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10 Ability to Connect and Communicate– Leaders are master connectors and communicators, a skill that, despite being largely innate, can be taught. 9 Ability to inspire- One of the qualities of a good leader most often recognized in iconic figures such as Oprah or Steve Jobs is the ability to inspire others. 8 Commitment- Only when a leader is committed to their organization’s goals, principles and values can they inspire others to be committed. 6 Intelligence- It may go without saying that in order to lead an organization you need to have a certain amount of intelligence.
5 Multicultural sensitivity- We live in an increasingly diverse world where the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds is critical to the success of any organization. 1 Willingness to make mistakes- Every leader worth their salt is a risk taker and embraces mistakes as part of the journey. Not everyone is a natural born leader and not everyone is even interested in being a leader. Discover the Benefits of the Red Shoe MovementThe BEST and most cost-effective way to achieve career SUCCESS. If these articles resonate with you, sign up to receive them in your inbox Redshoemovement on Twitter! The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
While there are plenty of great sales people fighting the stereotype of the "sleazy salesperson", unfortunately there are others who still portray a great deal of sleaze. The post How to See Past Sales Adversity & Find the Greater Good appeared first on Jeff Shore. His career has primarily been in homebuilding, but during his “finding himself” years and while considering pursuing medicine as a career path, he worked briefly at a hospital in Washington DC for a transplant consortium. Simply put, he was the person who went in to speak with a family while their loved one was dying or had recently passed to discuss organ donation.
He doesn’t discuss his time in that role much because I think the emotional impact of those conversations still runs deep for him. What he does say it that it was fulfilling to help others look past their own devastating pain, even for a brief moment, and find some happiness in helping others.
While organ donation from a recently lost loved one is an extreme example of adversity in our life, we all face adversity almost daily — especially in sales.
You might face problems with a co-worker, dealing with a demanding or difficult client, or dealing with a deeper, more emotional personal issue. Look for the lessons and the sales adversity becomes a learning milestone not a barrier to your success and happiness.
When you feel bad or are facing adversity in your own life, instead of focusing on yourself, help others as a way to move through and past the difficult time. It may seem odd to suggest that the best way for you to feel better is to make others happy, but evidence shows that this approach is the best way to bring yourself more joy. In a study done by Harvard University and The University of British Columbia, researchers asked participants to remember a time when they bought something for themselves and then remember a time when they bought something for another person.
Researchers took measurements after each recall and it was clear that participants were much happier when recalling a time when they did something for another person. The same participants were given a small amount of money and told they could anonymously spend it on themselves or someone else. The happier the participants felt about their past generosity, the more likely they were to spend the money on someone else, thus producing a type of “positive feedback loop” between kindness and happiness.
You want to make sure they “get it,” so you go around the table asking for an affirmative nod from every salesperson: all good. The very next day you are eavesdropping on a sales presentation and you are listening for your salesperson to demonstrate this new behavior. You are fighting a deeply engrained habit and you are fooling yourself, my friend, if you think you can change years of established behavior in a single sales meeting.
If you want to see this play out properly, you need to understand change from the perspective of the person who needs to change – the sales representative. If the idea fails either of these tests, you will receive what I call the “Smile-and-Nod.” They will smile, they will nod, but deep down they will reject.
At some point the salespeople must (at least in theory) accept this new behavior as both valid and beneficial. Let me be clear: attempting a new and unpracticed behavior in front of a customer is, most definitely, not a safe environment.
Give your salespeople the opportunity to practice extensively; first alone, then with a peer, and finally with you.
Get it out of your head that behavioral change comes in the form of an e-mail or a sales meeting or a single conversation. If you want to learn more about Behavioral Metrics™ and driving higher levels of execution and accountability with your sales team, then you need to join me for Execute 2016 on August 18-19, 2016 in beautiful Coronado, CA.
For sales teams with aggressive sales goals and high standards, Execute 2016 is the event that helps sales leaders pull the right levers without running their company into the ground. PLUS you’ll enjoy time with our special guest, Brian Tracy, who will share his wisdom and answer your questions on how you can achieve all of your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Amazing Truth #1: Adversity is totally natural – I once heard that life would be perfect if people weren’t involved. Amazing Truth #2: What you focus on expands – In my seminars I share how race car-driving students learn to look towards the track and not towards the wall when they are spinning out and facing a crash. When adversity pops up in your life, stay focused on where you want to go rather than the obstacle in front of you. Amazing Truth #3: You need to plan for adversity – You may have heard the phrase “Proper Planning Produces Peak Performance” before. Spend time thinking about the obstacles that could potentially pop up and preemptively determine how you are going to handle them when they do. Maybe you write a $1,000 check to someone and tell him or her that if you eat the cake, they can have the money. Amazing Truth #4: Adversity is a phenomenal learning tool – Have you ever met someone who just seems to have wisdom? The post 4 Steps To Help You Learn From Adversity and Failure appeared first on Jeff Shore. I was on the ice this week, getting in a little early morning practice on my hockey technique. I also had to smile at the very thought of just how many times I’ve experienced failure along the way.
