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Adding structure to your business allows you to free up wasted time and not be bogged down with administrative processes. Stay on top of your projects and tasks and know exactly what is occurring in your business.
Streamline the project management process by viewing and reporting progress across your entire portfolio. Visually track project and task progress, view deadlines and task dependencies using our interactive Gantt charts. Use templates to ensure that your organization's standards are maintained from one project to the next.
Easily setup recurring tasks on a defined time-frame to take away the burden of creating and editing tasks that repeat on regular schedules.
Generate advanced time reports based on numerous criteria and filters to quantify time usage across your organization. Sometimes paper flies away, but with AceProject you can upload documents and share them with your team.
AceProject is proud to offer a fully featured solution to quickly familiarize your team to an online tool at no-cost or obligation.
The ideal choice for small organizations and teams that want to harness the power of collaboration and become more productive.
Perfect for mid-sized businesses or teams that need to support a higher number of users and projects. Independant of your size, this package is the best choice to organize, track and collaborate without the hassle of limitations. Only active users, tasks and projects are taken into account against the package limitations. For businesses aspiring to get and stay organized, AceProject looks like the best card in the deck. For over 14 years, AceProject has been delivering a high quality product with strong features, allowing all organizations to improve their productivity and efficiency through online collaboration.
AceProject offers a free fully-enabled basic package, with fewer privileges than paid packages with regards to the number of users, projects, tasks and amount of storage space.
With thousands of users everyday, AceProject is dedicated to continually improve and enhance functionality and user experience. Smartphone applications, streamlined timesheet management, and countless improvements have been made possible through user feedback. Project Progress Report Project Status report gives you details of the project progress made & what's pending.
The other day, I was invited to a discussion on why projects (in fact, most projects) do not succeed and we figured out that usually it is because of no conscious effort on project management. Today’s post lists some popular and free project management tools that freelancers can use online to improve their productivity and project management skills. If you are looking for a nice free online project management app, then you should check out Freedcamp.
Freedcamp also gives you the ability to import Basecamp projects to Freedcamp by using the API key.
Collabtive can be used for an unlimited number of projects, and your team can have any number of members. ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface.
EGroupware is free open source groupware software intended for businesses from small to enterprises.
Traction TeamPage makes it easy to communicate, work together, find what you need, and stay on top of what’s happening in your business. ABOUT EGRAPPLEREGrappler is a free portal for open source tools, plugins, scripts and controls for web developers and engineers. If you are looking for an easy-to-use but powerful online project management tool to suit your business’s needs, here’ a compilation of some of the best project management and collaboration software for you to choose.
Zoho Projects is an online project management software with collaboration and bug tracking that allows teams to collaborate and get work done faster.
Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork and project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. The Teambox site includes the tools you would expect in a straightforward project manager, including those for creating tasks, communicating with one another, tracking people’s time, sharing documents, and more. Producteev offers a range of dynamic organizational tools to ensure your projects get done quickly and efficiently. Central Desktop is a web-based collaboration platform that allows business teams to manage teams, documents and projects from anywhere at any time. Campfire is a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. WORKetc combines CRM, project management, billing, sales, support and more with a powerful automation engine to help take your small business to the next level.
Socialcast software unites people, information and applications across the enterprise in a collaborative community. Freedcamp is a streamlined project management tool that makes it easy to share only what you want to with team members. Time Doctor is a time tracking software which makes sure that you really do track your time with reminders, and also confirms if time tracked was really worked. Huddle provides a secure online environment to facilitate file storage online and makes file sharing with colleagues, teams and departments inside and outside of your organization easy. DeskAway is a simple yet powerful web-based project collaboration tool that provides teams a central location to easily organize, manage and track their work from anywhere.
Goplan offers a combination of online project management, collaboration and browser-based text chat. With Flowdock you can share ideas, opinions, links, files, whatever you need to get the message across to your team. Apollo is a project management and contact tracking solution for individuals and organizations.
OneHub is a functional online workspace that is designed to suit many needs and industries. Kapost organizes content marketing into a structured business process that delivers results.

