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Life Coach Stephanie Rachel Alt has created a form of mental coaching that is unique and inclusive of both thoughts and feelings. Stephanie's wide range of services includes; NLP Coaching for Effective Communication and Maximized Performance, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction, Hypnosis, Dream Analysis, Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Coaching. Of 2 Minds Life Coaching helps you understand the dynamics of each situation and create viable ways to manifest what you want.
Do you want to better your relationships with a spouse, significant other, child, parent, boss, co-worker, friend or student?
Would you like support to loose and manage weight, choose the right medical person and medical procedure, learn to deal more effectively with chronic pain, prepare for child birth, prepare for surgery, and promote rapid healing after surgery? What about improving your mental game for competitive sports, giving an engaging speech or writing a power packed letter that assertively states what the issues are without being aggressive?
If the answer to any of these is yes, give Life Coach Stephanie Alt and Of 2 Minds Life Coaching a call. When your thoughts and feelings are conflicted, ask Stephanie about relationships, business, finances and health. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics.
A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. Podcasts and blogs with expert advice on personal growth, anti-aging, intimacy and relationships. Each week you’ll learn secrets, tips and strategies you can use immediately to improve various aspect of your business and overcome the many obstacles that entrepreneurs face in their domain. Every week listeners will be given the chance to provide input, request more information and posit future show ideas via the Coaching by the Life Coach blog. Learn from a true Renaissance man who is living proof that you can stop and reverse aging and heal anything.
The author of this program is not a medical doctor, and the ideas contained herein may conflict with orthodox, mainstream medical opinion.
In this episode, we are going to talk about practical NLP you can use in your daily life right now – to live a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life. In this interview, we define what stress actually is, how we create it, and what stress does to our body, how it affects our mind.
Energy & nutrition is the key to being clear, focused, handling stress, and keeping you on track in business and life. Grab your pen and paper, sit down, close the doors, turn off the phone, and learn from a TRUE EXPERT about how to be your VERY BEST each and every day. In this enlightening episode you will learn how you can have a $73,000 month and consistently make over $30K per month running your human performance Hypnosis or Coaching Clinic. Join us to discover the key NLP strategies you need to go from self-employed person to business owner utilizing the power of advanced NLP. In this interesting Episode listen to Heather Dominick explain how you can utilize your own intention, energy, and thoughts to align yourself with your business goals. In this episode, Robert turns the table on former host Jason McClain to find out the 6 most common mistakes practitioners make in building their business.
In this episode, Robert talks with Robert McDonald, one of the first NLP trainers with the infamous NLP Comprehensive Training team about how you can use NLP to dramatically improve your ability to help others and get what you want.
NLP is a powerful tool that can be used to help clients get clear on what they really want – as well as resolve grief, traumas, and un-necessary suffering. Finally, listen as Robert McDonald teaches a simple 3 step method to help any client create lasting change. Learn how to leverage every aspect of your life in your business to help your clients be successful and get yourself booked solid.
Michael teaches us how to choose your target market – and what fatal mistakes to avoid in doing so. You’ll learn concepts like respect, dignity, and value create a true expression of yourself in your business, in a way that people connect to.
Yefim has even helped stars like Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, David Arquette & Courtney Cox quit smoking, stop binge eating, drinking and eliminate other cravings. Finally, Yefim reveals the secret to getting more clients than he can handle with zero advertising, no website, and not even a brochure.
In part two of this episode you’ll learn, how to make in excess of $250,000 per year helping others in the coaching business. Using his unique teaching model that has help build some of the biggest human performance chains in the US, Scott will help you prepare your business for real success. In this first interview, listen in as I talk with Scott on the most common pitfalls coaches fall into, in building their business, and how to avoid them. If you’re not getting the results you want, or the client flow you desire, this episode may explain why and what you can do about it. In it, you will learn more about Robert’s journey in the service professional industry, how it all began, where his companies are now, and where his companies are going in the next few years. Learn more about your new host while benefiting from his years of experience (trial and error). He then discusses some of his favorite books & tools for coaches, and a few key principles to keep in mind as you begin your journey to service professional heaven. In particular, Robert discusses the importance of NLP training to anyone self-employed or in the helping profession, why you want to learn more about it, and why it’s such an important tool for transformation in our industry.