You can define selling as the process of overcoming multiple moments of adversity in pursuit of a purchase agreement.
You can define selling as the process of overcoming multiple moments of adversity in pursuit of a purchase agreement.
Either way, if you want a career in sales, be prepared to deal with adversity. Here are three tips on dealing with some of the most common moments of adversity you will face in sales. Winning the sales from the mean people is the best way to increase your sales exponentially and quickly. But not to worry, most people who have trouble expressing themselves have a partner who has no trouble at all sharing all their thoughts and opinions. The non-talker is often quite capable of talking through the voice of the other non-present buyer. Here’s what you do: get around to everyone quickly and assess their motivation levels by asking some form of “So, what has you thinking about buying a new [insert the name of your product] today?” Based on their answers you can decide who to re-engage with first on a deeper level. Mastering these moments of sales adversity creates greater self-confidence for you as a sales professional and creates a more enjoyable experience for your prospects. My daughter Katie was quite the soccer player back in the day, and one of her greatest strengths was her mental game.
Late in one of her high school matches she found herself defending one-on-one with an opposing player.
And, if you’re not extremely careful, you feel your confidence sink like a bowling ball in quicksand. Carry the past defeat into the future opportunity and you’ll find self-doubt doing a dance on your head. Several times each year Shore Consulting hosts a dynamic, interactive and career-changing real estate sales program called The 4:2 Formula Academy™. Instead, tell customers about other buyers who shared the same objection and yet decided to purchase anyway.

This is often referred to as The Law of Social Proof which states that people are more inclined to do things that other people like them are already doing.
In the case of the small backyard, find other buyers who shared the same objection and purchased in spite of it. In reference to the small backyard objection, I would simply ask, “Let me ask…let’s say you loved everything else and decided to move in to this home anyway. Almost immediately you see the customer’s eyes dart around to solve his or her own problem.
That being the case, you may need to simply ask, “Is the backyard something you could live with?” If the answer is “No” then you know it is a deal killer. So, if you want to revolutionize your sales career, take some time to learn a little bit more about The 4:2 Formula Academy. I’m a big fan of boosting sales success by asking for the sale on the very first visit. The cool thing about this approach is that you WILL find customers who buy on the first visit. A customer comes into your store, your sales office or your showroom and you do your thing. The prospect shows interest, but is not exactly jumping out of their skin with excitement over what you have to offer. They get into their car and immediately begin to rehash the conversation, they tear apart the product, they weigh all the pros and cons. Forget the whole 24 hour follow-up thing – that is an eternity for someone who is agonizing over a major purchase. Find ways to offer new value points, to diffuse concerns, and to prove to the customer that you just plain out-care the competition. Or maybe just to text them a video of the feature they loved most about your product — just to remind them how much they loved it! Sales leaders always hunt for successful new sales talent and often want advice on what makes for a strong salesperson. Sales leaders always hunt for successful new sales talent and often ask me for advice about the specific skills that predict sales success.
Interestingly, some of the most essential sales success skills require no experience at all – which is one of the reasons I sometimes encourage sales leaders to consider hiring people with no previous sales experience. You can always teach a willing learner how to achieve success in sales, but you can’t always coach the essential selling skills listed below. It is probably no surprise to anyone that attitude is top of the sales success skills list.
We need to realize that a salesperson with a poor attitude is leaking those negative feelings all over your buyers and poisoning your sales offices. I understand that everyone gets a bit down now and again, but a salesperson with a consistently bad attitude is simply unacceptable.
You want salespeople who will give it everything they’ve got, then take coaching from you and give a little bit more. Salespeople who throw in the towel too quickly are costing you crucial sales. How well can they prioritize and manage their time so that they arrive when and where they should be?
Seek out the salespeople who show interest in your training program, who can speak about what they’ve learned from others and who can share with you some of the recent sales books they’ve read and how they’ve helped them improve their selling skills. Sales success skills that require no experience are a beautiful thing because it allows sales leaders to seek out great PEOPLE and turn them into great SALESPEOPLE.
