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Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite chapter books series in honor of Children's Book Week. Before you explore the list below, I want you to keep in mind that reading abilities do vary in children, especially in the early primary grades. We have recently invested in a new school reading scheme titled ‘Bug Club’ and we are all very excited about it! The books are carefully graded to match the children’s reading ability and the importance is placed upon children going back and re-reading the books, playing games to reinforce their understanding. Please see the PowerPoint presentation in the documents section of this page, to find out more. Booktopia - Take-Home Reading Journal, Lower Primary by Pearson Education Australia, 9780733980329. Suggestions for great books for kids to read in their own time to help parents encourage children to read in their own time. A page per week for take-home reading to be recorded with space for carer, teacher and child comments a€“ plenty of space for communication. Fun activity pages on which children plot the number of books they have read and strive for milestones for encouragement and reward.

Information for parents in other languages (Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian).
Some of the books I may suggest may be too difficult (or possibly even too easy) for your Kindergarten thru 2nd Grader. Enjoying chapter books together is a wonderful opportunity to get everyone involved and reading. It is the first phonic-based reading programme to join books with an online reading world, to teach today’s children to read. This skill is will develop the children’s comprehension skills and moves away from the children reading books at a fast pace to get ‘through a colour band’. They love the flexibility of the readers and eBooks and children are really motivated to pick up and read the Phonics Bug and Bug Club books, and more importantly, take them home to re-read or access them via Bug Club’s online reading world. The journal acts as a reading record of the frequency of home reading undertaken by the child over the entire school year.
I also want to remind you not to steer your child away from chapter books simply because they are not 100% ready to tackle a chapter book independently. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the book, it allows me to help if they get stuck on a word and I can also readily see if a book is either too easy or too hard for them.

Children will have access to a wide range of paper-back books, along with their own personalised reading world which includes: interactive activities, characters they know and love and rewards to keep them motivated. Even if your child is only reading easy readers, chapter books can be a part of their reading experience. On their homepage the children will see books allocated by their teacher which they can read.
When they complete the quizzes, they can earn ‘Bug points’ which can be exchanged for online rewards. It's a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to chapter books and enjoy them together.

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