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We teach busy employees how to solve problems, meet deadlines, and keep projects on target by Writing to Get Things Done (WGTD).
This popular onsite business writing seminar focuses on improving productivity—using writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. WGTD focuses on improving participants’ actual on-the-job business writing skills—writing clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, and reports. This is not a remedial writing program for “problem writers.” This business writing skills course is for everyone who uses writing to get things done.
For training to be effective, participants must learn the material and put what they learned into practice. Pre-seminar Analysis: Two weeks before the seminar, each participant emails us a business writing sample for review—this can be an email, letter, memo, or report. Seminar Session: The focus is on improving participants’ actual on-the-job business writing skills. Follow-up Support: In keeping with our commitment to offer a learning and development process, we offer a number of free value-added options to help seminar participants become more productive on the job. Pay What You Want To Master Microsoft Productivity Through 12 Top Courses You are using an outdated browser. If your workplace has more complex requirements for the LMS, we can offer our enterprise LMS, C-Netic.

C-Netic is a robust SCORM compliant online learning platform that is used by over 150 organizations to manage online training for over 300,000 learners globally.
C-Netic Enterprise is perfect for large organizations looking for a solution that can be configured to meet their specific needs.
If you need e-learning courses, training resources or training apps designed specific to your organisation, we can assist.
Employees learn how to write quickly and effectively, saving time for themselves and their readers.
WGTD is a must for architects, attorneys, analysts, engineers, contract specialists, and managerial and professional staff whose job requires effective written and email communications. Our agile course development methodologies can create custom e-learning courseware rapidly, effectively and within realistic budgets. When organizations create a critical mass of people writing to get things done—things get done!
They will impress others with their ability to get to the point quickly, clearly, and concisely!
We have expertise in creating custom content for corporate induction programs, corporate compliance initiatives or to support the introduction of new systems or software. From designing an e-learning strategy, to selecting and delivering training in the use of an authoring tool or assisting in evaluating current e-learning initiatives, we will be able to assist.

We can also design high end custom courses that utilise animations, video, scenarios and immersive simulations. We have delivered 100s of custom e-learning solutions to some of Australiaa€™s largest and most successful organisations.
And right now, the price is entirely up to you – you can pay what you want for it on the B2C Shop.The tutorials are delivered by way of video lessons, with each course focused on a particular app. One course teaches basic and advanced techniques in Word, while the various functions of Excel are spread out over six courses, including financial functions, Dashboard, graphs and charts, and Pivot Table. You can also learn to present with PowerPoint, tackle your inbox with Outlook, master the database management of MS Access, and collect your thoughts in OneNote. The courses start with the basics, and build up your knowledge in the space of a few hours.
Along the way, there are hands-on techniques to try, and you get a certificate of completion when you finish.You can pay whatever you like for two of the courses — Microsoft OneNote 2013 and Comprehensive MS Access 2013 — beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle (worth $990), plus 10% of whatever you pay goes to charity.You’ll get dozens of hours of material and hundreds of courses—plus lifetime access to it all!

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