As fitness professionals we see clients who need sport specific training to keep them strong and injury free. I have found that golfers, in particular, love their sport so much they spend a lot of hours and money on the golf courses attempting to perfect their swing, fine-tune their skills and lower their score. The reality is the golf swing is a very complex, explosive and unnatural movement placing significant stresses and torque on the body parts involved.
I am sure your clients are like ours and are wanting to get in great shape fast with summer approaching quickly! What you can do is give your clients a little motivation to help them reach their goals over the next month or so! Personal trainers, group exercises instructors, CSRs and pretty much all humans like to be recognized when they work hard and do great things! The Fitness & Training Director sends out an email to the entire team letting everyone know who the Employee of the Month is and why. We give the Employee of The Month one of the most sought after and priceless things we have here at Northwest Personal Training….the BEST PARKING SPOT! It’s always a good idea to keep your connective tissue and your body limber and flexible so we will finish our series with a few stretches that you can do together at the end of your workouts.
Your fist step is going to be to create and send out a client survey that will provide you with the feedback you need to develop a group program that will serve the needs of your current clients. Here are a few of the partner training exercises that I recommend to my clients and trainers. Remind your clients that working out with a partner is fun, challenging and because your buddy is counting on you, it’s great for helping you both stick to your workout routine. One of the tasks that is included in our yearly marketing plan each year is for our Fitness & Training Director to schedule on floor trainer reviews with each of our personal trainers.
Last week I told you about our most recent referral incentive and this week I want to give you an example of how to comfortably ask for a referral.
I find it incredibly rewarding to see how the participants in our program dare to live up to their full potential and how this results in a much more profitable and successful leadership, which in turn contributes to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
What is clear is that, among the many identifiable characteristics shared by leaders, some are more innate than others. They must have the ability to: Connect with employees, clients, vendors, partners, the media, and others and connect their ideas with the needs of the market. Although some individuals’ inspire others with their natural charisma, it is possible to teach the mechanics of inspiration.
That commitment needs to be felt in their willingness to work hard and to be measured by the same standards as everyone else. The most effective leaders are those able to keep their focus on the long-term mission even when dealing with short-term challenges. You don’t need to have the highest IQ in the room as you could compensate with street smarts, preparation and choosing the right team, but you do need to be moderately smart. Leaders who are conversant in cultural sensitivity have a big advantage over their peers who remain in the ivory tower. Some leadership training programs are particularly good at eliciting employees’ most important leadership skills. The challenge is to look beyond your own stereotypes to find diamonds in the rough and to offer them the right leadership development opportunities so they can flourish. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
Amy O'Connor says that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness. And that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness. Sales adversity is everywhere and, while you can’t avoid it, you can control what you do with it. Engaging in a kind deed makes you happy and then more likely to continue your altruistic behavior.
While it might be a good idea, you could be fighting years of habits that have been engraved in the minds of your sales professionals. You are rolling out a unified sales technique to your team, something you want everyone to follow.
You are fighting a behavior that was ensconced in the mind of that salesperson for years or even decades. Give your salespeople permission to try this on for size rather than just jamming it down their collective throat. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commissions you will earn. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commission you will earn. With that backdrop, here are four thoughts to help you with adversity in sales and in your life. Think back in your life to any time you were learning something new or reaching for a new goal.

As you think back to those times, you will remember the obstacles that popped up almost instantly.
When you make the decision to start a new company, someone threatened to sue you for the company name you chose. I know that sounds easier said than done and it takes discipline to not become obsessed with your adversity. He was skating repeatedly up and down the ice, working on how to turn around and skate backwards. No, I don’t mean look out for them so you can avoid them, but rather seek them out so you can win them over and make those incremental sales! The nice buyers are already getting plenty of attention and help from dozens of other salespeople. You know, the person who stares blankly at your perfectly timed and phrased discovery question?
This is a classy problem to have and here’s what you need to remember – it is your job to spend your time with the person most likely to buy from you today.
Here's how we can learn from Katie and create a similar mental game for when we run into sales adversity.
It gets inside your head quickly, and just as quickly it descends to a discomfort in your gut. As she was jogging back to her position for the ensuing kick-off she reached into the air in front of her, extended her right arm, and closed her hand around something invisible.
The challenge with this strategy is we often lack credibility when we say, “I know how you feel.” I also believe that buyers smell a sales tactic here. Ask them how they made the backyard work and then share those stories with potential customers that share the same concern about the yard size.
