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An entrepreneur is someone who stands up to the universe, to all that has come before, and says, I can know your essence, I will change your expression.
Rohit Prasad likes to think of himself as an academic entrepreneur who combines scholarship along with an entrepreneurial instinct to create a space for policy impact in the Indian Information and Communication Technology sector of the Indian economy. Through the true stories of two sets of people who braved the rough road, Startup Sutra presents entrepreneurship in its essence not a checklist to be crossed, but a vision to be realized; an iterative process of near-death experiences and incredible turnarounds that founders of businesses bravely navigate through a combination of chutzpah, sagacity and sheer brazen luck.

In order to nurse wounds acquired in the course of pursuing this rather ambitious and farfetched goal, he vents his energy on various entrepreneurial projects. In bringing to life the daily dramas, the struggles in the trenches, the battles with insatiable inner demons and impossible external odds on the journey to achievement, it enumerates, in wise words, the five qualities that entrepreneurs necessarily possess. In the course of his dabblings, he stumbled upon a publisher who liked the coffee at MDI Gurgaon, the business school at which he teaches, and an entrepreneur whose story showed clear signs of having been lifted from a movie.

Having overcome his writer's block with the writing of Startup Sutra, Rohit is currently working on a book on the concepts and practice of spectrum management.

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