Finally, Robert talks about what’s coming up in the next few episodes and how you can get live coaching on upcoming shows about your specific challenges in your business so you can take your business to the next level.
In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason continues the series on mindsets for your success.
And there are two things that will stop you from being successful—a lack of skill or a lack of emotional facility and choice. You are also reminded to review a series of articles he has written to assist you in fleshing out this process and training your mind. And there are two things that will stop you from being successful—a lack of skill and a lack of emotional facility and choice or freedom. He also points you to a series of articles he has written to assist you in fleshing out this process and training your mind. Jason describes what mindsets are as organizing principles, and gives you the first and most critical mindset for a coach’s success: you are a sales person first.
Additionally, Jason explains how you can receive discounts through affiliate partners Personal Life Media is negotiating with for you as a gift for tuning in to our show.
In the episode, Robert explains his vision for the show and gives you a sneak peek at the value he will bring to you, the listener, as the show begins to evolve. In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason interviews Aymee Coget, happiness expert.
You will learn strategies for sustainable happiness and shift in the marketplace recognizing this deficiency in the Western approach of the past. In addition, Aymee and Jason discuss strategies for leveraging the social networking websites that are primary components of Web 2.0, for the purpose of building your business. Jason Interviews Dr Susan McCarthy on her insights into the emotional dimension of wealth management. With over 22 years of experience and recently named by Barron's as on of the "Top 100 Women Financial Advisors" in the United States, she knows that the world of money is a world of emotion, and she gives us plenty of examples and approaches to honor that fact-beginning with really sitting down and listening to a clients needs, wants, and the story surrounding the life transition that usually precedes a financial transition. In addition, Dr McCarthy explains how, in her experience, the way people relate to money and how they behave around it is a mirror for how they relate to other aspects of their lives-and how critical that awareness can be for life coaches in serving their clients’ needs. Episode 15: Tracking and Reproducing Results and Providing Value Through Internet Publishing with Dr. In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason Interviews Dr Judith Swack who has developed an integrated healing methodology.
In this interview they discuss the necessity to track and measure results both for the sake of feedback, and for the sake of having the client notice the difference they are experiencing over time.

Dr Swack also stresses the importance of articles as a marketing tool as well as the power of the internet to get your message out among its other many powerful benefits. Al explains how you must know your market as well as see the patterns that can predict the future. In this wide-ranging, not-to-be-missed interview on Coaching the Life Coach, Al exposes you to wisdom from multiple domains and modalities.
In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, you will learn how to build name recognition through several avenues by creating a platform for publication and by delivering value. Additionally, Eric Maisel, published author of over 30 books, discusses his creativity coaching, and give you tips and tools to get the most out of your own productivity and creativity. Finally, Eric will explain the importance of a newsletter base and all of the benefits of that tool, from market research to marketing your new or proposed products. Additionally, they will discuss how coaching is a field to be proud of to be aligned with over therapy, as while therapy and traditional psychotherapy studies the illness and pathology, coaching is focused on the health of the individual and excelling. Last, Jason and Geralyn will discuss how to move from being a writer to being a published author- something Geralyn has helped many people accomplish.
Jason Interviews Lorri Molinari of New Beginning Life Coaching Services on how to create your niche and effectively market on the internet and beyond.
Learn how to go beyond your sphere of influence to reach not just dozens or hundreds of people but rather grow your list by the thousands. Jason and Lorri will also discuss the importance of choosing a niche so you are effective as well as memorable, allowing you to market to your target audience with precision. In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason Interviews Caterina Rando on the concept of Value Added Marketing. You will learn how injecting love, joy, and connection in the marketplace and even in the boardroom itself can transform organizations and increase productivity through the increasing happiness of the individual.
