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Project Management Professional ® (PMP ®) certification, through the as a provider of project management training by the Classes will be taught in Patrick F.
Technical Project Management Jobs with AkamaiTechnical Project Managers design and implement solutions that maximize ROI, minimize risk, and optimize online initiatives for Akamai customers. Learn how to design and carry out different projects, from manufacturing operations to service operations.
System and Project Management: Learn about different systems and how to manage different types of projects. Management in Engineering: Project management is growing in engineering, and you can get a look at specifically how to manage projects and systems in the engineering field.
Systems Design and Administration: Learn about system design and how to manage these systems once they are in place. Global Issues in Information Technology: Weber State University offers a look at some of the issues you are likely to run into when managing IT projects.
A good project manager often has to have a good grasp of business management in order to properly lead and complete projects.
Successful Management Techniques and Strategies: Peking University offers this look at successful management.
Understanding Management: The Open University presents a helpful class that introduces management. Managerial Economics: Utah State University offers this course on management and economics. Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting: Keep on course with your budget with help from this MIT course. Introduction to Strategic Management: Capilano University offers this course on managing strategicaly.
International Institute of Management: Get access to a number of classes on strategy, management and projects.
Experiments in Economics: Learn about economics and other business management topics from the Open Learning Initiative.
Communications Systems I: Learn about how we communicate, and the development of different types of communication. Business Communications in the Age of Spin: Gresham College offers this interesting look at how to cut through the spin and communicate the essentials. How to Conduct a Meeting in an Intercultural Setting: Connexions offers this helpful course on more effectively conducting meetings.
Marketing communications as a strategic function: Another offering from The Open University provides insight into communications and marketing.
Advanced Workshop in Writing for Science and Engineering: Learn how to better communicate in writing. Practical Leadership: Learn, from MIT, how to lead in a manner that you can put into effective practice.
Leadership Tools and Teams: Learn different leadership tools, and how to use them in a team environment. Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization: Learn the basics of leading an organization. Understand how organizations work, and learn about organizational behavior to help you better manage your projects. Optimization Methods in Management Science: Learn how to optimize your management techniques. Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations and Society: Learn how to manage and organization through change. Organizational Processes: This is another MIT class focused on organizations and processes.

Emotional Intelligence: Connexions offers this look at understanding the emotions of a group.
Introduction to business cultures: Learn how business cultures affect organizational management. Creating an ethical organisation: The Open University looks at the traits of an organization or group with ethics.
Building and Leading Effective Teams: Learn how to keep your team motivated and successful. Power Play: Gresham College offers a class on power, and how it works in organizations and project teams.
Making and using rules: Learn the basics behind creating rules, and how you can use them for more effective teams. In order to have a successful project, you need to understand how to solve problems and resolve conflicts. Implementing the project: Overcoming the problems and challenges you might have with a project. Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving: Learn techniques to solve problems that can come up in some projects. Problem Solving Exercise: Use this course from Capilano University to go through the process of solving a problem.
Negotiation and Conflict Management: Learn the basics of how to negotiate and resolve conflict. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector: MIT offers a helpful look at dispute resolution. This course is registered and approved by the AIA for professional continuing education for architects and engineers for HSW credit for license renewal by the New York state licensing board. Includes a CPM manual for each Saturday session with supplement updates on construction related issues.
For those that sign up for this class and Property Management Certificate Course at the same time will receive $50 off the total price of the two courses ($800).
This CPM class will not teach how to build a structure, but it can help you to run a construction oriented business organization such as a general contractor or construction manager (see the below outline of the CPM class). I am writing this letter two months after graduating from your program, Construction Project Management.
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your class and that I learned a tremendous amount. Thank you for the CPM course and for the effort you put into creating the student reference guide.
I have found this course to be immensely helpful giving me much greater insight and guidelines to create the foundation of my business. The construction handbook cd has been as well very helpful and I have already been going through it and highlighting case studies as well as guidelines that I wish to observe in my construction career. A final thank you Sal for sharing your passion and inspiration about not only your work and career but the construction and real estate industry as a whole.
Many thanks for your New York Real Estate Institute course called Construction Project Management. On a more personal level I was impressed by how easily you were able to meld together our class group given the vast differences in backgrounds and levels of expertise in the construction industry. I can't thank you enough for the CPM course, and your commitment to excellence and support that gave me the confidence to launch into my current adventures.
List Of company participants completed The Construction Project Management (CPM) certificate course. Topics of this page include : new york real estate school education institute course classes education courses brokers licensing class brokers study NYC NY manhattan long island Syosset queens flushing westchester education college license agent schools online appraiser mortgage training notary public title closing property commercial management certificate.

Akamai will provide reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities who need an accommodation to fully participate in the application process. This is because there is demand for those who can organize and oversee a project, and make sure it gets done.
Learn about systems management, including data systems, and get help with the most basic aspects of being a project manager. Understanding how to communicate effectively with your team and with your superiors is important. You have great knowledge and passion for one of the best industries, that has been an integral part of American Culture.
It was indeed a prudent decision I made, given all the courses being offered by other institutions. As I outlined in my optional course paper regarding your course is really interesting and it creates a basic outline of steps that need to be taken in order to open a construction company. From it I take away a much greater understanding of all of the components for a contract as well as what issues to address to better my understanding and knowledge that is pertinent to dealing with everyone involved in the scope of not just a per project basis but the creation of this company as a whole. For my purpose of continuing my education of construction management I found each class a rewarding experience. During every class I noted that you reached out to each of us to engage our interest and create a clear connection to the material that was being offered.
If you are able to get other classes created such as Blueprint reading or CADD, please keep me in mind.
If you would like to request an accommodation, please send an e-mail to careers(at)akamai(dot)com or call 617-274-7165 for assistance in applying.
Project management involves a great deal of skill, combining aspects of organizational management, psychology, and communications. As a real estate portfolio manager it was difficult managing properties without understanding the construction industry, amid these concerns I seek a course that will illustrate how these companies operate and what is involved in developing a construction project from scratch. I will definitely use my new acquired knowledge to sharpen my skills within my field as Architect and Interior Designer. This would include lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, designers, architects as well as clients, subcontractors, and anyone else involved in the workings of my business. The printed course materials you provided were well designed and thorough, the class lectures were clearly delivered and held our interest, the visiting lecturers provided appropriate and topical information, the class trip was a great opportunity for visually grasping the scale of responsibility a construction manager undertakes and the CD you prepared for us of associated course materials was an unexpected resource. You were able to provide confidence as well as information to those who most required a bit of encouragement. Indeed, this combination of skills is one of the reasons that it is possible to make a good living if you are a good project manager. One will not become a profession by completing this course but the student will reap out the general ideas of how to elicit information from GC and how to gather information from outside sources. I have to say that exactly in the session we reviewed the topics of contract adminstration issues I was doing a project contract between my client and the contractor and your class was really handy at the time. So thank you for your thoroughly professional approach to the material and for fulfilling the course description with a wide variety of teaching techniques. I know that your patience, kindness and good humor were an important part of the overall learning experience and it was a pleasure to be in your class.

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