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Don’t miss out on being a part of this burgeoning new field – an opportunity to expand your professional services and ministries. This panel of experts explores the biblical basis for the field of coaching and provides theological grounding as you launch into this new area of study. Some of the core skills for the coaching profession are the same as the counseling profession: building a relationship and learning to effectively communicate with the client.
There are many types of coaching—from executive coaching to spiritual coaching to divorce coaching. This course is aimed at providing you with critical and valuable life coaching foundation training that can be applied in your personal and professional life. ILS Coach 101 (Level 1) provides 12+ ICF training hours and gives you the ability to coach and use life coaching in your daily life.
The ILS Coach 101 workshop provides an in-depth introduction to the ILS life coaching methods and philosophies. Life Coaching is a method of directed conversation that is geared toward developing an action plan to reach your goals.
Three surveys of coaching clients conducted by the International Coach Foundation (ICF) have found that people seek out life coaches to help with several core issues (ICF 1998, ICF 2004, ICF 2009). Improving relationships, interpersonal and communication skills, and family dynamics are reasons people seek out coaching. Upon completion of this course you will have gained 12+ training hours recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
The ICF aims to preserve the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards.
Although these 12+ training hours do not qualify you to practice as a professional life coach, they do provide critical and valuable foundation training that can be applied in your personal and professional life and used towards becoming a professionally accredited coach in the level 2 course. Whether you are looking to enjoy the freedom of having your own life coaching business or looking to learn new skills to enhance your current career or increase your job prospects, there is no doubt that a life coaching qualification could open many doors to you. In order to qualify as a professionally accredited life coach who can practice and earn as such, you will need to complete the level 2 course (ILS Coach Qualified). This course is aimed at teaching you how to create and use powerful life coaching tools in order to improve your abilities to persuade, negotiate, lead, motivate, inspire and transform others and, ultimately, help them achieve their goals, whether personal or professional.
You will learn to build plans, drive action, transform negativity, bust fear, overcome obstacles and beat procrastination in order to master your own destiny and empower others to master theirs in turn.
This course, consisting of 2 levels of training, is offered at selected HFPA main campuses.
ILS Coach 101 (Level 1) provides 12 accredited ICF training hours and gives you the ability to coach and use life coaching in your daily life. ILS Life Coach Qualified (Level 2) provides 60+ accredited ICF training hours, the full ILS Coach Qualified title, the ability to go out and coach and charge money for it, assistance with setting up your business plan and business, a marketing workshop, and a completely new mind set.
Level 2, ILS Life Coach Qualified, consists of 6 modules in which you will advance your skills learned in level 1.
Comprehensive training on how to build a professional coaching business, including critical niche marketing, finding clients, charging, the importance of coaching specialisations, etc.

Upon completion of this course you will have gained 60+ training hours recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With an accredited ICF qualification you will be able to practice and earn as a life coach at a professional level and your clients will be assured that you have completed rigorous education and practice requirements and are committed to excellence in coaching.
Upon completion of this course, you can start practicing and earning immediately as a professional life coach. However, should you wish to pursue further learning, we offer a number of lifestyle programmes and continuing education courses well suited to expanding your life coaching practice. Hi everyone, this is Nick Bosk here for your Coaching 101 Minute recap of our Coaching 101 classes here at International Coach Academy this week. In each one of these sections, rank on a scale from 0 to 10 how much you feel balance and fulfillment in that section of your life.
Go through all eight of the areas to see what this wheel would look like if it was physically made. With the ultimate goal being that all these areas are filled in… how well does your Wheel of Life roll? If I have never been in a coaching related field or a career path, can I still learn to coach? Can I start coaching as soon as possible or do I need to wait a certain time as a student here at ICA. Millions of people who don’t need counseling still hire coaches to assist them in achieving their most important life goals.
Dwight Bain and Catherine Hart Weber help you understand this new skill and how it differs from other helping professions such as counseling. Christian counselor and life coach, Georgia Shaffer, explains some of the basic theories and helps you understand how to develop an effective model of life coaching that will help your clients make effective changes in all areas of their lives.
He leads you through basic ethical guidelines and standards of practice for this new field of life coaching.
Katie Brazelton, talks about the importance of life coaching as a ministry of the local church and shows you how it can be a key to helping individuals find their God-given purposes in life. Dwight Bain helps you understand the “business” of coaching and how to build a thriving and financially viable practice in Life Coaching, while helping people improve their lives. This panel of expert coaches helps you explore possible specialties and gives you keys for determining your niche in the field of coaching. This lesson will offer techniques and practices that will assist you in helping your coaching clients make progress and experience breakthroughs.
Life Coach, Dwight Bain, gives his view of the future of Christian coaching and helps explore its role in your future. You will learn, among other things, exactly what a life coach is and is not, how life coaches communicate, how to build rapport and trust with clients and how to use a powerful 3 step method to help others achieve success.
Your life coach will be very solution focused, and treat you as a partner instead of a patient. Typically life coaches are self-employed so if you are looking for a career change, and you like helping people, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Other professionals, including psychologists, consultants, financial planners, educators, health and fitness professionals and service professionals also see the value of life coaching in increasing their scope of practice and earning potential.
Although you can apply these skills to your personal and professional life to motivate and inspire others and encourage solution-focused thinking, this course does not qualify you to practice as a professional life coach. You will learn, among other things, tools for strategy and planning, brainstorming techniques, goal statements, deeper questioning techniques, dream building, business coaching, conflict resolution and coaching management.
This course runs over a 3-6 month period including lectures one evening a week, 3 weekend workshops, and practical and theory exams scheduled with an ILS assessor. We had students from Ireland, the UK, Greece,  India, US, Canada, Australia and Shanghai.   This question is perfect, since ICA students develop their own set of tools as part of their graduation requirements. I usually do this as an open conversation with my clients, having them do a life inventory:  what is it that they have, what is it that they need, and what is it that they want to have. I encourage you to follow the link below and register today for this free offering of our Coaching 101 classes, a sampling of coach training here at International Coach Academy. Luckily, I started to clean the mess in my life, and I am sorting things out, but haven’t gotten around decluttering my house yet. And thousands of professionals, pastors, lay leaders, teachers, and guidance counselors—those God has called and gifted to help others—are adding this new area of helping to their repertoire of skills. Catherine Hart Weber helps you develop the core skills of building rapport, listening, and other foundational techniques.
Richard Eley, helps you build an effective toolbox for coaching by giving you valuable resources and assessment instruments. Dwight also teaches you how to build and maintain trust with your clients—the most critical tool of effective life coaching. This is a weekend workshop and is the pre-requisite to proceed to the Level 2 part of the course. People partner with life coaches to help them attain greater success in their lives, get past sticking points and stumbling blocks, and start achieving their goals. In fact these organisations are increasingly emphasising the value of this role in improving individual productivity and employee sentiment and, ultimately, improving organisational performance. The practical experience and examples given and experienced in this course is second to none. What type of job would they like to see themselves having?  What type of relationships would they like to have?
For the sake of our illustration, we are going to label them, but your can choose whatever those eight may be for you. Companies are also putting importance on training their managers and leaders to use life coaching skills to empower their teams. This is really where the magic of coaching happens because you, the coach, do not know exactly what is right for this client, but the client will be able to uncover, with your help, the perfect solution to take action.

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