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We’re not talking about the notorious Japanese Fugu here, although blowfish is part of the Tetraodontidae family of fish, which includes many species, and notably the poisonus pufferfish, or Fugu. This powerpoint presentation is perfect for any subject related to earth or space, with a very representative background. The flash earth powerpoint template is one of our favorite presentation available for download on this website. A really great template for any international subject made from a worldmap picture with a beautiful light effect.
These closely related species are similar to the porcupinefish, with external spines that are visible when the fish puffs up, hence the name blowfish.
When I was kid summering on Long Beach Island (and, yeah, it was called the Jersey Shore back then too), my best friend, Philip and I would spend countless hours fishing from my leaky green rowboat.
The blowfish would be in various states of expansion, some puffing up to the size of softballs while others just stared at us with their cold fishy eyes.

We’ve recently started a weekly half hour cooking show on local public TV, and I going to feature blowfish next week.
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Sometimes my mother would be on the dock watching us row home and to see what we had caught.
When we showed up with bushel baskets of blowfish, we’d all hump them into the fish house.
You actually skin the blowfish to reveal the tail meat, and then you gut it and cut it away from the head.
A lot of afternoons we’d return to my dock with the rowboat bottom full of live blowfish flipping and flopping around in the inch or so of water which always seemed to be there no matter how furiously or how often I bailed with an old Maxwell House coffee can. My mom would call my grandmother, and we’d settle down to an hour or so of serious blowfish cleaning.

I have fond memories of hot and humid, August dusks in our fish house facing the bay as the sun set, and going inside our house for a blowfish dinner. Add some capers and chopped parsley to your favorite  tartar sauce. Finish cooking all the blow fish. Plate three or four (or a dozen) blowfish and serve with your caper-tartar sauce and lemon slices.

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