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The peer mentoring group Stepping Stone was constituted in April 2006 by fourteen female NCCR doctoral students and post-docs from the disciplines of political and communication science. Although many members have taken up new positions, partly in other places and other professions, they stay in contact with each other and Stepping Stone continues as an informal alumni peer group. Peer Mentors is an after-school tutoring program designed to help students in any core subject, including foreign languages. Requirements for Mentees: There are no requirements other than the desire to do better in the subject for which you request to be tutored. Requirements for Mentors: Mentors must be available after school and be proficient in the subject they are tutoring.

The groups main initial goal was toA help its members meeting the challenges of the demanding and highly competitive academic world.
It has also been an attentive observer of broader developments regarding the situation of female researchers within NCCR Democracy. Last but not least, the groupa€™s members have benefited from strong mutual support and encouragement. Our tutors are experienced students who volunteer their time to aid those who request to be tutored. Many of our mentors have been previously enrolled in the classes in which people are seeking help.

We can relate to the mentees because we have learned the same material from many of the same teachers.
Students can request to become mentors or mentees by filling out the appropriate applications, which are available below or in the guidance office. The officers contact students every Sunday afternoon to find out if they would like to come in for tutoring that week or if they would like to tutor someone else.

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