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The magnitude and severity of his injuries left him and his doctors with little hope of recovery. Through a positive and solution-focused coaching style and by asking yourself what you would do if you had unlimited money and confidence, Sean challenges you to discover your inner most self-actualisation needs and desires.
If you want to move your life rating towards a 10, then it is time to contact us and organise a life coaching session. Sean Fredson started Performance Enhancement Coaching in 2011 because he wanted to inspire people with his own life story. Australian Fitness AcademyAustralian Fitness Academy is a leading fitness institute specialising in the delivery of fitness courses and personal training courses.
Origins of The PaperRoom™ - Created by Sidney Rice as a combination of coaching theory, adult learning principles and many other concepts. Created by coaching innovator Sydney Rice of the Boston Coaching Company in 1996, The PaperRoom System™ emerged from the powerful conversations Sydney conducted with her coaching clients she captured on her office walls covered with butcher paper.
As each client's history, goals, and experiences were drawn out and scribed on the wall, Sydney noticed significant patterns and connections between elements that fostered profound developmental conversations with her clients.
By combining coaching theory, adult learning principles, life stages, personal and professional development concepts, research on the human mind, and a healthy dose of intuition and common sense, Sydney and some of her coaching colleagues refined The PaperRoom System into a clear, direct coaching process that pinpoints the source of the problem and the source of answers for the client.
Chris and Jules Collingwood have been studying NLP for many years, Chris since 1979 and Jules since 1986.
Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP has been superceded by the Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Greg is a trained and experienced coach & counsellor, and alsoworks as a training facilitator and corporate team coach.
Michael has over 8 years of commercial experience havingworked in a wide range of business clients, from start-ups tomulti-national companies.

Andrew has in excess of 25 years corporate experience withblue chip international organisations in the private and public sectorsin Australia and overseas as a leader, consultant and executive. Neil is a great believer in continuing learning throughout life, and putting into practice that learning in multiple contexts. By looking at the client's "paper room" as a whole, a clear picture of the client's internal system emerged. Both are certified as NLP Trainers by John Grinder, the much respected and esteemed co-originator of NLP and together they offer the only John Grinder endorsed NLP courses in the world.
She offers coaching and personal change in person or by telephone, to assist clients improve the quality of their experience and to create specific outcomes in any area of life, including but not limited to work, business development, communication, recreation, personal development and study. She helps you to create alignment with your purpose, thoughts, word and actions personally and in business.
For the past two years he is involved inmanaging the integration of employees, procedures and systems as partof an outsourcing environment. Thisincludes human resources, marketing and general business managementexposure, at senior practitioner levels. She has worked on issues relating to every area of life, in personal as well as professional contexts, on all organisational levels. Bill hasintegrated his Master Practitioner in NLP qualification with hisacademic qualifications to effectively influence companies to upgradeand enhance their human face.
The patterns of NLP and the life changing potential this field can bring has made an impact on him, and continues to bring together the larger patterns of human excellence he strives for.
Finding inspiration in the story of Rocky, Sean often reflects on the line a€?When life says stop, you say goa€?. He had also been teaching NLP since 1986 and is one of the most experienced NLP trainers and consultants in Australia if not the world.

When you are aligned, your life, health, career and relationships can flow powerfully and effortlessly. Drawing on her experience in management, sales and marketing as well as research, event and media production which she gathered in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia, Angela brings insight, motivation and inspiration to her clients. He will help you to identify what is working welland enhance it, and take what is not working well and improve it.
He develops training and consultingprogrammes to assist corporations to overcome the human aspect problemsof business, including leadership communication effectiveness.
With active interest in political and social issues, Johnny founded an international pen pal club with the goal of connecting young people throughout the world. With his qualifications from the Coaching Systems, the largest accredited coach training organisation in Australia, Sean hopes to share his story and instil the same perseverance in others who have had life-altering moments and find themselves in difficult situations not unlike his own. He has over 500hours of NLP and hypnosis training and extensive business andconsulting experience. AnMBA graduate, Andrew is a fully accredited Coach, an ANTA certifiedtrainer and hold a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-LinguisticProgramming. As alife coach with Inspiritive, Bill provides positive coaching strategiesto enable clients to achieve well-formed outcomes with graceful ease.
With the wide experience he uses his NLP,business change, and consulting skills to expand and enhanceindividuals and business alike.

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