It’s a 12-week learning cycle that features a three-day live coaching event along with with video lessons, webinars and certification testing to help you maximize your selling potential and maximize your commissions. The prospect shows interest, but is not exactly jumping out of their skin with excitement over what you have to offer. The most successful sales people never assume that they need a second visit to close the deal. Amy O'Connor shares four of the most essential selling skills that require no experience at all. Yet, as I work with sales teams all across the country, I am consistently surprised by the sheer volume of salespeople with poor attitudes. I’ve always thought this ridiculous since 110% is impossible, but I understand the premise: give it everything you’ve got and then give a little bit more.
Being on time seems especially difficult for some salespeople, yet it is a sign of their organizational skills. A salesperson’s punctuality is a good indicator of how successfully they manage their commitments to their buyers. It shows respect by not being late or disruptive and it shows respect for other peoples’ time. No one ever gets anything completely figured out. Many of the most successful salespeople I know seek learning more fervently than people who are just starting out.
Understanding and applying this knowledge into both your hiring process and your ongoing evaluative process will help you transform your sales team into a top producing machine. Because of the nature of the sport, golfers are at a high risk for developing overuse injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint structures particularly in the low back, hip and shoulder areas.  Professional golfers are injured on average twice a year and amateur golfers once a year, with the most common injury sites being the wrist (27%), back (24%), elbow (23%), shoulder (8%) and knee (7%). You don’t want to have to decide when the next training workout will be at each workout – make it simple and easy so you both know the exact day(s) and time(s) each week. There are many factors to take into consideration and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start! If you are looking for some fun partner training ideas for your personal training sessions or group training sessions you have come to the right place. Go to my client blog site and search “partner training” or look at the past 7 weeks of blog posts! Shuffle for about 10 feet going one way while simultaneously tossing the medicine ball back and forth to your partner. Some personal trainers feel uncomfortable asking for referrals so share this example script with your team and show them how simple asking for referrals can be! The most positive things with working for S+P are the long-standing relationships we develop with our customers and how much we learn about new markets and industries, which means that I constantly develop myself and improve my own skills. Which means that there are certain basic traits individuals are born with and others you can help them develop via leadership training. And also the ability to communicate their ideas and their vision, the effectiveness of which depends on their communication styles. In other words, when employees see leaders making sacrifices, they are more willing to make them themselves.
This is one of the qualities of a good leader for which leadership development can be effective. This is a very hard quality to instill via leadership training in people who are not passionate about anything. Although you can teach how to see things in a positive light and keep up a positive attitude, we tend to think that, to a large extent, people are born with a tendency to see the glass half-full or half-empty. Their vision of what can be created that doesn’t yet exist, of how far the organization and its products or services can go, what dream can be achieved. When you combine these programs with leadership development in the areas where the particular employee is weak (perhaps communications or focus) and you can easily see a leader emerge. Find any and all opportunities to move through the sales adversity and participate in acts of kindness towards yourself and others.
Skating backwards was not his failure, but the act of turning around put him on his well-padded backside again and again. Amy O'Connor explains how sales people can overcome these adverse moments and still close the sale. You feel like the whole world just saw your mistake, as if the fifty people on the sidelines were actually 50,000. At that point, you just need to handle the objection using the cards you’ve been dealt. The idea here is to get the customer out of a complaining mindset and into a creative mindset. And your customers will experience the most intense contemplation and emotions immediately after the sales presentation.
A salesperson who isn’t capable of showing this type of respect can and WILL frustrate your buyers. Most of these injuries are the result of the repetitive nature of practice swings, combined with a poor warm-up and weak trunk, shoulder and wrist muscles. It’s not that you can’t be flexible and adjust if needed but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time reviewing each other’s schedule each week to determine when you can find the time. We follow every step with every client, to make sure we deliver the results we have promised.
We believe you can teach many of these qualities at effective leadership development programs.
For our list, we chose key characteristics for leaders of the 21st century to remain relevant. Go ahead and read Communication Styles That Won’t Carry You Up the Ladder and see if you may be making these mistakes! You can try, however, to help individuals who are passionate about a variety of things to focus on something specific. There are other leadership training programs, however, that would have you believe that you could make a leader out of someone who lacks some of the very basic qualities of a good leader such as intelligence, passion and vision. The stronger, better-conditioned golfer will be less susceptible to injury and will recover more quickly after an injury.
These changes coincide with the client surveys that we conduct 3 times per year (scheduled into our Yearly Marketing Plan).
That’s where you come in! A good golf conditioning program will incorporate balance exercises, full body rotational movements and a stretching program that increases a golfer’s ability to rotate at the spine.

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