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Our goal is to equip students with a range of strategies they can use in their daily life at school, as well as beyond the gates. This year we are introducing a number of new resources and new programs, including Kimochis and BounceBack! We look forward to running a number of workshops with staff throughout the year, and are always open to your feedback and suggestions. For any further information on Positive Psychology and Positive Education at The Peninsula School, please contact our Director of Positive Education, Ms Therese Joyce.
These Happiness Habits align extremely well with Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of wellbeing which underpins our Positive Psychology program. Read positive parenting tips about how to support and encourage children to do their best in school.
When asked what parents want for their children, not surprisingly, the answer almost always indicates that they want their children to be happy, healthy and successful.
In a nutshell, we aim to produce well educated and well rounded, resilient individuals who are capable of flourishing personally and professionally, and who are well equipped to contribute to society in a satisfying and meaningful way.
Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

The Peninsula School places a huge emphasis on building mutually respectful relationships and connectedness within our community.
Throughout 2011, all Peninsula School Staff underwent an intensive training course in the principles of Positive Psychology. Whilst there are numerous examples of implicit and explicit positive psychology teaching and learning activities already occurring throughout the School, the formal introduction of this program was fully operational from the beginning of 2012. The Peninsula School is informed, and staff are trained, by a prominent Australian expert in this field, Associate Professor Lea Waters from The University of Melbourne. All members of our community - past, present and future - were invited to join us as we celebrated fifty years of outstanding education on the Mornington Peninsula. Last week, the McGill Martlet Hockey team was fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to Sport Psychologist Dr. To conclude, this article focused on the importance of positive self-talk and described two techniques for young athletes to try to increase the amount of positive self-talk that they incorporate into their training and game performances.
The scope and sequence of positive education across The Peninsula School ensures age appropriate learning for every student, and ongoing development with relevant life skills. The well being of our students and staff and the provision of a leading edge education for all underpin all that we do at the School.

Positive Psychology focuses on cultivating increased levels of happiness and fulfilment regardless of one’s circumstances.
We understand that positive teacher-student relationships are a key factor in student achievement and enhanced academic performance.
To promote positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment the School, from ELC to Year 12, has adopted a whole school positive psychology approach to teaching and learning. Optimism, resilience, confidence, creativity and leadership are some of the many strengths that we look to engender in our students, in addition to fostering a love of lifelong learning. Halliwell’s talk motivated me to think about the importance of self-talk and lead me to do some of my own research in order to help young athletes reach their potential. He also emphasised the importance of parents teaching their children how to lose graciously from time to time in order to build levels of resilience.

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