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My guest David Foster from ERG1031 gives us the details about how to use this section of the tax code to defer tax liability. Now if you can use this method if you hold the properties for you life span, when the properties are inherited by your heirs they will not have to pay the deferred taxes.
Kevin share with how he was a single family home investor prior to 2008 and what happened to his portfolio.  He also talks about some of his multifamily properties. Kevin talk about why he didn’t like single family homes because of the cash flow and how he transitioned into multifamily properties and how he was unable to find these properties. Kevin talks about his criteria and his partnerships with investors and how they have shifted over the years into trailer parks. Kevin talks about different types of parks and ownership types varying from leasing the lots to actually owning the trailers and combinations of the two. Kevin is looking for 15% to 16% cash on cash return and push this property to over a 20% cash on cash return in the first year.  He is looking for stable markets with good school districts.
Filled the vacant lots.  The park had 100 vacant lots with they bought it and the significantly reduced the vacancy rates. Frank Rolfe has been a manufactured home community owner for almost two decades, and currently ranks as part of the 6th largest community owner in the United States, with more than 17,000 lots in 20 states in the Great Plains and Midwest.
MSN Real Estate Although MSN is more interested in flashy headlines than actual article content you can occasionally find some decent articles.  Just remember thay are not going to be super in-depth.
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Quadrant 3: Not Important and Urgent Why should we bother with tasks that are not important?
My reading and observations lead me to the conclusion that procrastination is an emotional decision and not a logical one.
Very few people deliberately do things that they know will harm them in some way, unless they think that, through the ‘pain’ they will achieve a greater ‘pleasure’ as a result. So, if you are a procrastinator, and – intellectually – you know it is not a resourceful behaviour, what emotional pleasures do you derive from your procrastination?
Below, you will see the same matrix BUT with a new twist for procrastinators, by Ken Blanchard in his book, The On Time On Target Manager. More often than not, people don’t do things because they are important – they do things because they like doing them – and they put things off, even important things, because they don’t like doing them. Procrastinators and pleasure seekers do their work in the order Q1, Q3 and only then Q2 – often rushed at the last minute with obvious consequences in terms of quality, team impact and personal stress! Sharon Williams speaks on the importance of voice in the corporate worldTaurus Marketing CEO Sharon Williams says that voice is just as important as physical presentation.
The essential traits of a great leaderI was asked by Dynamic Business "What are my most important leadership qualities’’.
Does not matter if you change one property for thee or more.  The import part is the dollar value amount. His books and courses on community acquisitions and management are the top-selling ones in the industry.

The session will focus on practical techniques and information that you can start using right away, today, to gain more control over your busy schedule.We will cover everything from planning, to prioritizing, to delegating, to controlling the people who control your time. The solution is to change the approach so that you do them in the order Quadrant 2, Quadrant 1 and forget about the other two quadrants.
We’ll talk about how to deal more efficiently with meetings, phones, paperwork, interruptions, and emergencies without letting them sidetrack you and sabotage your schedule. Q1 is the stuff you have to DO; Q2 is the stuff you have to DATE ACTIVATE, Q3 is the stuff you DELEGATE and Q4 is what you DUMP!
The way to reduce this problem is simply to protect your time. For example, if someone insists on talking with you in person immediately, and it means you need to travel out of your office, find out why that meeting is so urgent. Sometimes, we dona€™t have a choice, but letting things get to this point has a negative effect on our performance and quality of life. Maybe you can have a phone call instead, and maybe that person is going to be in your area next week.

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