In addition, Ali and Jason will discuss power and responsibility and what that can make possible for you personally and for your business. Finally, you will learn the difference studying and having relationships with successful people in all domains financially, personally, relationally, professionally can make in your life and in your business. In this episode of Coaching the Life Coach, Jason Interviews Dave Talamo of Wilderness Reflections on the importance of holding a vision and having the passion to see it through.
You will learn how perseverance is an important characteristic for any entrepreneur or entrepreneurial endeavor.
Additionally, you will learn how taking a genuine interest in the people in front of you and truly being in service of their needs and desires--can assist you in growing your business not only financially, but also in terms of building your reputation as someone who cares and is capable of providing the space your clients need to experience the transformation they seek. Jason Interviews Robert Harrison, discussing the components of a clear actionable strategy for your life and your business.
In addition, learn how to clarify action strategies to grow your transformational business or whatever business or market you may be in as well as the difference between having a vision and a implementing a strategy.
Episode 6: Communication Excellence with Ian Blei, Founder of Optimized Results and Author of Kind Ambition.
Jason Interviews Ian Blei, Founder of Optimized Results and Author of Kind Ambition on the theme of Communication Excellence.
Learn how to demystify communication for more effective relationships and professional associations allowing for greater connection in your personal life and increased efficiency in your professional life. Learn the three strikes of communication including assumptions, projections, and avoidance and how noticing them and avoiding them can improve your life and your relationships allowing for increased happiness and authenticity in your relationships.
FInally, learn the importance of being of service of your clients as well as the power of walking your talk in increasing your credibility as a coach and growing your transformational practice as a result. Jason Interviews Craig Eubanks, the founder of Tenacious Marketing on tangible aspects of marketing for any business including writing good copy, based on the benefits to the reader, listener or prospect, and the essential components of effective marketing copy. In addition, you will learn how to measuring your marketing effectiveness so you can determine its ROI [return on investment] Marketing Measurability. Finally, learn smart professionals work on their business not in their business so you can eventually gain the financial freedom you desire. Jason Interviews Bryan Bayer, the co-founder of the Authentic Man Program on the concepts of the back seat driver, sharing truth rather than your interpretations, as well as a solid structure for intake sessions. Learn how to conduct a solid intake session with your prospects to increase your results and your close ratio.
Jason Interviews Jerry Candelaria, the co-founder of the Arete Center for Excellence and Relationship Expert, on the importance of intimacy, living purposefully, as well as the benefits of living an authentic life. Additionally, learn how most “problems” in relationships simply trace to a lack of intimacy.
People choose Mike's Life Coaching services for a variety of professional and personal development reasons. Mike also offers complete coaching support for business owners who are ready to move their businesses forward but are unsure of the next steps. Importantly, Mike is a "truth teller" who will tell business owners what employees never tell them. Mike's one-on-one Life Coaching sessions can be scheduled during the day, evening or weekend and can take place face-to-face or the telephone. Executive Coaching & Life Coaching can help you take your game to the next level by helping you develop more effective behaviors!
Whether you’re talking about executive coaching, leadership coaching, personal coaching or life coaching, the purpose of coaching is to create behavioral change. Maybe you would like to gain clarity and focus about your job, your business, your career, or even your relationships, or you want to maintain the motivation to take consistent action in order to achieve financial freedom, as an executive coach and life coach, James will give you the tools & strategies you need to overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve breakthrough results!
Use Executive Coaching or Personal Coaching to resolve the real underlying issues stopping you from achieving your professional and personal goals! James has successfully coached professionals, business owners as well as senior executives from leading corporations such as General Mills, Dish Networks, and Societe Generale for over 10 years.
Our clients not only set more aggressive goals for themselves, but they remain focused and energized, allowing them to get greater results, faster and easier.
