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You will find many more videos and articles of mine on my YouTube channel and web site, and here are those links for you to review.
With over 1,000 download, this is my most popular product and I really want you to have it if you plan on being a meditation teacher. Duration: Program is designed for 8 weeks, although you can take more or less time as required.
Material: Program material is available immediately for download upon registering, as well as online. I am certain once you complete the Meditation Certification Program, you will not just be a great teacher, but you will also have the necessary skills to create transformational products, such as this Mind Expanding Guided Meditation. This extensive and detailed e-book comes complete with full color illustrations and active links. The book will not just help you navigate the course easily, but will also serve as an excellent reference manual for you once you begin to teach your own classes. The week by week syllabus and instructions on how to do this program are also included in the manual. To ensure you learn the techniques correctly and precisely, this program comes with 15 online videos. Each video also has an accompanying chapter in the training manual, which gives you the necessary details about the techniques being taught.
Finally, all the videos are linked to from the Meditation Training Manual, so they can be easily accessed and integrated into your training.
Upon graduating, depending on which level you sign-up with, you and your meditation center will be listed in the Certified Meditation Teachers and Meditation Centers Directory (PR4).
In addition, if you sign up for the full amount, you will also receive a listing on the following page, Best Yoga and Meditation Web Sites, which is a high ranking Google Authority Page (PR3). I also rigorously use the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site to promote the teachers, their classes and their centers. Being part of the training program gives you exclusive access to the Mastery of Meditation Teacher's Training Newsletter. The training program itself is the SAME regardless of how much you can pay, though the higher levels earn you greater exposure and valuable listings. Certificate, Letter of Recommendation and Listing in the Certified Meditation Teacher's Directory. Certificate, Letter of Recommendation, Teacher's Directory Listing and Listing on the Best Sites Page. If you are still unable to pay any of those amounts please contact me and we will work out some other arrangement.
This program, like all my products, comes with a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. To join simply click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button below for the level you wish to enrol at and you will taken to Anmol's Yoga and Meditation Store for 100% safe and secure checkout. Upon payment you will receive an email with a link to download a file with instructions on how to complete your enrollment, how to access your bonus gifts and how to download the material for the program. The purpose of this page is to help you decide if you want to come to our 3-day "Online Success" Training Program in June. If you want the 2 minute overview, then just read the Questions (in blue) and the bits of the answers that are in Bold. To book your place please click the box (above right), or any of the "Book Now" buttons "conveniently placed" throughout the page.
Over three days we give you some of the very latest in what's working to make money online. And we'll have some of our students share their stories, about how they've taken the information you'll learn at the event, and turned it into profitable businesses.
Because we take you through a step-by-step process over those three days it's important that you attend every session. We hold the event in the ballroom at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hanlan Street Surfers Paradise. Back when our first child was born, we set ourselves a 5-year goal to get out of our consulting business, since we were working pretty hard and exchanging hours for dollars.
We've since gone on to create a multi-million dollar online business (actually a lot of smaller businesses a€“ we believe in having multiple streams of income), that pretty much run on autopilot. These days we love sharing what we've learned, and watching other people's lives change as a result. Please note: Just because you attend the training, we don't guarantee you'll get the same results as us. You have an existing offline business and you know you need to improve your online presence. Loved the step-by-step processes for everything a€“ building lists, selling to them, how to create and sell memberships, etc, etc. I loved that you didn't make it sound too difficult a€“ you gave lots of step-by-step instructions. We don't tease you with a little bit of information and then ask you to buy something to get the real stuff. Since attending the last workshop with you I have implemented a few strategies and I'm now earning $120,000 per annum, starting from zero. Over the three days we walk you through the process we use to build a successful online business.
I loved the amount and level of detail you gave on the step-by-step process in building an online business easily.
A few years ago, Andrej and Karen Brummer were working as a research scientist and bank manager, and not enjoying it very much! In fact if you're reading this and think you'd (GULP) like to come up on stage and share what you've done based on what you've learned from us, then please send us an email.
