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The goal of all languages to communicate - that is to ideas and information from one person to another person. Developed by Sue McCandlish, this graphic shows the importance of listening and responding when it comes to instructional strategies for language development.
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FORMS OF ORAL COMMUNICATIONForms of oral communication includes;SpeechesPresentationsdiscussions. WHEN IS ORAL COMMUNICATION RECCOMMENDEDOral communication is generallyrecommended when the communicationmatter is of temporary kind or where adirect interaction is required.
PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNICATIONWhether one is speaking informally to acolleague, addressing a conference ormeeting, writing a newsletter article orformal report, the following basic principlesapply: Know your audience. COMMUNICATION MODELSModels highlight some features that theirdesigners believe are particularly critical,and there is less focus on other features.Thus, by examining models, one learns notonly about the object, situation, or process,but also about the perspective of thedesigner. This is the average vocabulary for 6 year-olds who are developing communication skills at a typical rate.
Pumpkin Pie Clues – Give your child verbal clues to a food item you typically eat on Thanksgiving, without using the actual words that part of the name. Thanksgiving Rhyme Time – Use this Thanksgiving word bank and take turns finding rhyming words with your child for each word on the list. Thanksgiving Sounds – Make a list with your child of all the sounds that remind her of Thanksgiving. Duck, Duck, Turkey – Play the traditional game of Duck, Duck, Goose (or Duck, Duck, Grey Duck depending on where you live in the country), and swap out Goose for Turkey. Story Time Repeat – Read a Thanksgiving related story to your child or have him watch one of these online, then ask questions about the story. These Thanksgiving listening games for kids are just a few ways you can incorporate language-building activities into your daily routines with your kids and keep working on those foundations for communication.

Communicationrequires a sender, a message, and an intendedrecipient, although the receiver need not bepresent or aware of the senders intent tocommunicate at the time of communication; thuscommunication can occur across vast distancesin time and space. A model is designedto provide a simplified view of some morecomplex object, phenomenon, or process, so thatfundamental properties or characteristics can behigh-lighted and examined. I came across these materials on Discovery Assessment in an article written by Dona Criswell and I really liked them specially that they cover different grades.
However, for many children who are struggling with speech and communication skills, that vocabulary list is much shorter. If your child struggles significantly with speech, change up the game and you become the rhymer. Encourage her to listen for those sounds on that day and see which ones she can add to her list. Another fun variation of this is Turkey on the Table – you just need a few more players for this one. Place a blindfold on either you or your child – that person is the farmer lost in the dark who is searching for his prized turkey.
This reinforces listening skills, but also encourages kids to use the important skill of responding (the other necessary part of the listening quadrant shown above).
To communicate, one person starts something "out" and another person has something "inside".
However, it should be noted that these rubrics are the property of Bucket Institute of Education, a leading source on project based learning materials and for some reasons the download link Donna provided is not working so I am hoping you will be able to have rough idea of how to create your own rubric based on these samples here.
Sue McCandlish, an Education and Speech Pathology professional, developed the model below that outlines how valuable listening is to the overall model of communication.
This game emphasizes listening for verbal clues, and you can make it as challenging (1 or 2 clues) as you need or give plenty of clues to increase opportunities for success. We do not usually contractions in writing (if so, we want a very kind, then we sometimes contractions used in the writing, but it is there to talk.) We use a more formal written language (eg we can write " The car exploded, "but said" the car exploded ") and we do not often snake.

In writing, we must use punctuation such as commas and question marks (as a symbolic representation of things as pauses or tone of voice when speaking). Despite this limitation, speech has the advantage that the president receives direct feedback from the listener. The speaker can probably see immediately whether the listener is bored or not understand something, and then modify what he or she says. But the writer can not receive direct feedback and can not (easily) change what was written. Because their words are not widely recognized, there was much variation in the way they spoke with the vocabulary and dialects in different regions. Because writing has been registered and more permanent, which affects the way people talk, have so many regional dialects and words disappeared.
If you start with these words in writing in general means that they are "real words" in the language and have a certain amount of time.
With the voice recording, for example, it has long been possible to speak with someone who is not the same place or time that you (even if it is a one-way communication: we can talk or listen but not interact). Today, the differences are still vague, so we can have such a spirit of live television broadcast from a mixture of records, phone calls, faxes and emails and so on. One result of this new technology and the universality of the modern writing is to raise the status of voice.
Politicians who can not organize their thoughts and speak well on television to win very few votes.

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