With Projecturf you can manage all of your projects through this Internet application through any computer. Thoughtboxes is a simple web application that helps to organize your thoughts so you can make things happen.
Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time. is designed to help users clean up their email inboxes and hold coherent conversations with a group. Freshbooks – An invoicing application that includes time tracking, task and project management. Smartsheet – Project management, CRM and other features based around using online spreadsheets. Wrike – Some unique features such as the ability to create and update tasks via email and timeline view of project plans. 5pm – Colorful interface, and lots of features including time tracking, contacts and an iPhone app. EGroupware – Consists of multiple installable applications and includes a calendar app, project management, timesheet, etc. Online Meeting Manager: Create project meetings, share meeting agenda, invite participants. Create Issue Over Email: Project team members and customers can register new issues just by sending email to a unique id.
Task Comments : Looking for updates or want to inform team members about a specific task, you can comment on tasks & team members will be informed. The ability to see who is doing what in real-time or through reports allows greater efficiency, through better resource allocation and accountability. Countless projects have been completed by our growing user community dispersed throughout more than 50 countries.
This is done through constant communication with our users and feedback via email, online chat, and social media channels. Updates are frequent allowing new features and enhancements to seamlessly become available for use. One of my colleagues highlighted that freelancers, especially those working in a team, often have to spend considerable amount of their project time in identifying, scheduling and prioritizing project tasks.
Most of these online project management tools will allow you to create your own project workspace, manage personal and group tasks, collaborate online with project team and get instant overview of project schedule and overall progress. The simple, elegant, and intuitive interface means Solo is much easier to use than other free project management apps. Yammer is used for private communication within organizations and is an example of enterprise social software. This tool positions itself as the closest free alternative that you will ever get to Basecamp.
Once set up, you can do almost anything Basecamp can do including adding to-do’s, discussions, milestones, time-tracking, project messages, notifications, discussions, RSS feed, and more.
The tool can be used to set and track time as well as project milestones and also to manage files. Trello uses a paradigm for managing projects known as kanban, a method that had originally been popularized by Toyota in the 1980s for supply chain management.
AceProject offers a collection of features pulling from the best of professional project management applications, such as Microsoft Project, in a more simple to use task management system. Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists.
The platform was designed to be easy and straightforward, even for the least tech-savvy members of your group. TeamPage integrates action tracking, Twitter-style status, threaded discussion, collaboration, social networking, and deep search. There is no “company” behind this project, it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves. Create dynamic learning environments, collaborative business applications, or interactive, multi-user simulations. In many cases, the results of a project are highly affected by initial planning and monitoring. While there are a number of general features that these tools have in common; they also have different and unique services to offer. With its fine-grained permissioning capabilities, you control who can view, create, edit, comment, or upload attachments in work spaces and pages. Its features include Projects, Documents, Milestones, Tasks, Reports, Events, Blogs, Forums, Bookmarks, Wiki, Instant Messenger, Document Management, CRM and more. Some of its features include project management, task management, milestone tracking, messages, file management and time tracking.
It gives people more power than they’ve ever had before to manage their work better, smarter and in their own way.
Whether you’re a team of 5 or studio of 50, it will help you keep track of your project development with ease. From simple features like labels, and reminders, to powerful file sharing capabilities and real-time tracking tools, Producteev makes task management a breeze. The most powerful features of Central Desktop’s solution include intranets, document management, team workspaces, project reporting, tasks and milestones, online calendars and databases. It helps employees focus on meaningful work, share knowledge and discover data in real-time.
It lets you define what’s important, assign tasks and communicate with your team and clients until projects are done. Other features include email and SMS notifications, a central dashboard for getting a broad overview of your current projects, and project templates to save time. With up to the second time tracking data, you can easily bill clients or find out how efficient your work is. Being cloud-based, Huddle gives you the ability to access content from anywhere, at anytime. With the project collaboration software you can stay in control of your deadlines and work, save time and do more, bump up team efficiency and much more. Groups can come together and work on large or small projects, sharing the same collaborative space.

It helps you to manage tasks to be completed, delegate action steps to anyone and track their progress, coordinate deadlines and organize projects.
