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This is great, I am printing out for each of my 3 daughters and hope that they take it to heart. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love – what a beautiful gift for any girl at any age.
A friend posted this on FB today, and I love it so much that I started searching for where I could buy it.
My daughter is struggling with Anxiety right now…her first day of Junior High was 3 days ago. I wish I could say that everyone loses their self-esteem issues when they get older, but it’s not as easy as growing out of it. I am trying to print these out in size 5×7 but it is cropping the sides making some words cut off when they are in the frame. Here’s a simple tool to make it towards the end of 2015 proud and celebrating more success than defeats.
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
If you usually wake up feeling anxious or with a negative mindset, here is my nighttime routine to ensure I wake up with positive energy. That’s what I need to do Vashti incorporate them when I have a tough moment throughout the day. Repetition of daily positive affirmations…said with intent and focused energy (feelings) is essentially a very effective way to begin shifting your life from negative to positive. This can include all areas of your life: financial, health, fitness, business or companionship. Affirmations work at replacing negative beliefs and perceptions about ourselves (that no longer serve us but still control us and our worlds) with new, healthier positive ones that reprogram our minds and shift our lives. One of the keys to using affirmations properly is “repetition.” The more often they are repeated, whether written down, used verbally or focused in your head, the more impact they have in your life. Affirmations can be lots of fun because you can create your own so they become very personal to you. Remember – affirmations are made up of words…they are statements containing words that you believe about yourself so you must pay close attention to what words you engage and use. Once you repeat your affirmation you must release the details to the Universe or you will limit yourself to your own beliefs once again.
In the example above…don’t be concerned about what diet or program you will use to get you to your goal of 135 pounds.
The energy you are feeding into your affirmations is what opens the doors to that information and it will be forthcoming as your life begins to shift.
I have three little girls and think in this world where everyone is trying to tear girls down and make them feel ugly and unimportant, this is SO wonderful for them to hear every day. My daughter is still really small, but I worry every day about her and about how to lift her up above the world.

I love when people find inspiration from my work, but it seems like the poster she’s selling is more of a copy than inspiration. She has recently come home and is coping with learning how to be a mom in a wheel chair to her two young children, watching her husband being totally overwhelmed, and feeling helpless to do much of anything at the moment. I’m so happy to hear that you are taking the matter into your own hands and relying on God to help you feel good about yourself. I’ve only read a few of your art pieces and i want to thank you for sharing your creativity and beautiful spirit with the world. I’m printing and framing copies for the middle school girls I volunteer with as Christmas gifts. There’s no way to print it in 5 x 7 without messing with the proportions and stretching it out funny.
I love all things creative, and I would spend nearly every moment of my existence outside if I could.
My coworkers and I were looking forward to an easy day but instead we ended up learning how to grow personally. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed and start to think negatively, I take a deep breath and start again. Even if your kids are great swimmers, this is a must read especially information on the dangers of drains.
Whatever it is that you need to change for the better about yourself can be turned into positive empowering affirmations.
Written is the most powerful because it engages our subconscious which learns from what we are doing consciously as we write. Learn to listen to your body and what it is relaying to you in the moment and construct your affirmations around those feelings.
Just release and allow the Universe to open the proper doors that bring your affirmations to completion.
You don’t need that information when you are creating and affirming your beliefs with affirmations. I come from a long line of women who get horrible stomach aches due to stress (among other things).
She told me I was an answer to her prayers, but I wanted to let you know it was really you!!!
I just blasted the AU company a little on facebook and pointed people back towards your site.
I have 3 girls and I want to print this off and put it in their rooms (and mine) I think we forget how wonderful we are. I hope to find some lovely thrifty frames to paint for my daughters bedrooms, and to put this in each.
I am a strong believer in incorporating daily positive affirmations into my morning routine.

Now if you know anything about me, you know  that any new knowledge that furthers my self-development really gets me excited.
Adanna takes the mystery out of parenting in New York City by sharing her secrets to raising kids in the concrete jungle. Most definitely something I can save for assurance and future reference ?? #blmgirls Great list! If you stick with it, over time, you will notice a difference as you allow the “sunny disposition” of your new positive affirmations to take root and grow. Don’t create an affirmation that is so unrealistic you create an uphill battle with your own subconscious. Your job is to keep repeating those affirmations and take any necessary action steps that may present themselves in the moment.
This week I went to her house and was broken hearted as I listened to her cry about all these feelings of inadequecy. Her readers come back often for her unique DIYs, parenting tips, style, delicious recipes and life hacks. It is also very empowering to affirm your message with “emotion” as you stand in front of your reflection in the mirror. Your life begins to take on a fresh positive direction and feels more energized through healthy new behaviors. But slowly, as I learned a few coping mechanisms (one of which was positive thinking) my stomach aches went from daily, to weekly, to monthly, and now I rarely have them at all.
I say all this to say that the words on your little poster really touched my heart as I think of my friend, Casey. I’ve come to know this train of thought to be the crazy roller coaster ride called being a teenage girl.No matter how many times I’m complimented or praised it can never make up for the few times Ive been picked on and teased for my looks or accent or crazy and random hobbies.
You know how you train your puppy and it behaves well but soon as a guest comes over he starts humping on their legs nonstop. I am printing it for her in hopes that she will be encouraged and be reminded that God really does have a plan for her precious life. Well, when we start to believe negative things about ourselves and our lives they behave like humping puppies in our heads. Here’s the thing though, we are Moms in Heels, we are not and we have no time to nurture negativity in our minds and within our families.
You can print them and put them up above your work area or in your bathroom or just memorize them to recite during your commute or your times of stillness.

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