Formerly an Anthony Robbins Results Coach® for over 10 years, James Murphy is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis. Eliminate common issues such as procrastination, overwhelm, self-doubt, lack of direction and lack of motivation. James's background and extensive experience enables him to quickly identify and address the real issues preventing his clients from getting what they want rather than spend endless sessions focusing on the symptoms of the problem. Over the years, James has successfully coached top level executives, business owners, and service professionals such as financial advisors, attorneys, IT consultants, realtors, and health care professionals from 14 different countries across 5 continents. 8 Reasons Not to Hire an Executive CoachIf you’re thinking about hiring an Executive Coach, ask yourself a few questions before you pick up that phone. As a personal development expert, and an acclaimed personal life coach & executive coach, James will help you kick ass and take names!
Are you looking to change careers, expand your business, hire new staff, downsize, or enter into a new partnership?
Would you like to sharpen your instincts for self protection and self defense, and have a better understanding of intuitions? Thanks for viewing "The power of positive thinking ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr.
Vicariously sample the creme de la creme of coaches in this weekly show artfully hosted by a high-sought after coach himself, Robert Harrison. You’ll appreciate the simplicity and candor of each show, focused on distilling down the foundation tactics to generate real life success.
Harrison, your life coach and host of ‘Coaching by the Life Coach’ is committed to moving you step-by-step through the process of building a ‘thriving’ business and getting everything you want out of life, through weekly lessons, over-the-shoulder coaching sessions and interviews with successful coaches and business owners. Join Robert in this interactive adventure for the chance to receive free coaching live on the show with Robert.
Markus Rothkranz was dying at age 27 and is healthier and more youthful now at 47 than he was in his teens. The exercises, dietary measures, and other advice regarding health matters outlined in this program are not suitable for everyone, and under certain circumstances could lead to injury.

NLP, which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an ever growing field of how to model human excellence. Phil Guest and Relationship Coach shares with us simple strategies to improving your relationship with the opposite sex.
If you do not have the skills and the commitment to leverage someone beyond their current limitations such that they take action, your success as a coach, and your fulfillment professionally and emotionally will be long coming. It is becoming accepted wisdom that happiness can lead to greater vitality, increased physical health, and possibly increased results in all domains of your life. Setting the client’s mind toward noticing this makes a difference in how they relate to the efficacy of your work as a coach and how they relate to the progress they are making.
Their first subject is finding your niche and the importance of finding it; not just from a marketing perspective - but from a credibility perspective. Lorri will talk about the law of attraction and the fallacies as well as the power of a few simple mental techniques around language and intention that will assist you in using the power of your mind to create the results you desire.
Whether you are just starting out as a coach, or are a veteran who simply wants an additional way to aquire prospects as well as work out concepts and ideas, this content dense interview will give you ideas to grow your business.
She brings her Expert Advantage® concepts into your ears in this episode of Coaching the Life Coach. Jason and Ali will also discuss how the first step to love is to reveal and receive feedback about who they truly are and how they are perceived, regardless of their role and how the company is an outgrowth of the individuals, rather than the individuals being a by-product of the organization.
Robert demonstrates the positive impact on your professional and financial success as a coach this approach will provide.
Additionally you will learn how to notice the difference between reality and your desires or expectations, and the problems this can lead to as well as the benefits of not attempting to argue with reality having a profound relationship to it. Learn which avenues for advertising work and which do not, and how to know so you can make the most for your marketing dollars. In doing so, you will provide valuable insights in your intake session with them whether they sign an agreement or not.
Learn how to communicate in a way that fosters flourishing relationships by separating your interpretations from your personal truth or feelings about the events.
Learn how living a purposeful life and the mindfulness it requires can improve your focus, the success in your relationships, and the success in your coaching practice. Jerry gives us some simple approaches and practices to take on to assist in noticing where intimacy is lacking and how to restore it—opening the gateway to our hearts.
A Certified Life Coach, Mike's Life Coaching services are available to people from all walks of life who want to take their awareness, learning and self-development to the next level.
