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This one-day workshop helps you improve your presentation skills and public speaking ability, and covers planning and delivering a talk or presentation, with or without a computer. Anyone who needs to speak in public and wishes to deliver an effective talk or presentation.
Software Development FeesAny software development, automation or macro creation is charged at ?65 per hour. Course LocationsOur courses can be run on-site at your location; all we need is a suitably-sized room.
We can run our courses anywhere in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Herefordshire, or the Welsh Borders. Sign up for our newsletter and receive our free guide - 'Introduction To Conquering Your Fear Of Public Speaking’. Testimonials“Adrian has a very special way of connecting with his audience so that you really feel a part of what he is teaching you".

Reduce Your Stress Today!Tips, techniques and strategies for removing your stress so you can move onto a joyful, wealthy, healthy life.
Easy abundance tips, techniques and strategies you will get from the FREE download will drastically change your life around money. Coping with nerves, techniques of speaking to keep people interested, handling difficulties, tips for success and use of visual aids. Delegates will be asked to deliver a 5 to 10 minute talk on a subject of their choice, and will receive comprehensive and helpful feedback. I was bowled-over by his professionalism, thoroughness and firm flexibility that enabled him to handle a group of quite wide experience. If you prefer to learn away from work, we will source a suitable room in a conference facility or hotel near you to save you travelling. We promise not to bombard you with emails and will only ever send out highly relevant and useful content.

No computers are used but delegates are expected to deliver a 5 to 10 minute presentation on a subject of their choice. The delegates will have a number of exercises to develop their presentation during the day based on input from the course. They will start from an idea and develop the presentation during the day and deliver it receiving feedback. The presentation will then be delivered near the end of the workshop, when delegates are feeling more confident, as it also gives them the opportunity to put in to practice what they have learned during the day.

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