with others?  If you have a question you would like answered or an article you think others should be aware of let us know by using our comment form below.  We welcome your input and will review then post contributions once approved. As technology has evolved online sessions have become very popular, the client is asked powerful questions to define their vision, set goals and an action plan. In an online coaching session the coach knows effectiveness is more important than efficiency. But coaching is not only limited to getting things done; it’s a process of learning how your actions is or is not contributing to your core values. A coach becomes your confidant whom you can trust and who will tell you the truth about who you really are. We don’t initially seek out a life coach because we want a more fulfilling life; we are motivated by something specific and urgent.
Most people who have discovered a life coach have come to realize that a demanding job requires taking control of their schedule and priorities. Being motivated to change is more important than knowing what to change.  You can get anyone to give you advice on what to change, but you need intrinsic motivation to bring about change. The program of C4 for your personal change is to help you and to support you in achieving the results you desire and deserve in your life.
You dream of having a career that inspires, energizes, and fulfills you each and every day. I’ll share the principles I use when coaching high-level executives and business leaders (at $1000 an hour) so you can overcome obstacles and take your career and life to the next level. Youa€™ll discard old goals that are weighing you down and create a plan that youa€™re naturally motivated to follow. Learn techniques to simplify your life, clear out the old and make room for new and better opportunities. Using the Two Minute Rule, youa€™ll learn simple strategies for figuring out whata€™s really important, getting your work done in half the time, setting aside sacred evenings and more. Surround yourself with people who bring you joy and happiness and who help you pursue your dreams. Attract success instead of chasing after it and stop struggling to reach your goalsa€”you know, coming up with a plan, setting a timeline and taking specific action steps, etc. People who take exceptional care of themselves attract extraordinary opportunities and people into their lives.
Youa€™ll be breaking through any self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, conquering your fears by befriending them. Youa€™ll have gotten rid of things you were tolerating; youa€™ll have plenty of energy, time, space, money and love. A good life coach will make you feel comfortable and will only work with you if they are confident they can deliver the results you expect.

A Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master Results Coach, Rachel will help you to make the breakthroughs you need through 1-1 breakthrough sessions, ongoing telephone or face to face coaching and flexible online coaching. The client has to have a high level of motivation to change and with the direction from the coach brings about lasting change. Coaching for efficiency puts pressure on the client and arouses negative emotional attractors (NEA) and the person shuts down.
If we pause just long enough not to react to stimulus we would notice there is a deeper yearning. Fulfillment is not something to be achieved in the future when the goal is reached.  Fulfillment is an exercise of choice now not something that happens eventually, possibly when there is favorable celestial alignment. Change takes lot of energy but having a change expert in your corner allows you to stay focused and tackle bigger change at a faster pace. We will help you remove the obstacles that prevent you from living the life you dream of living.
No need for discipline, willpower or anything other than your inner motivation because youa€™ll be tapping into your true desires, not media-inspired versions of someone elsea€™s ideal life.
Get out of debt, start saving, earn creatively and get on the path to financial independence so you only work because you want to. Learn how to be of value to everyone in your life while being completely selfish in the very best sense. Once you discover your dream job, youa€™ll learn how to restructure your life so that ita€™s possible. Yes this works, but what if you could just have an intention and what you wanted would appear?
This is a powerful course that will change the way you communicate forevera€”essential to attracting success. Her books, audios and life coaching program contain some of the most practical and useful information and advice I have encountered. Even if you know you need to focus on a particular area or problem in your life, or a specific life goal, in reality you may have to handle other issues first before you can attract what you most desire. We also recommend that you ask for testimonials, past successes and their terms and conditions. The online life coaching uses either Skype or Google Hangouts as a medium of communication. This immediate agenda may be the precursor to something more meaningful, purposeful and satisfying.  This deeper desire is what shapes your life and keeps you on course, if you didn’t have that rudder directing you, you would bend like a blade of grass in the wind. The exercise of envisioning your future may be fulfilling, to take action today to make that vision a reality is purposeful. Ita€™s possible to achieve financial freedom with a shift in your behavior and attitude towards money, saving and spendinga€”regardless of the economic situation. Wea€™ve all seen relationships where a a€?needya€? person ends up repelling the very person theya€™re wanting to attract.
Ultimate self-care is different for everyone, but it often includes indulgences such as regular massages, a housekeeper, a personal trainer, a coach, quarterly vacations and time off for yourself.
Her ideas are simple and easily implemented, yet make a tremendous difference if you take the time to follow her step-by-step plan. This allows the coach to understand the client’s body language and to recognize positive emotional attractors and negative emotional attractors.
Vacillating, flip-flopping, and aimlessly drifting through life one job to next, one relationship to next always blaming someone else for your lack of purpose. Fulfillment is not something that is reached and capped off instead its filled today, the next day and the day after, a paradox perhaps.
Identify your own personal needs, learn how to ask for what you want and set up a system for getting your needs consistently satisfied. Since reading Coach Yourself to Success Book, I have ordered all of her books and audio programs! Being able to see the client’s emotional state the coach can alter the line of questioning to maintain a higher PEA to NEA ratio. And lastly the “I know what they need” this creates an “ought-self” focus and once again arouse NEA and the client becomes defensive. Now youa€™ll learn how to effortlessly attract whatever you wanta€”even specific things or peoplea€”into your life. Youa€™ll have replaced traditional goal-setting with the power of attraction and youa€™ll be an inspiration to those around you.

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