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OD is the systematic application of behavioral science knowledge for the purpose of improving productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and overall health of the total organization. SYSTEMS APPROACH: OD is concerned with not the structure or persons per se, but with the interplay of structure and persons. LEARNING THROUGH PARTICIPATION: The participants of the learning process are none other than the employees.
MULTIPLE INTERVENTIONS: Intervention takes place at various levels, individual as well as group and the purpose is molding desirable work culture and leadership styles suitable for the organization.
ROLE OF CONSULTANT: Employing an external consultant will be more appropriate as he is less susceptible to influences and more objective. Trust and Support: Trust, openness and supportive climate improve organization culture and empowerment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It can be distressing when a business begins losing market share, or worse, slides backwards in revenue and profits.. Need help planning and delivering results that provide real improvements to the cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet? Bringing know-how and stability and accelerate the necessary changes to deliver tangible results. Our Socius Business Advisors provide a tailored solution to each situation, drawing on the deep experience and breadth of services and by taping into their broad multi-industry network. Our turnaround approach focuses on the most important organizational operational, strategic, and financial areas in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery.
Today’s businesses face an increasing array of challenges, from rapid change to heightened competition and global economic uncertainty.
Some have lawyers on staff to help you with contracts, and dealing with the tax implications of deal. If you’re an owner wanting to sell, or a buyer wanting to buy, and you are not experienced in the processes of M&A, who do you turn to get the job done.
Socius Business Advisors are experienced Hands-on professionals who will work side-by-side with you and your staff to get your business ready to sell, or undergo the operational and strategic steps needed not only to buy or sell a company, but also to transition the company.
While others tell you what needs to be done, we help you analyze the processes, prepare your staff, and improve your operation. Socius Business Advisors is a leadership coaching and consulting firm headquartered in the greater Chicago area, with advisors in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, and Hong Kong and serving clients around the globe. At S3, we believe People and Organizational Development solutions are designed to enable an organization to respond and adapt to changing market conditions and to set a new agenda. However the traditional methods and approach of T&D has its own limitations in that the focus is on individual development and behavior modification. The applied interventions attempt to modify the beliefs, assumptions, values, attitudes and standards of both the individuals and groups thereby transforming the organizational culture for the betterment of system as a whole.

An organization is a network of people whose emotions, outlook and cohesiveness are more important than monetary and other physical aspects because it is they who take the organization to the next higher level.  This is made possible by open communication, free and frank discussions of problems with employees by the managers, inter-personal trust and above all, sense of belongingness, comradeship and team spirit. The employees themselves are given the opportunity to identify the problem by Survey Feedback and find a suitable solution through analysis. They unlearn old things and learn new things by identifying, analyzing and finding the right solution to the bottlenecks. Care and caution must be adhered to steer the system gradually from where the organization now works.
So giving due respect and importance to people induces the creativity and innovation in them.
We work closely with the client to define all plans of action, and we apply our knowledge of business and the behavioral sciences to bring the best tools and techniques to bear on clearly targeted issues.
So, we coach and collaborate with leaders until they are able to drive the organizational design and development process. This can manifest itself as a steep decline in performance, margin erosion, liquidity constraints, disruption to business operations or the market, or a failure to meet your business plan.   When this happens it not only creates uncertainty about the future, it can destroy value you’ve spend a lifetime building. We can execute an existing turnaround plan or develop a new one tailored to a client’s specific circumstances. Our Turnaround and Restructuring practice offers critical assistance to companies that are underperforming, or in a crisis, or who are healthy, but with underperforming divisions. This fundamental struggle with change, particularly in over-leveraged situations, has the potential to create a crisis environment in which most business leaders are not accustomed to dealing.
You’re not an expert at preparing a company for sale, or executing the transition process after the sale.
We also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the entire due diligence process to ensure that critical steps are not missed. Organizational development is frequently linked to organization structure, which can act either as an enabling or restrictive mechanism for change. This has seldom produced organizational development and hence in 1960’s an integrated approach called the ‘OD’ or organizational development was developed. Throughout our engagements we collect and monitor data for on-going evaluation of our clienta€™s developmental progress.While we rely on all sources of reliable information that are relevant to the clienta€™s needs, we admit to a clear preference for quantitative data.
Besides providing a successful design and development process for restructuring an organization, we also coach the management group to make them better leaders.
By combining our deep industry experience with the proven tools of crisis management, we create lasting impact on a timely basis. Working directly with company management, Socius Business Advisors helps stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing custom comprehensive plans and has a proven track record of maximizing value for organizations.
In this respect, we offer considerable expertise in measurement, data analysis, and psychometrics to select or create measures tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.Our data collection processes actively engage the client to ensure a thorough coverage of the most important requirements of the business.
Because a survey a€?touchesa€? so many people, small mistakes can result in big problems:Too often, the results from costly surveys are ambiguous, misleading, and generally useless.

