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Project management is the broad process of organizing and controlling resources to achieve a specific project outcome. For example, the successful management of a construction project will involve allocation of labor hours through employees, contractors or subcontractors.
The delivery of materials must be coordinated with project needs, and equipment must be available for use when needed to avoid unnecessary delays.
Projects are temporary and require different management techniques than day-to-day operations that produce goods as part of a business’ routine operations. It is true that day-to-day production also depends on material supplies, but the supply chain has usually been perfected through experience on activities that are performed on a quotidian basis. Phased Project ManagementMany models of project management have been developed over the years. Critical Chain Project ManagementCritical chain project management is a model that focuses on the limitations of the resources needed to execute a project. Tasks are identified as either critical events or non-critical events, and critical tasks are given priority over non-critical ones. Lean Project ManagementLean project management focuses on minimizing waste while completing the project. This is an increasingly desirable model in a society where minimizing carbon footprints and environmental impacts are prominently advertised as a marketing strategy.
It becomes too difficult to compare critical chain tasks from different projects and assign priorities when multiple projects are being conducted. Extreme Project Management is designed specifically for complex and uncertain projects, and it deals with the complexities of prioritizing phases of unrelated projects well.

These are just a few examples of the many models, that have been developed for project management structures paper. The model that is most suitable to a particular project will depend upon the type of project, the particular project constraints, the environment in which the project will be performed and the required project outcome. Project management is really just about managing change so that “people get things done” on time and on budget.
No two projects are alike, however, with our extensive IT experience we can help scope and define the objectives in terms of expectations of time, cost and quality, and then manage the project and ensure everything goes smoothly from day one, through to its successful conclusion. How do I protect myself from online identity theft?How do I protect myself from online identity theft? Project scope identifying – IPN understand the need to have an accurate and shared understanding of the project goals and we achieve this through structured requirements-gathering involving sponsor and stakeholders. Proposal Preparation – We provide clearly defined presentations that will address project objectives, cost and timeframe of completion. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Different types of projects will have quite different outcome expectations, and the resources involved in various types of project management will differ greatly.
It will require careful planning to obtain the necessary permits and approval for all designs and specifications. Many of these issues are tightly intertwined with cash flows since the funds for the construction of a large structure are often not made available all at once.

This type of project hinges almost exclusively on control of a budget and management of personnel. Projects are usually on more rigid schedules, and the availability of materials is more of an issue. Project resources are managed to ensure that critical chain tasks start and complete on schedule. This model was derived from lean manufacturing techniques, and the basic concept is that projects that complete with less waste are more efficient and therefore more profitable. It is a very open, flexible model that focuses primarily on motivating human resources allocated to a project. Simple when you put it that way, but there are so many evolving technologies available today, it’s no surprise organisations want to be able to hand their project over to a safe pair of experienced hands who can ensure it meets its objectives and delivers the required benefits.
Milestones and other progress- tracking tools will be defined in order to control execution and expectations. In the traditional approach, five distinct phases of a project are identified and implemented. This is the step that most people think of as “the project” because this is when construction activities occur. Project management models based on critical chain management techniques do not work well when multiple projects are being managed simultaneously.

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