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People who sell lottery analysis software will swear to you that you cannot win the lottery without analysing the numbers. So if we're really just talking about ping pong balls tumbling around in a machine, can analysing the past results help us? But if we look really closely at the balls for this game, we can see a small manufacturing problem.
Which is an exciting discovery because it means ball 23 is a bit more likely to get drawn out of the machine. And darn, why do they have to keep running lots of those test draws before and after every official proper draw! But only if the janitor hasn't turned the heat up higher that day because his feet were cold down in the basement below the studio.

Because any trend will be affected by so many tiny unrelated random outside influences - things that cannot be recorded even if you were in the studio for every draw.
And all of those untrackable things will more than swamp any trackable trends there could ever be.
You often hear advice like 'never pick all odd numbers' or 'never pick all even numbers' etc.
Fact is, ALL the combinations will come up eventually - once we've had enough draws for it to be possible! But neither you or I will be around in the HALF A MILLION YEARS or so it will take for a typical lottery to show all of it's numbers! If that weren't true, the lottery companies would be in front of a judge defending themselves for treating customers unfairly by even offering quick-pick as an option!

So pick your own numbers if you prefer, particularly if you're trying to avoid lucky numbers or too many 'birthday' type numbers. And the vast majority of those are dull boring combinations that we are told are the only ones that can win..?
But because our ball 23 is heavier, it actually bounces more often and gets worn just that tiny bit faster than the others.

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