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I thought it was funny how I could relate to some of the things that the girls were going through. Okay I'm actually still waiting for that to happen, but I bet it got you really excited to read this post though, didn't it?
Once we made it inside, we ran over to the shirt table and paid God knows how much for t-shirts. I've been carrying a disposable camera around with me all week, capturing little moments here and there. So instead of a glorious avocado recipe post, you're getting a little something that I'd like to call blog vomit. The online masters has been offered worldwide since 2003.The online masters program from Cal U is closely associated with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I bring my laptop over to the coffee table that's in front of the couch and plan to answer emails, prep blog posts or even browse Pinterest for inspiration. Actually, this couch doesn't really give you a choice but to cuddle with whoever you're on it with. But when I did make time to read it (like when I was taking a bubble bath or laying by the pool), it held my interest. The first place that I brought my camera to get the film developed "no longer offered that service." UM WHAT? Something that really annoys me: when people win tickets to an event from a radio station and they don't even act halfway excited about it. I try not to say, "I don't have anything to wear," because let's be honest, we all know that's a big, fat lie.
They're what I wear when I'm running late and don't have time to piece together something new, when I just can't think of what else to wear, or when I try to step out of my fashion comfort zone and it turns into a total disaster. Maybe because it's blasted all over Pinterest in one form or another, but that's neither here nor there. It was me "seeing who was the strongest," because that's who was going to hold my head in the picture up there.

Sometimes I even bring my textbook over and attempt to study for my CPT exam that's coming up in March. But if I did that I would probably smell, be really hungry, and be some weirdo with no friends.
It's been a good little while since I've found a series that's captivated my attention so I decided to go for something a little bit different this time around. Plus, I thought (for some ungodly reason) that I would finish college and BOOM be magically working my dream job. We spent Luke's entire set shaking it like country girls & singing (and screaming) at the top of our lungs. I like how he has fun with the song instead of actually having women up on stage gettin down. Oh and because I didn't get any up close pictures of Luke, I found a good one on Google to share with y'all.
As usual, I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday, because I just love sharing 5 of my favorite things from the week with y'all!
I bought 3 just because they made me spit my coffee on my keyboard when I was reading them online last week. My closet is full of clothes, shoes & accessories, but sometimes I just can't get the creative juices flowing enough to conjure up a cute outfit. I have such a hard time finding jeans that actually fit my body shape (short & athletic). A little something I like to call "brain candy." Basically, a book with no real literary value, but instead something that's just fun to read. However, I don't usually laugh out loud too often when I read books, and this one had me spitting my wine out.
I had high hopes for this post, but then today when it came time to put the post together, the thought of avocados made me want to blow chunks (cute visual, huh?). The ability to do this was invaluable because there was no hands-on experience in the remote education program.The online classes and projects were vary challenging and he learned valuable knowledge for on the job skills.

Oh and by the way, I didn't trust myself brining my Nikon so you get to look at wonderful quality phone pictures. But little tip: if you're gonna wear a cowgirl hat to a concert, plan on standing very still. I know that hair is always growing, but I've been growing my hair out for over a year (it used to be super short), and I finally feel like I can see a difference in length. Communication with students in the same program were easy, and convenient.The MS in exercise science program in exercise science had essays and papers due often as well as weekly participation in online discussions about the weekly topics. I just end up getting sucked in by the black hole and doing absolutely nothing other than watch TV and fall asleep before most of your grandparents probably do.
They are fresh out of college and ready to see what the world has to offer (or what they have to offer the world).
I think the author did a good job of tying the stories together and giving the reader a sense of who each girl is, though. I guess I forgot about that while I was in the store yesterday and my stomach was growling at me. But beer, big crowds & shameless dancing is not a good combination for my precious camera.
And when I win (because I AM going to win), I already have my acceptance speech planned out & practiced. As a full time personal trainer trying to pay the high San Francisco rent, an online college degree was the only logical way to achieve a higher education.What are the Different Degree Focuses for the Online Masters for Personal Trainers ?Here are the descriptions straight from the NASM and Cal U official websites.
It's really a tragedy come 3 AM when I wake up with a permanent crick in my back and crusted mascara.

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