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Nach Abschluss der Akademieausbildung als Malerin entwickelte sie als PERFORMANCEKUNSTLERIN und BODY PAINTERIN „LIFE ART“. Dorothea ist Team-Mitbegrunderin und Geschaftsfuhrerin von RA INTERNATIONAL fur Fitness & Energie.
Ulrike absolvierte nach jahrelangem Kraftsporttraining die 10-jahrige Ausbildung in Deutschland und Agypten mit Lizenz-Abschlu? fur RA INTENSITY. Mike McCurley provides personal, executive, drug and alcohol, and marital enhancement coaching to clients looking to improve their lives through a rigorous process of self-examination, goal-setting, and accountability. In addition to 15 years of coaching experience, Mike has spent 35 years as one of the nationa€™s top divorce lawyers. Mike is a Certified Professional Coach, having completed training at the College of Executive Coaching, an International Coaching Federation-accredited institution. After years of guiding his clients through the divorce process, Mike realized that many marriagesa€”and familiesa€”could be saved if his clients lived more examined, fulfilled lives.
His decision to enter coaching grew out of his longtime personal and professional relationship with Dr. Through coaching, Mike has been able to help others live up to their potential, both personally and professionally. Personal CoachesWenn Sie gerne mit geschulten Kraften das Training absolvieren mochten!Machen Sie mit einem unserer geschulten Personal Coaches ein Training bzw. Folgende Vorgaben ersuchen wir zu beachten:es wird um eine fruhzeitige Anmeldung gebeten (mind.

Whilst it’s an attempt to make you think that they must be awesome instructors, it sadly perpetuates the myth that learning to defend yourself will take years of regular training and belt grading.
Since 2011 Mark has been the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL. Sean is now a level 2 Poliquin certified strength coach as well as a bioprint practitioner, further complementing his years as a high level athlete to help his clients achieve their individual goals. But when they get to the age where they want to hold the spoon themselves, and no longer need everything mashed up, it gets tricky. Mit ihrer Performance-Kunst bringt sie Lebensfreude, Farbe, Licht, Klang, Bewegung und die Moglichkeiten der inneren magischen Welten, die das eingefrorene Dasein und die eingeschrankte Wahrnehmung sprengen. Sie absolvierte die 10-jahrige Ausbildung in Deutschland und Agypten mit Lizenz-Abschlu? fur RA YOGA.
Sie ist langjahrige Trainerin und Ausbilderin fur RA INTENSITY - Cobra Moves, Team-Mitbe-grunderin von RA INTERNATIONAL fur Fitness & Energie, Personal Coach, Mitglied der RA Performance Gruppe „Planet Love“ und Co-Autorin des RA INTENSITY Buches. His family law work not only prompted him to explore the benefits of coaching for his divorce clients, but also provided him with a wealth of insight into change motivation and the power we all havea€”but rarely exercisea€”to radically transform our own lives. Dan Baker, author of the bestsellers a€?What Happy People Knowa€? and a€?What Happy Companies Knowa€? and formerly the Director of Life Enhancement at Canyon Ranch. Undoubtedly, this has deprived him of at least a handful of divorce cases, but he says thata€™s a tradeoff he can live with.
He comes back to our Montreal centers in the summer to work with the Lightning's and Axxeleration's athletes.

He has been training with Mark Lambert since 2007, and officially joined the Axxeleration team when his sporting career was finished in 2013. Now he's moved onto some songs, like I'm a Little Teapot, This Old Man, with back up from the girls, and arguing about the lyrics. Sie ist langjahrige Trainerin und Ausbilderin fur RA YOGA, Personal Coach und Mitglied der RA Performance Gruppe „Planet Love“ und Co-Autorin des RA YOGA Buches und Co-Fotografin von LIFE & WILDLIFE FOOD.
Wunsch naturlich auch langer dauern.Nehmen Sie einfach mit einem der unten angefuhrten Coaches Kontakt auf und vereinbaren Sie einen Termin! They're supposed to be asleep of course; it's gone half past eight, and my goodness I need my reading glasses. Sie ist Initiatorin und Grunderin der Firma RA INTERNATIONAL und Ausbilderin des Teams und der Lizenznehmer.
He has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from the amateur ranks to the professionals.

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