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Anxiety disorder is when you fear something and are anxious about it , but you don’t know what you fear.
If you are physically and mentally calm and cool , relaxed then your subconscious mind is also relaxed and in absence of anxiety and stress one tends to take right decisions thus problems sooner or later disappear. Confidence in self is utmost necessary and with this thought in mind the problems appear to disappear .

To think you are in a problem or difficulty multiplies that very thought and anxiety builds up but if you rub it into yourself that everything will be okay if you are cool, calm and collected then every thing will become okay because the decisions you take will be with cool mind.
Physical and mental relationship of the body has to be cool and calm to generate positive energy which will then surround you.
When this affirmation is rubbed into the subconscious mind , the confidence is generated in the thought process and generates confidence to be able to tackle all problems and that too successfully.

We can also make ourselves anxious with negative self-talk , a habit of always telling ourselves the worst will happen.

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