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Search engine optimization (SEO) tasks have sometimes been compared to a hydra: in Greek mythology, a monster with nine heads which grows two more for every one you remove. First, it helps to examine the SEO elements in greatest demand for search engine optimization. You may be able to afford to complete the task, but not have the dedicated staff to complete it. Integrated marketing services companies, such as i7 Marketing, provide customized one-stop services for all the logistical headaches of task prioritization and delegation. Eric WagnerEric is the Director of Search Marketing at i7 Marketing, providing clients with actionable SEO recommendations.
But if your list contains a larger number, it’s not so easy, and the more preferences you have, the more complicated it gets.
For many years, people have used Richard Bolles’ prioritizing grid to help with this problem, but the paper version in What Color Is Your Parachute?
Grid Analysis Prioritizing – A thorough and comprehensive way of prioritizing a list of items. Working as a Project Manager means that you have to cover a lot of various aspects of the project and you will inevitably face quite many challenges. Coming closer to the challenges of the project management occupation, it is worth speaking a bit more about planning and prioritizing that are considered to be the top preferences of the whole project running work. If we give the definition of a project management planning, you can say that it is a kind of a document that captures the whole project from the very beginning to the very end, embracing every phase of a project or every step that has to be taken during the project execution. Certainly that nobody wants to see the project failure that is why; project planning is paid enough attention to. But even having done your best in planning the project thoroughly, do not forget that you have a lot of tasks to be accomplished within the project. They come across a great deal of cases where Project Managers are either puzzled or have no idea how to plan and prioritize the tasks and processes within the project.
In order to solve the acute issue project managers do refer to the modern project management solutions that offer to automate the process of planning. The issue of prioritizing seems to be solved, but, at the same time, there are still some drawbacks. Providing  a few tips how to prioritize, we can say that, firstly, you can divide the whole processes into urgent, mid-term and long-term ones; secondly, while defining the necessity and urgency of every task, take into account deadlines, consequences, costs, time etc.
As it has been told above, it is immensely hard to automate prioritizing; on the other hand, project management planning can be successfully automated with the help of cutting-edge project management tools.
Speaking about the tools that can be implemented to automate project management planning process, we can mention Comindware Project and its unique feature – automated priority-based planning. The solution also offers a simplified version of Gantt charts that take less effort from you to plan and to fulfill the project.  It is possible to import your previously accomplished planning documents from MS Project if you have implemented this software before. What is more, you can rely on Work Breakdown Structure chart while using Comindware Project. We have just mentioned one of the tools that can be exercised while automating project planning.
To sum up, it is reminded that there are no projects without any planning and setting priorities.

Assigning tasks to the four quadrants is a good way to quickly make a plan for the day - especially the first day after vacations. When the monster adds six heads for every item completed on the list, cost is a great way to address the monster. Once completed, business owners can add the cost of implementation factor to further clarify just how realistic each task is at this point.
With an understanding of your resources and priorities, integrated marketing services professionals can coordinate customer objectives, strategies and tasks. It has a couple of sample lists you can practice on to help you get started, and if you haven’t used the grid before, you probably want to begin with this format. Choose a number from the selection menu below, then click the button and a grid will appear with the number of items requested. Don’t go overboard with prioritizing everything, or it can end up being counterproductive stealing time and spontaneity from actually doing stuff.
Whenever you prefer a new item over your current favorite then that item becomes your current favorite.
Continue repeating this process comparing two items at a time, until you have sorted the whole list or as many as you see necessary (For example, sometimes you may just want to find out the top three). For example, when you have several similar photo-shots and want to sort out the very best picture out of the similar ones, so that you can delete the others and be sure to save the very best shot.
Note that this does not mean eliminating things that relax you and make you feel happy, since those things are important. Please pass it on using the share-tools below, or share your thoughts in the comments section.
Sometimes, planning can include creating the list of team members and their particular tasks they are supposed to perform. We cannot deny the desire to omit any planning and just plunge into the project, and to engage the people that seem to be the most appropriate for the project work and start doing something immediately. The hardest issue is to decide what processes are the most important ones and they have to be performed firstly, and what has minor importance. The essence of the option is you are able to schedule your projects by assigning tasks and determining priorities by drag-and-drop principle. For sure, every tool has its own strong and weak sides, and only project managers themselves will select the software that they will use with enough confidence.
While working as a project coordinator and BA, I have tried almost all possible PM tools, BA instruments, collaboration programs, including tracker and task management software solutions. It also works for 'Mail Box'-type exercises found in job assessments (you get a heap of taks and have to prioritize or allocate resources, and of course you have too little of everything).
However, as search engine optimization evolution continues, the list gets longer and longer; a seemingly-endless stream of work which can overload anyone trying to grow a business.
Although each folder contains many other skills within them, site builders must create marketing plans in a technical space: a web site.
There are several ways to delegate tasks based on a company’s existing work structures.
Some tasks are simple enough to be handled in a 15-minute session, and others will take weeks of planning, tasking and staff hours to integrate into the overall strategy.

The global marketplace provides a world chock full of web development contractors with great expertise that can be brought in for specific tasks. In addition, continuous connectivity makes integrated marketing services providers especially responsive to real-time business demands.
You have compared it directly or indirectly with every other item and preferred it every time.
On the other hand, if you plan properly you will tend to face fewer emergencies or pressing problems in your life. But it has been proved many times that not having a solid base in the shape of project planning will definitely jeopardize the entire process and will surely lead to performance difficulties, the budget overrunning and to the worst scenario – to a project failure. As we can deduct, to prioritize is a complicated decision-making process for a majority of Project Managers.
If you are successful with these two phases, you can be sure to complete the projects with the results you expect. If ever two characters were distinct from one another, it would be a techno-geek and a marketer. Businesses use these criteria all the time with other internal tasks, and nowhere are they more applicable than to your business’s search engine optimization objectives. Every business must be able to calculate ROI (return on investment), and this is also true of SEO and internet marketing tasks. The trick is to maintain a balance so that the small tasks do not adversely impact the larger strategies. If your business is medium to large, adding a dedicated staff member for technical skills may be a valuable addition to your team. The Covey Matrix is a tool that helps you prioritize your work and brings you back into charge. Yet, a business’s goals for search engine results goals are only fully realized by fusing those demands together.
Alternatively, you may find that working with an external consultant makes more hiring sense.
If your business needs to focus on its day-to-day operations, integrated marketing services pros can provide a full understanding of the options available to you, both in-house and externally, to move you into the foray for optimized business. In order to ease the painful procedure of planning and setting priorities, there is an opportunity to automate every process with the help of modern project management solutions.
The bottom line for companies seeking better search engine results is the way users experience their sites. Marketers and site masters have the same overall objective, but generally, technical people build the site infrastructures; marketers build the messages which resonate with users to inspire electronic commerce.

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