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Here's a sample resume for Project Management with a focus on Program Development and Training. This resume and the other resume examples in this collection were written using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. Filed under Project Management Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Teacher Resume Samples and tagged Career Change, Employment Gap, Functional Resume Samples, New Degree, Short-Term Jobs, Unemployed Now.
In today's job market, Michael (not his real name) would do better with a chronological resume (see Chronological Resume Sample: Project Management, Program Development).

This resume was written with the goal of winning a type of job Michael has never had before.
Designed curriculum, recruited staff, and developed all creative, advertising and promotional materials. By listing his work history near the end of his resume, he hopes his current job gap will not be noticed.
The functional resume gave him a way to highlight the skill sets that support his new job goal.

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