Review.A  The survey should be reviewed not only by the consultant and the client, and also by a group that is representative of the intended respondents (employees). Administer.A  Surveys can be conducted and administered using a wide range of methods a€“ telephone, by mail, in person, or over the Internet.
Quantitative analysis looks for trends and clusters of statistical information, and identifies meaningful outcomes.
Qualitative analysis, which is done by someone intently examining the data, looks for patterns and meaning in written comments to open-ended questions.8. The survey analyses and data must be shared with people in a way which inspires and focuses action.
This includes personal characteristics of leaders and the interpersonal relationships, social influence processes, team dynamics between leaders and team members, the contextual factors surrounding teams such as the organizational climate, and the social linkages between the team and other groups in the organization.Our approach to leadership development is tailored to the needs and goals of the organization. A number of effective strategies can be employed to improve leadership effectiveness, but it is important to match any strategy to the goals, culture, and resources of the client organization.Succession planning. Thus, succession planning requires a sharp focus on an organization's future and vision in order to align leadership development with the future that current leaders want to create. Coaching can be used to address immediate tactical and long-term strategic issues, and it is regarded as one of the most powerful means of developing effective leadership skills.
The coach and leader together choose the focus, format, and desired outcomes for their work.Assessment-guided development.
One of the most proven forms of leadership development is the use of measurement and feedback to guide professional development.
This approach is especially helpful for people who work in complex, autonomous jobs and who rely heavily on other people for success a€“ common characteristics of managers and senior executives.Often, we use multiple sources of data (from staff, peers, boss and self) to obtain a 360 degree perspective on critical aspects of work behavior ranging from planning to communicating to rewarding employees and colleagues. We then interpret those results based on comparisons with normative databases of many thousands of managers.A Results from these instruments usually are extremely powerful.
Our 360 degree process often is the very first time that managers, executives and other leaders receive feedback that is so detailed about such a full range of their work.
Feedback reports provide detailed information on the most important aspects of performance obtained from the people who are the most knowledgeable a€“ onea€™s bosses, peers, staff and oneself.This is illustrated below in sample results from an actual assessment (you can enlarge the diagram to see more detail). The report shows norm-referenced ratings by self, boss, peers, and direct reports across a wide range of vital managerial responsibilities at a large California agency.
In this particular example, the rated manager was evaluated very favorably by his boss (red lines), peers (blue) and direct reports (green) with many of his ratings being in the 80th percentile and higher. In most cases, the managera€™s self ratings (gray) were lower than the ratings of others, possibly reflecting a high level of aspiration and conscientiousness.Sample of Norm-Referenced Results from the Survey of Management PracticesA Advent Consulting Associates links these assessments to individual counseling for individualized feedback and interpretation. That lays the foundation for a structured approach by Advent Consulting for career assessment and planning, goal setting, and professional development initiatives.A Copyright Advent Consulting Associates, Inc.

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