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I hired a career coach for the first time last fall as I was considering a major career change. I was at a juncture in my life where I was really unhappy in my current position, and I wanted to talk with someone who did not know me and who did not have preconceived ideas and expectations of me. However, your purposes and reasons for hiring a career coach or counselor may be very different.
In the career development world, there is sometimes a bit of a divide between career counselors and career coaches. Job or career coaches are generally focused on helping you articulate and accomplish goals.
The best career professionals are the ones not hung up on the differences between counseling and coaching. Also, consider the credentials of the prospective coach or counselor and see what kinds of requirements the person had to meet in order to receive the certification and how those align with their specialties.
Determine your purposes for hiring a career coach or counselor and the type of approach that is important to you.
I found my career coach through a local meet up group of PhD holders who were not in academia. The National Career Development Association (NCDA) is one of the main career development professional associations, and they have a Find a Counselor page on their website. If you are affiliated with a college or university, most have a career centers where they may offer counseling or coaching, or they may be able to provide you with a referral.
LDS Employment Services could also be potentially helpful; Melanie used her local center right after grad school and found them helpful in some things, but the strengths of each employment center probably depend largely on the staff. The best coaches or counselors will not have you commit to paying for a series of meetings until you have had at least an initial consultation. Based on this phone conversation, we decided that we were both interested in continuing forward with the process, so she sent me a series of really in-depth questions to answer and some assessments to take.
In addition to in-person meetings, you might communicate with your coach via phone or email, either at your own initiative or at the coach’s invitation. Of course the coach’s skill is important, but part of the success of the session depends on the client.
Also, keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of jobs out there and industries are changing every day.
The career coach did not wave a magic wand or gaze into a crystal ball and say “This is the job for you!” (even though I sometimes wish this had happened!).
Your personal experience with a career coach or counselor will vary depending on your purposes and the professional you select, but the option is definitely one to consider if you’re looking for some more personalized direction and support.
For those of us looking for career counselors or coaches, there is a great opportunity at People Helping People. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
GTP Designs created an informational website for Howard Nippert's Professional Coaching For Runners. Howard Nippert's Professional Coaching For Runners offers no-nonsense, no-gimmicks coaching for runners and ultra-marathoners from all ability levels at distances from 800m to 100 miles.
Executives that have focused significantly on establishing their financial security often find themselves unfulfilled in other areas later in life. Many executives employ financial advisors and tax specialists to help them maximise the return on their earnings. Legacy coaching works hand-in-hand with wealth management to better plan for the mark an individual wishes to leave behind. Various recent studies have indicated that many high net worth individuals, or HNWIs (pronounced hun-wees) would prefer to continue working well past the traditional retirement age. In his book Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert, a prominent Harvard social psychologist, makes a solid case that people are generally lousy predictors of what will make them happy in the future. Many executives in the coaching survey, when asked: “How will you know you’ve met your need to make a contribution?” indicated that the need would not necessarily be satisfied by an elaborate plan or a structure that is set up. It is important to realise that future financial security is an enabler for something you want for yourself and for something you want to leave behind.
To find out more about legacy coaching, or to book a preliminary strategy consultation, please contact Pratish Mistry. Effective organisations take pains to ensure that they establish for themselves a clear vision and strategy.
By its very definition, employee motivation is an important part employee productivity equation. Just as an organisation establishes its vision, mission and execution strategy, so too do employees need to establish their own – minus the corporate jargon and in their own terms. This bottom-up data basically detailing each employee’s skills and motivating drivers then needs to be reconciled with the strategy and business objectives of the firm. People sustain motivation by regularly witnessing their positive progress in areas that are important to them. This is a quick update post to ensure that posting articles is working as it supposed to be. And while I am still in the midst of figuring things out, I found my work with the coach to be incredibly valuable.

