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As the number of projects in the Middle East, and especially in the Gulf region, swells up year after year and as more money is invested into the area, many of today’s engineers are being placed in very stressful and challenging roles to manage projects of seismic proportions. The perception is that highly-skilled engineers should be able to easily manage a project in their respective field. Project management is a discipline on its own and involves quite a good deal of training and practice to develop.
This survey speaks volumes in favour of developing a proper project management culture within every organisation seeking to minimise failure. As a matter of fact, “a shortage of 6 million skilled project professionals is expected by 2013. Most of these professionals are typically engineers from varied disciplines such as civil, mechanical and IT who have no previous or formal project management training.

This is a huge and dangerous misconception, and miscalculations about an engineer’s abilities could have detrimental and costly consequences.
There are far too many components to managing projects beyond knowing the technical aspects of the field in which the project operates. It currently comprises 400,000 members and credential holders, with a 10-15 per cent annual membership growth. Add to that the fact that, of the 20 million people participating in projects worldwide, just one million [or 5 per cent] have professionally recognized formal training on how to best execute those projects.
As a matter of fact, technical subject expertise hardly plays any role in the success of project delivery.
Among its associates, about 250,000 are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP) and hold globally recognized PMP credentials.

Just because an engineer is technically capable does not automatically mean that he or she is capable of managing projects as well.
Of the total number of PMPs worldwide, 10 per cent come from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Conversely, just because an engineer is not technically capable does not mean that the person is incapable of efficiently managing projects. The figure is steadily growing as more and more organisations seek to standardise and globalise their project management procedures.

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