At the event we make one main offer for those who would like to continue their training with us. If you'd like to bring a friend then you can register them after you have registered yourself and hit the "Submit" button.

This is because, Amazing Insights will answer for you the most difficult questions regarding life and Reality.
I have created this program and am the author of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, one of the largest and most popular yoga and meditation portals on the internet. So not only do you get the Meditation Training Manual, but you will also have access to the syllabus and all the material online as well. Upon passing it you receive a signed certificate from me and Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, certifying you to teach meditation, as well as gentle yoga and pranayama. You will understand deeply how profound the method that was used to create this meditation truly is, and you will be able to apply such wisdom in creative ways of your own.
The links allow you to access additional material you may wish to study in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, yoga and enlightened living. This manual consists of the very best articles and techniques from the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site and much much more. The videos teach and demonstrate all the important meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques used in the program.
As the certification program was launched in 2010, the first batch of students are now graduating and you will find their listings there. This newsletter is sent about 1 time per month only to the enrolled students and graduates, and is packed with key information, tips and free gifts to help you succeed as a meditation teacher. You see, things change so quickly online that you need to constantly stay on top of what's working right now. You can have the best system in the world, but if you have sub-conscious beliefs that are holding you back, then you won't succeed.
You feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of learning a new system with all new jargon, but you know that you're missing out on big opportunities if you don't give it a go.
But you're so busy running your business you don't have the time to stop and learn, or go through all the trial-and-error to figure out what's going to work. Maybe you run a Social Media consultancy, or an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Website building business. Because of our management consulting backgrounds we know how to get our ideas across in an easy-to-understand, systematic way. Our experience has been that success online needs three components a€“ mental (ie you need a proven system), physical (ie you need to actually implement that system), and emotional (ie your sub-conscious programs need to support you being successful).
We've had people take what they've learned at the event and make money from it immediately.
If you don't already have an online business then this will help you to get it right from the start.
This is not for everyone, but on the last day of the event we'll show you a technique that can grow a 6 or 7 figure business in 3-6 months. After four and a half years of trying to create passive income with zero success, we finally realised that the problem wasn't the systems we were using. Jacqui created a great six-figure income by applying what she learned at one of our events. Their goal was to travel the world, and set up projects to support people in developing countries a€“ not by giving handouts, but by teaching valuable skills. We have a high-level coaching program,and if you'd like to be considered for a place in that program (these days we only take a handful of clients a year), then we ask you to fill out an application form. Please double check the spelling of your name, as this is what will appear on your name tag. Simply come back to this page and repeat the booking process by clicking on one of the "Book Now" buttons, and then adding the extra people.
Online marketing is not about trying to manipulate Google, it's about providing great content and value. Important truths about Enlightenment, Purpose, Meaning, Knowledge, Destiny, Karma, Relationships, Reincarnation and more are revealed in this book.
At the event we show you the things that we're applying in our online businesses every day, and the results we're getting for us and our clients.
That was our experience a€“ and we'll show you what we did to change those beliefs, and turn four and a half years of struggle into "overnight success". We also have a networking event on the Saturday evening where you get a chance to talk to us and other attendees one-on-one. Prior to that we worked as management consultants, solving problems for offline businesses and helping them grow.
And we achieved our 5-year goal of stopping consulting a€“ on the exact day that we had set 5 years earlier. We've achieved a few more goals now too: we live in beautiful Thailand, we home-school our kids, and we travel heaps!
You hear stories of other people making millions online and you want to know how to "crack it" yourself. You're concerned that you're going to be left behind because you're not doing all the latest stuff, and you feel overwhelmed and just plain tired at the thought of adding "something else" to your already busy life. You find it time-consuming to keep up with the very latest online changes while still looking after your clients. We don't invite you to "run down the back because there are only 7 of these and you need to be quick". If you're not currently where you want to be financially, then we guarantee that there's something sub-conscious holding you back a€“ that you may not even be consciously aware of.
