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Personal Coaching is a method for helping individuals to improve, develop, achieve aims and manage life change and personal challenges.
Personal coaching is effective in personal life, career, sales or corporate and business life. So what is it about quitting a 9-to-5 gig that makes even the most driven and enthusiastic startup founders shudder in fear (if only on the inside)?
If you are thinking about quitting your job and you need someone to push you, allow me to help. If you have never worked for a startup, go directly to get a job at someone else’s startup. Even if the startup that you work for is in a different industry, you’ll learn the dance of startups. I’ve been lucky to work directly under passionate and intelligent entrepreneurs in a few different industries. My husband and I are co-founders, and we have gone through four startup ideas before we came up with the big idea that we both agreed was worth the sacrifice. In our household, we saved hundreds of dollars per month by slashing our web app subscription fees. Train for the startup marathon by living the entrepreneur lifestyle for a few months before you jump in.
I started taking on freelance work a few months ago while working my 9-to-5 job and doing market research for my startup. There are two types of people that are equally loathed and beloved in society: lawyers and accountants. If you will be bootstrapping the early phases of your startup, you will probably need some additional income to pay your personal expenses, like rent. Although I’m just at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, lining up for the race is farther than most people will ever get. By Kathryn HoughKathryn is a writer for Techli covering ecommerce, social, and the startup hubs of Portland, St. Techli delivers innovation news and in-depth editorial on the technology, businesses and ideas that are changing the way we live, work, and play.
Our coaching is flexible and challenging, allowing for effective transition on an individual basis.

You might want to upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. The uncertainty of a payoff combined with the extreme highs and lows that come with the creative process is the common thread that attracts startup junkies like myself to the lifestyle. There is nothing that will lower the anxiety of leaving your full-time job like having money saved in the bank. By taking on more than you think you can handle, you’ll quickly identify your weak points. When you are founding a company, you’ll find that your lawyer and your accountant will become your best friends.
Accountants who specialize in high growth businesses will be able to answer key questions in each phase of your company. Being paralyzed with fear while clinging to a steady paycheck is far worse than going after the dream of making a difference in the world, even if that means making mistakes along the way.
We know cutting edge technologies and vanguard businesses are emerging around the world, not just in Silicon Valley.
I’ve been preparing for this jump, and you should be too if you are thinking of leaving your steady paycheck behind. This characterization of the harshness of startup life can make talented people with mortgages, student loans, and children to care for feel like they will never be able to quit their job to work on their startup full-time. I have learned some valuable lessons in the transition from full-time employee to startup founder.
The other was acquired by IAC for an undisclosed sum, and I stayed on the team after the acquisition.
Do you really want to stay in on a Saturday night to email potential partners about your javascript widget?
Although you don’t have to get that minimal when you are starting a company, you should consider how you can live with less. By making space in your life, you’ll be able to fill it with the new obligations that come with founding a company.
The two smallest and most consistent money sinkholes are atm fees and monthly subscription fees that you have forgotten about. If you have been putting off any procedures like getting a cavity filled, now is the time to do it.

You must pay careful attention to both the corporate and financial structure of your startup to avoid serious problems down the road. Although it’s impossible to predict success, the likelihood is much higher when you prepare before making the leap. The truth is that you can make it happen, even if you aren’t a 19-year-old ivy league drop-out with zero debt.
There is nothing that will guarantee months of misery and failure more than leaving a giant corporation with a chip on your shoulder to start your own company if you have no prior startup experience. There is no better business education than the experience of sticking with companies through major milestones. Maybe the answer would be different if you are working on a platform that that will change an entire industry. Over the past few months, I’ve created task systems to process loads of incoming information, contacts, work, and email. Companies like LegalZoom offer legal templates that founders can download and fill out as official documents, but nothing can come close to the legal advice that many lawyers are now offering in startup incorporation packages. If you’re not a developer, do business development, social media, ad sales, or customer service at a startup. This will give you enough time to save, and you’ll be putting money in the bank consistently. By working with a lawyer, you’ll receive personalized advice about your company, including how many shares to issue, how to set a vesting schedule.
It’s easier to devote yourself to the big idea than the ok idea when you are struggling the most.
Backup plans allow you to head for the door during the dark hours when you are unsure about your abilities and your idea.

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