I was also looking for someone to hold me accountable for completing tasks like conducting informational interviews and crafting a new resume.
Perhaps you are looking for specifics about options that exist in your field, or you need an extra push or insight into your strengths and weaknesses, or you want help in defining your career goals and path. Career counselors have a counseling degree and licensure and feel that they have a holistic focus.
They’ll work with you to develop a job search plan, improve your resume, and feel more comfortable with networking. Good career counselors will incorporate elements of coaching, while good coaches will take into account that there are a variety of factors that influence a person’s career decisions.
So it is important to look for a coach who has a specialty, maybe someone who specifically focuses on helping former or trained academics find careers outside of academia, for example, or a counselor who has worked with women who are on-ramping back to the workforce. This career coach had conducted a seminar with this group, so I was introduced to her through this network. She asked me more questions based on my responses to first set of questions—and she really made me answer them.
An assessment or even a career coach can’t possibly give you “THE” answer of the one career or job that is right for you. Career coaching was a lot of (not easy) work, but it provided me with the tools, support, structure, and time to consider my career with focused intent and purpose.
We work specially with women to help them identify their skills and find not just the right job, but the right career path. In addition to information about available coaching services, the site also provides resources to athletes and runners. Nippert is a world-class ultra-runner and is an 8-time member of the United States Track and Field team.
The need to leave a meaningful legacy is a powerful one and some planning and foresight is required to meet this need. It is commonplace for senior executives to engage wealth managers and estate planners to ensure that they and their families are provided for well into the future.
It involves determining the kind and scale of contribution that the executive envisions making and then identifying the practical steps needed to realise that vision.
In fact, according to a Ledbury Research report produced in 2010 in conjunction with Barclays Wealth, these nevertiree executives accounted for about 60% of the 2,000 global HNWI survey participants. His conclusion in that book is that you should speak to someone who is already experiencing what you have yet to experience and ask them what it’s like. Most indicated that contribution, a value that they had not always paid much attention to before had become an increasingly important one. They expected that more often than not it would be satisfied by witnessing some tangible impact their actions have had. Even if an executive chooses not to retire, ensuring that their legacy is maintained within their work context implies that there needs to be adequate succession planning.
Just as proper financial planning is important for your golden years, so is adequate planning for your legacy.
They further take special care to recruit and retain the best staff to help them execute on that strategy. Using a combination of individual and group sessions, a business coach supports employees in articulating what they want and how they might get it, particularly in the context of their organisation. The management staff in particular are given a primer in coaching techniques that they will use during the organisation’s employee appraisal process.
Effective business coaching provides this to employees explicitly, without losing any focus on corporate objectives at all.
Alternatively, please contact us to discuss how business coaching can improve your organisation.
Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of articles on both business and executive coaching. Lastly, I wanted to meet with someone who had previously worked with individuals who had transitioned out academia—which is what I was considering. All of these reasons (and many more) are very valid reasons for hiring a career coach or counselor.
A counselor might lead you through exercises such as talking about what you liked to do for play as a child or have you map out the professions of your family members going back a few generations. A really good career coach or counselor should not be afraid to turn you away if your needs do not align with the coach’s strengths and areas of expertise. Or do you want a coach who takes a more holistic view and considers how your career shapes the kind of life you want? I also checked out her website and read articles she had written, organizations that endorsed her, and viewed an interview she had given on public radio. When I gave a lukewarm response or was purposefully vague, she pushed for more clarity and specificity. Good coaches understand that their time and expertise is valuable, and even though you may feel that your specific question does not require much time, these requests can really add up and require a lot of the coach’s energy and attention.
A good career coach will help you better understand the kind of work that could be a good fit for you and teach you the tools and skills to conduct a successful job search. Sure, I’ve spent plenty of money on stuff at Target for myself without thinking twice, but I very consciously determined that if I wanted to take my career seriously, I needed to make my career development a monetary priority, too.

Instead of just landing my next job, the coach provided me with permission to really consider the type of life I wanted for myself and how my career could help shape that. GTP Designs also worked with Nippert to create artwork for promotional apparel (long and short-sleeve technical shirts).
Nippert has finished in the top-10 at the IAU World 100Km event four times, including a 5th place finish. Setting up offshore trusts and tax efficient investment vehicles may take care of financial assets, however the return on two additional assets executives also possess are rarely considered. This type of coaching is even more relevant for larger scale initiatives in which simply throwing money at the challenge is not enough to make it successful.
Even if you belong to this executive segment, be aware that your needs and priorities will likely change with time. This makes sense considering your priorities are unlikely to remain the same from when you’re a go-getter to when you’ve already gone and gotten. This value expressed itself in various ways depending on the respondent’s nature and circumstances.
Again, to see such an effect often requires time so foresight and forward planning in this regard is invaluable.
After all, what is the lifespan of your legacy if everything you’ve worked for crumbles upon your ultimate departure? If one considers the common-sense notion that the degree of business success is a function of employee productivity, then clearly it makes sense to maintain that productivity at an optimal level.
While financial and similar incentives can often provide a temporary boost in enthusiasm, the business coaching process is designed to create sustainable employee motivation.
The results of these sessions are usually more meaningful to employees than annually force-populated Personal Development Plan templates. The goal of these sessions is to best align overall corporate objectives to employees’ needs.
After the initial implementation, the organisation and employee performance metrics that are established in the beginning stages of the process are used to feed back into the strategy at appropriate milestones. We will also be publishing case studies that will give you a better indication of how coaching concepts can be applied to both personal and organisational contexts. Melanie, a career counselor, provides many of the nuts and bolts about career coaching and counseling; I share a bit about my own personal process working with a career coach. Some draw their experience from a number of years as a professional in a particular field; others have gone through a certification or training program.
After I found the career coach’s website, I sent her a short email and was contacted by her assistant. I had to face some tough questions and answers—many of which I had been avoiding for a while. So while the best career coaches or counselors may be far from free, I also believe that you get what you pay for. These assets are time and experience and return on these are typically measured in terms of personal satisfaction and legacy. For example, establishing a reputed charitable foundation and developing it into something that will substantially outlive you takes time. For some, contribution entailed giving back to society on a large scale – using their skills, time and money to help others. In fact, if the results are appropriately structured and detailed they can effectively transform these templates into a living process for individual development – no doubt what they are actually intended to be. Certainly not every employee will get whatever they want and it is up to the management team to negotiate a win-win solution with their staff.
Employees are trained to apply a similar feedback mechanism against their personal goals to evaluate their own performance and track their progress. Generally speaking, a counselor will help you focus on career development by helping you to know and understand yourself better. There isn’t one specific certification that is viewed as a guarantee of quality, but the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification from the National Career Development Association is one of the most well-known and reputable certifications. We also did a couple of visualization exercises, had a discussion about my assessment results, and we crafted my personal vision statement together. If this negotiation is real, the leadership team will have effectively laid the foundation for creating sustainable employee motivation. There are tons of coaching certification programs out there, so pretty much anyone willing to put in the time and money can get certified. Some felt that their legacy lay in their work or in the organisation they had set up or ran.
Still others felt the need to do something meaningful but regretted that they were unable to do so because of their health or other reasons. She shared with me her philosophies and provided more information about the process, her experience working with people like me, and her services and fees. I found that these meetings held me accountable, that the coach really helped me view my specific strengths in new ways, and that she assisted me in better determining and refining my priorities.

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