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Generally, live  presentations take longer than the rehearsal.  This is because of a combination of factors. So if your presentation time is one hour, your talking time will be 40 minutes (15 minutes for questions and 5 minutes for interruptions and delays). When you do a final rehearsal, note down the time that each segment takes and then take that information to prepare a timed schedule. That means that during the live presentation, you’ll be able to easily tell whether you’re keeping to time. Waffling is one of the things that can make a live presentation go longer than the rehearsal.
What I like to do to keep a check on myself is printing out my slide thumbnails all on one page.
After the talk I can immediately make any corrections necessary and see where I planned poorly or where I can tighten things a bit.
2) take into account that when you try your speech at home, you might talk faster than on stage. It’s interesting that you suggest devoting 50% of the presentation time to audience interaction. Important post Olivia – going over time is one of the top annoyances for audiences, and it is so easy to avoid!
On my plan, their is the timing of my presentation, and I am using A big iPod as a timer (their is a stopwatch built in). That’s a useful post laying out your method for planning a presentation and keeping to time. I arrive a little belatedly, but still wanted to thank you for the useful points and comments. Thank you very much for adding the benefits of your experience, especially, on the issue of being interpreted. You don’t have to wait for the interpreter to finish interpreting before starting your next sentence. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Great ideas and I am able to use these ideas for college students outside the workplace too! If a time limit has been set for your presentation, then it’s your responsibility to finish it within that time.
You might start a couple of minutes late, you might take longer to make a point, and there may be other interruptions that delay you.

Lisa Braithwaite recently wrote about this issue in her post: You never have as much time as you want.
I am going to read further what you’ve written about assertions and waffling (I love these descriptive words, by the way).
Delivering a presentation is such a full-on activity that everything else should be super-easy for you.
Going over the allotted time is annoying to the audience, the organisers and other speakers. My timer is usually on a table where I’m also keeping my props, handouts, water, etc., because who knows where the laptop is going to end up! Attendants nowadays want to be involved and strive for a shared outcome, so interaction is key. I tend to agree with you for my own presentations, but I know that not everyone is ready for that, so for this particular post I stuck to the more conventional 25%. Of course, some people talk even faster during their live presentation because they just want to get it over and done with!
In any type of presentation, this is the point at which you can really understand what your audience wants, and justify your views to them. I agree that latin languages use more words, but I wonder whether that actually makes the time longer. But more importantly as already suggested by Simon make a short pause between your sentences and this will give time for interpreters to catch up with you. Different languages have different ways of ordering words within a sentence, so if you slow down or pause within a sentence, the interpreter may not have enough words to be able to carry on interpreting.
If you leave timing your presentation till the end of your planning process you’re likely to find that you’ve prepared too much material which will mean you have to edit your presentation. In the presentation itself you won’t have the head space available to calculate whether you’re ahead or behind. So you elaborate on it some more, and then some more… and before you know it you’re waffling. Have a small, but easily readable, travel clock that you can put on the lectern or even in front of you on the stage.
Often that’s because the presenter or meeting organizer has decided to wait for late-comers.
I have found for me, if I plan to leave some time slack in my presentation it helps in keeping to time , i.e. In other posts, I have encouraged people to consider taking questions throughout their presentation rather than making the audience wait till the end.

Have a script ready for them (this can be sent days beforehand through the event organiser). Our Time Management PowerPoint Template is useful to make presentation related to the effect of time management in relieving stress.
The key to successful time management is planning and then protecting the planned time in the right way. I’ll stop talking, look at my notes, find the point I wanted to make, look up again, find someone to talk to and start talking.
The real great speakers shorten their story to the lenght of a teaser and are willing to rely on the fact, that they will be able to deliver the rest of their content in response to questions and discussion.
But it doesn’t make sense to me because otherwise the interpreter would constantly be falling behind.
You can personalize the Time Management PowerPoint slides by simply downloading it and editing it as many times as you want, for different presentations. Our Time Management PowerPoint Templates are dynamic in nature; you can edit them as per your requirements. During you’re planning, write each point as a full sentence (not a bullet-point) which expresses what you want to get across. There are remotes that also have a countdown timer and that will buzz you at 5 minutes and 2 minutes before the end of your presentation.
I don’t see why people who have made the effort to be on time should be penalized by having to wait for people who are late.
By keying in the number of that slide and then pressing ‘Enter’ you will jump straight to that slide.
Make a hit with this awe inspiring Time Management PowerPoint background which has been designed with perfect color scheme and high definition graphics. I find this useful because it means I can also see what slide is coming next and introduce it, rather than simply clicking and then talking. When we asked how long it was she thought that she had been talking for about seven minutes.

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