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The UBC Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree provides a variety of opportunities to put your business knowledge into practice, with the Community Business Project being one of the best.
This is a course that lets you put your business skills to work on community-enhancing projects in areas like business development, market expansion, community planning, and environmental sustainability. During the last six months of your B+MM Dual Degree you’ll get the chance to engage in collaborative project work with not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises in the Vancouver Community. Peace it Together: Provide recommendations to address the limitations in the structure and culture of the organization in line with its human resources strategy.

Place des Arts: Conduct a feasibility study aiming to improve the on-site food and beverage service at Places des Arts, a not-for-profit arts school located in Coquitlam, BC.
Working Gear Clothing Society: Develop a roadmap for the society to maximize strategic philanthropy and improve its branding and communication. YMCA of Greater Vancouver: Formulate an employee retention plan to address the high turnover within the school-age childcare department. As well as gaining valuable experience, you will also provide local organizations with much-needed resources and support for new projects.

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