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I learned about the importance of positive affirmations when I became  a Social Worker working with mentally ill adults with substance abuse. When you doubt yourself on what you do, especially with weight loss, it becomes truth or your motivation lacks. For the Healthy Habits 3 month Challenge, the challengers have to state their daily positive affirmations (DA) on Facebook or post it on a post-it note. Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. Affirmations are powerful tools for weight loss, and any other goal you would like to achieve in life. If you are like most people, you probably focus more on what is missing in your life and on what you dona€™t want, rather than what you want to create. When you begin to use affirmations for weight loss you may notice resistance coming up for you in a matter of days. Repeating affirmations at these times will keep you focused and on track to meet your weight loss goals.Using affirmations will help you to begin self-nurturing yourself. Every time you catch yourself speaking or thinking negatively turn it around to something positive. Affirmations are short, positive statements about something that you would like to attract or manifest.
You focus on the problem, not on the solution.Each of us is responsible for the content of our own minds. If you beat yourself up about your weight, or if you say negative things about your body, use affirmations instead. There is a large body of evidence that shows that optimists (people who see the glass half full) live longer, healthier lives than people who are pessimists (people who see the glass half empty).Pessimists are more prone to loneliness, colds, illness, suicide, depression, and even cancer.

Most people do not use affirmations correctly and therefore have minimal success with them.
You can use your mind to create good with the use of positive thought, or you can use your mind to destroy by focusing on negative thoughts.
I like the saying "Garbage in,garbage out." It reminds me to become more conscious of what I put into my mind.
Life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.Many chronic dieters and people who are struggling with weight tend to be pessimists. They either choose ineffective wording that is not meaningful to them or they do not use affirmations long enough to effectively reprogram the mind.
Along with doing affirmations and visualizations, you must find out what that void or need is and find a healthier, positive way of filling it. If I want to feel good and create positive actions and results in my life, I need to feed my mind a steady diet of positive thoughts.You can use your emotions as a gauge as to the content of your thinking.
Optimists attract others like bees to honey!You will find evidence for whatever life view you hold. They give up on them too quickly.When you begin to use affirmations for weight loss, or any other goal in life, it is important to choose an affirmation that resonates with your desires and emotions. Negative thinking makes our bodies produce cortisol and other stress hormones, which makes us store fat around our bellies, and makes weight loss much more difficult.Positive thinking has the power to unleash endorphins and other feel good chemicals throughout our body.
A pessimist is continually looking for what is missing or wrong in their life, and that is what they find. This is one of the main reasons why diets fail.Affirmations for Losing Weight and Getting HealthyAffirmations are powerful to use when you are going into situations that cause you to overeat. If a negative thinker like myself can become an optimist, anyone can!Affirmations do take some work.

Using affirmations will make your weight loss goals a reality.What you put your attention on grows. Weight loss doesn't have to be such a struggle.The good news is that it is possible to change your pessimistic, negative thinking. Your mind is like a powerful magnet attracting to you people and events that energetically match the content or vibration of your thoughts and feelings. You can be certain you are thinking negatively.When you are feeling badly try to remember what thoughts led up to feeling this way.
Ita€™s just not realistic.It is best to start with affirmations that are more realistic and achievable.
A better one in this situation is "Ia€™m getting thinner every day!" By making your affirmations more realistic they will become reality sooner.
Hopefully you have already come to the realization that all your efforts at dieting and the search for a magic bullet has not paid off. With practice you will begin to automatically reframe your negative thoughts into positive, powerfully creative ones. This doesn't mean denying or disowning what you're feeling or not attending to real problems. You want to build success quickly as that will build the positive energy and momentum for more success!
Negative thinking often leads to overeating and is one of the biggest challenges to overcome on our weight loss journey.

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