His coaching is custom designed to support these owners while including key executive team members. He recommends "putting a left-handed person on a task, instead of reinventing the assembly line," so to speak. Hailed as one of the top personal coaches by executives, entrepreneurs and individuals alike, James helps his clients address personal issues such as procrastination, overwhelm, self-esteem, self-doubt, frustration, anger, fear, limiting beliefs and communication to eliminate the personal obstacles standing in their way of living a life full of passion. You will develop the skills, strategies, and knowledge you need to gain awareness and clarity in order to take focused and consistent actions to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Being able to see patterns of behavior quickly means his clients get results quicker and get results that stick. Coaching can help you take your game to the next level both professionally and personally, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Drawing from the wisdom of the unconscious mind in combination with logical thinking, Of 2 Minds Life Coaching helps you determine the right path and course of action towards achieving personal and professional success. This weekly audio program provides a gateway to the best and most effective coaches and service professionals in the industry, giving you access to their singular knowledge about what it takes to be truly successful in your professional life. You can plug ‘n play what you learn immediately into your practice to improve your results with your clients and your bottom line.
This interview has been sought out by many for a long time now - much controversy at 'The Best Day Ever' weekend and website and it's finally here. You should not attempt self-diagnosis, and you should not embark on any exercise program, dietary regimen, or self-treatment of any kind without qualified medical supervision. Through the years, countless NLP Processes have been archived from this awesome learning tool.
We all know when our energy is high, we all know when our energy is low, we know when things feel good, and we know when things feel…well off. Scott is one of our featured guests because of his amazing track record helping other coaches and hypnotists become successful. Bryan has a success rate of over 80% with his prospective clients in moving them to getting the coaching on the major areas of life they need to consider: health, finances, relationships, career, and more.
Even more, learn how to create an intake session that moves your clients from desire to commitment. Are you an Internet entrepreneur, a small business owner or the CEO of a global multi-national?
Nothing in this program should be construed as a promise of benefits or results to be achieved, or a guarantee by the author or publisher of the safety or efficacy of its contents. Today you will learn the sacred few that seasoned Coaches & NLP’ers really use on a regular basis for the maximum impact. Also, for the ladies, Julie reveals why most women are getting it wrong and what your men really want from you. The business owner (Emperor) has some glaring business issues (no discernible wardrobe) that everyone else may recognize - but no one, not even his closest advisors, are willing to point out. Someone who listens and supports you, but also pushes you beyond the obvious & helps you maintain the mindset to persevere? You can learn actionable new concepts for business pros in this weekly show where famous life coaches and business coaches share their best ideas with you. You will also find out why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a joke.One look at Markus Rothkranz and you know this guy is the real deal and knows what he is talking about.
The author, the publisher, its editors, and its employees disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the use or application of any of the contents of this program.
Whenever you get two NLP Trainers in the same room you’re bound to have fun and learn something new. Finally, someone steps forward (the little boy in the book-think Mike!) tells the business owner what he needs to hear - the truth. Join the revolution and see what a few small changes in your life can completely alter your destiny.This interview will change your life and inspire you to go beyond the ‘standard’ into a whole new reality. Although hypnosis, NLP, and other techniques used herein are not harmful in an of themselves and have no known side effects - please consult your physician before starting and during any weight loss program for your own safety and health. Listen in as Robert and guest John Santangelo swap behind the scenes tips and tricks about the very best NLP techniques for everyday life.Enjoy.
Markus has been called the ‘Pied Piper’ of the Raw Food Movement – but this isn’t just about the power of raw food, hypnosis, or nlp. My biggest concern would be a client ignoring or avoiding sound medical advice at the risk of their health. How can we harness it and make our life better and be more successful in all our endeavors? These are the questions we are going to delve into with Energy Rich Coach Heather Dominick…I make sure you get some REAL TOOLS & TIPS you can put to use right away.Join us as we explore this mystical stuff between the light switch and the light bulb of the mind – and learn how you can harness it to have the best year ever!
This information and the opinions contained therein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Since there is always some risk involved with publishing alternative works, the author, publisher and distributors are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions or procedures described hereafter.

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