With features like time tracking, users can keep a good handle on the completion of certain tasks and quickly determine which areas of a project are going smoothly, and which might be taking a bit longer than anticipated.
The application provides users with a simple white board tool that allows the user to create specific shapes or draw freehand. The platform offers Planning, Production, Distribution and Analysis functionality that drives improvements in the amount of time spent, content produced, contributors managed and traffic generated. This application keeps things simple as you monitor team members’ progress as well as the individual tasks everyone has been assigned. You can create new documents from scratch or upload existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
You can use it for daily phone calls, video conferencing, daily meetings as well as simple screen sharing.
You can use it for sharing files with clients, backing up documents, images, passwords, accessing files from multiple computers.
It allows you to instantly capture images and record video on your computer, and then share them with anyone. You can collaborate with your team across agile Projects and Tasks all in an online environment no matter where they are. They have experienced continual improvements with uninterrupted service within a secure environment, explaining our high satisfaction rate. It is always a pleasure to interact with our users and hear what you have to say, explain a new feature, and better understand your usage of AceProject. All feedback is collected and consolidated and has a major impact on our product orientation.
Thank you for being a big part of making AceProject one of the leading online project tracking software. Being a browser-based application – the requirements to get up and running is very minimal.
Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s Internet domain so that only individuals with appropriate email addresses may join their respective networks.
This means you can work on unlimited projects, with unlimited file sharing, the same way you would work on Basecamp without signing up to monthly plans. Users can download time tracker reports, synchronize their calendars receive e-mail notifications when a document has been changed. Cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next (via drag-and-drop), for instance mirroring the flow of a feature from idea to implementation.
It provides everything you need to work productively in your groups, without bogging you down with complexities and unnecessary features. TeamPage connects people, actions, what you create or find in TeamPage, the public Web, your company’s intranet and your line of business systems.
If you are running a modern business like web design agency and employing people all around the world working from their home, having an effective communication and collaboration are keys to the successful outcome of any projects.
Combining hundreds of specialized and flexible work apps with messaging, tasks, reporting, workflow and contact management, Podio lets you build and shape the online workplace most fitting to your role. You can build custom filters to sort and prioritize your workload, sync calendars to stay in touch from multiple devices, and assign tasks to others on your team, or in the social web. It’s essentially a mash-up of various productivity tools, including a to-do list maker, shared storage space, message boards, and calendaring. The application can streamline team tasks and reduce the amount of time needed to wait for response or ask questions. There are financial tools to help you track how much you’ve spent on a project, timesheet and invoicing tools, and a dashboard to keep track of things from an overview. There are discussion forums for each project where the team can talk about the concerns or successes as they happen. There’s no software to download, and all your work is stored safely online and can be accessed from any computer. The service stores files with strong encryption on multiple servers and lets you get your files quickly, easily from virtually any Internet-enabled device. The project management system also allows you to track your online Agile Projects velocity, by Team Member, by Status, and Red flags for tasks that are overdue.
Storing your work online means they’re readily available anywhere with an internet connection. It comes with many useful collaboration and conferencing features such as:  whiteboarding, video conferencing, screen sharing, voice-over-IP, contextual discussion forumsm voice-notes and activity logging. While some types of worlds can be created by end-users or 3D artists, this toolkit is designed primarily for developers familiar with the Java programming language.
There are a variety of project management and collaboration software available in the market for small and medium-sized enterprises. OneHub also allows users to create client and partner portals to open up communication while also improving the functionality of a virtual team.
Features include contacts which can be organized into groups and include information as well as an image. If you want to stay up to date with what is happening with the project, you can set up emails so that as soon as anyone makes a change you will know. Most online project management tools are free to use and provide basic set of project management functionalities like task and schedule management, performance tracking and project reporting. They help you keep track of your projects, schedule daily tasks, manage your workers and more importantly maximize your productivity. It’s well known as a service that fits both personal and group organization into one handy tool.
Projects can also be managed with relevant discussions, tasks, milestones, related documents and people who are involved all associated in one place.
Some necessary features like real-time update, files sharing and mobile synchronization can also be found in these tools.

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