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SAVE THE DATE: 6-10 June 2016Tracing new developments in relational, body-oriented and brain-based approaches to recovery and change.
A workshop that provides a link between the neurobiology of complex trauma and various types of trans-generational trauma, resilience, adaptability and survival, with further emphasis on hereditary structures and epigenetics.
The Bringing Up Great Kids website has been developed for parents who are looking for information and support in relation to their parenting.
Each of the topics can be printed as a tip sheet that parents can download and have on access whenever they need it.

The topics are also available in an audio version in English to make the information available to English speaking parents who have difficulty accessing written English. The Australian Childhood Foundation works to support and protect vulnerable children and families.
Professionals with roles in supporting parents can direct them to the website as a source of information about parenting and relationships.
Parents from the following language groups can either print the tips sheets in their language or listen to a translated  audio version of the topic.

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