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The New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification is a recognition that you understand and can apply the foundational concepts of new product development, and that you have spent the requisite years practicing your art. Knowing the foundational knowledge and best practices all Product Managers and Innovators should have. Certification requires both an exam and that you submit an application to show relevant experience. We feel strongly that for certification to carry strong meaning, it has to be supported from within the organization.

Meetings: 60 minute weekly webinars -- Specific weekly times will be determined by the study group participants. Leadership: Each participant will be responsible for leading one of the webinar discussions. Resources: We incorporate into the program an online course provided by a PDMA certified educator , which includes many resources. Prepare with the Chicago Chapter's Members' NPDP Study Group program -- and network in the process.

Seats are limited -- trying to fill a second class -- register early- don't miss this event! Certification is an opportunity for members to interact, grow as a community and enrich the meaning of PDMA membership.

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