But they are willing to overcome the nerves if it helps and inspires you to change your life. If you do already have an online business but it's not going as well as you'd like, then this will help you do some trouble-shooting and figure out what needs to change.
And ideally you should sell a mix of downloadable products (ie information products a€“ because they're cheap to produce and free to deliver), hard products, and services. All of our strategies have a "quick launch" process built in, so you can be testing the business (and making sales) in as little as 3 days. We've applied or taught this technique in over 30 different businesses, with more than a 90% success rate.

A business owner lets the business carry them." We'll show you the techniques and tools we use so the business runs without us. She was making great money (about $600k), but just didn't have any time for herself or her family. We talk to you the week after the event so we can jointly decide if the program will suit you.
We'll also show you things that are "coming soon" (sooner than you think!) so you don't get left behind. We break it down into simple, powerful steps so that by the end of the 3 days you have a clear plan to follow. We'll show you how to locate and remove the sub-conscious beliefs that are sabotaging your online success. There are many people who attend our training and implement nothing, and as a result, they get nothing (except the information we provide). You have a few gaps in your knowledge and you find it hard to stay up to date with the endless changes that happen online. I don't want to waste a lot of time, and I have friends and family telling me that's it's just a scam"!
That was the case for us, and we show you what we did to change that and start the money flowing. Generally they were sitting in the audience at a previous event, and were inspired by someone getting up and telling their story. We won't expect you to dance, or stand on your chair and shout affirmations to the universe. We have several successful business models we use, and we start by showing you these so you can see the "big picture'.
We'll show you how to decide what to sell, what price to sell them for, and how to profit from them quickly.
The beauty of an online business is that you can set it up and have it profitable incredibly quickly.
These are the things that have truly given us the freedom to do what we want, when we want. They ended up in a remote part of Laos, and created a training restaurant which is now run by local people. If you're going, make sure you can get to all 3 days, as each day builds on the one before.
Your strategies have created an income that has replaced Heidi's job and changed our lives. The good news for you is a€“ it actually only took us 6 months once we got our mindset right and learned the system.
However, there are many people who attend our training who have applied the information and been successful a€“ many of them more successful than us.
The different business models suit different topics and lifestyles, so you get to choose from the start what your business will look like. You need to answer the question "why should people buy from you?" There are so many great opportunities online that sometimes it's hard to narrow it down and focus.
We'll also show you how to create or source your products really easily, to bring the income in as soon as possible. We'll show you three new businesses we've started in just the first two months of this year, which are well on their way to 7 figures. Andrew and Daryl, thank you so much for providing a new way to look at solving a situation I have been dissatisfied with for so long. We DO want you to be excited by what you're learning, by the possibilities, and by how your life can change as a result of the weekend.
We're constantly testing and measuring what works, and we'll share this will you at the event.
We'll show you the right way to do it, and also show you the most common mistakes people make on their websites. Or "I need to take things slowly and build up my knowledge and experience" (and meanwhile all the great opportunities passed us by).
If I didn't work for a year I'd be fine." And the life of her dreams includes lots of travel for Jacqui and her kids.
Now, instead of being frustrated with the daily grind, they get up every morning knowing that they've had a profound impact. It wasn't until we identified and removed our sub-conscious blocks that things really started to change for us. It saddens us to see people put lots of work into getting visitors to their sites, only for them to leave without taking action because of easily-avoidable mistakes.
We'll show you the exact techniques we used to identify and then eliminate these limiting beliefs.
Since working with us, Jacqui and her kids have been around the world 3 times, including trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, a Mediterranean cruise, Paris, Barcelona, a week in Venice, and 2 weeks of luxury in Bali. Within 3 months we'd "discovered" the internet, and made our first $5,000 in automated income. We teach the way we like to be taught a€“ with clear, simple steps of a proven, successful system, and the opportunity to ask questions.
If I had started with you guys 3 years ago I would have spent a lot less, and would already be financially free. As a trained teacher with 30+ years experience a€“ trust me, you are excellent teachers and I can't fault your instructional design.

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