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RationalPlan Project Management Software is a powerful software capable of managing multiple interrelated projects and tasks, resources, risks, etc.
RationalPlan Project Viewer is a free project scheduling software viewer, the perfect solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view your projects in detail. RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to help both project managers and teams to create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate projects' costs and manage budgets. Asgard Systems staff and employee scheduling software manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations. SchedulePro Express is a revolutionary new piece of employee scheduling software that allows you to easily and effectively manage all of your employee schedules. TaskMerlin is a project management software and task management software tool that gives complete flexibility in how you view your tasks, projects and to-do list.
TaskMerlin is project management software, task management software, calendar software and Gantt chart software for managing your tasks and projects. Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software is a complete and easy-to-use software solution that addresses your organization's scheduling challenges and helps you control your labor management costs. RationalPlan Single Project is a project management software covering the project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to critical path management, overallocated resources detection, progress tracking etc.
RationalPlan Multi Project is a powerful project management software capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and covering project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to progress tracking etc.
GanttPV is used to create project schedules and manage team performance.GanttPV schedules any number of projects. RationalPlan Project Server is a project management platform capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and concurrent user modifications.
OnePMO is a project planning software developed with the aim of solving project planning problems. This example is created using ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software enhanced with PM Easy solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. This example is created using ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software enhanced with PM Personal Time Management solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. Usage of them is covered by Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives” License. Thanks for this tool as I can access any restricted website from my school through this app.
Distribute, share and collect project task information using a user-friendly and intuitive Excel template. EasyProjectPlan simulates an enterprise task management system using a low cost Excel template that requires no installation program or add-ins. Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic and affordable Excel based solution to plan and manage any project. Management of the projecta€™s budget as tasks are identified facilitates the processes of business case proposal, valuation analysis, and securing the required funding.
Project dynamics can be altered and performance monitored with best practice Earned Value Analysis throughout the complete project management lifecycle. This program is designed as a generic and affordable Excel based solution to plan and manage any project. Pre-define project phases, task titles, holidays, and other key project planning parameters. Project communication management through participant emailing and individual workbook creation. Excel SchedulerScheduling Customer Jobs and Employees, Generating Calendars and Gantt Charts.
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner. Project management software for subcontractors allows business companies to adopt tools that increase efficiency and accountability in order to contribute to establishing seamless workflows and processes while maximizing profits through proactive communication. The main idea of project management software for subcontractors is to allow planning, scheduling, controlling and reporting different projects through creating schedules, following todo lists, tracking tasks, and measuring performance. IT project management software allows programmers to write code and develop a software application through following some PM methodology, such as Scrum and Extreme Programming. Engineering project management software helps meet requirements of customers, determine scope of engineering projects, implement project components in a timely manner, review project activities, list lessons learned.
Architectural project management software will allow architects and builders to share and follow construction plans.
VIP Task Manager is a combination of task and time management tools that can help you manage different projects, such as IT projects and engineering projects.

Although VIP Task Manager is not civil engineering project management software designed directly for managing engineering projects, it can be used to plan and track tasks and develop schedules. MatchWare MindView lets you use mind mapping to help every member of your team fully understand the project, contribute to planning, follow the project timeline and clearly visualize all tasks in an organized manner. MatchWare MindView bridges the gap between Mind Mapping and project planning by integrating a dynamic Gantt chart.
Faster, easier and more effective than traditional note taking, MatchWare MindView software is the ultimate brainstorming tool. Once your brainstorming phase is complete, simply drag and drop the branches of your Mind Map to transform it into the necessary Work Breakdown Structure. MindView also lets you insert graphics on the Mind Map to illustrate specific concepts: according to the Mind Mapping theory, the inclusion of visual elements significantly clarifies thinking and boosts retention. This information is easily shared, thereby allowing all team members to participate in the planning and execution of your projects and maximizing results.
For further task management, you can easily export your Mind Map to Microsoft® Outlook. Using the MindView built-in Gantt view, you can use the familiar Gantt chart representation while making use of all of the standard project management features.
The MindView Gantt view empowers project managers and anyone involved in project planning to manage their project schedules from start to finish with maximum efficiency.
Once your schedule is established, MindView lets you track the status of your project as it progresses by allowing you to view the entire project timeline, examine the critical path, assign priorities, set completion values, check deadlines and milestones and avoid scheduling conflicts.
MindView even lets you export your project plans to Microsoft® Project for further development or to share them with other project managers. The MindView XML Import feature allows you to convert third-party file formats to the Mind Map format even if you donA?t own these third-party software applications.
MatchWare MindView provides an effective collaboration tool by seamlessly integrating with MS Office, offering innovative views such as the Timeline view, and allowing easy distribution with a free viewer and advanced print functions. No need to recreate data when you want to hand out planning session notes or immediately pull together PowerPoint presentations. With a single click of your mouse, switch from the Gantt Chart view back to the Mind Map view or to the Project Timeline view.
MatchWare MindView's print function allows you to spread your project plan over as many pages as you like and then print it as a large poster.
It offers all the flexibility, speed, power and security a large corporation needs- at a price even a small business can afford!
Creating an activity list for a typical project allows you to identify and define all the activities to be undertaken to initiate, plan, implement and close the project. Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation.
Designing an organizational chart that identifies roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. Writing a proposal document that summarizes the project and inquires the sponsor for necessary investments. Reviewing lessons learned from previous projects (if any) to gain valued expertise and knowledge for your present project. Creating a team composition chart that includes roles and names of peoples involved in the implementation process. Designing a change management plan that explores a mechanism of defining, approving and implementing project changes and updates. Defining quality assurance and control activities that identify how to keep the project and its results relevant to project requirements. Developing the project schedule that defines time required for implementing the project, along with activity durations and milestones. Designing a training plan that explores methods and techniques of staff training and development. Developing cost estimates that define how much funding will be required to perform the project and complete its goals and objectives. Making a risk management plan that specifies processes and tools for analyzing and managing threats and uncertainties.
Developing a communications management plan that explains how communications between stakeholders should be established and managed.
Designing a project management plan that defines key activities for managing the project and its content. Communicating with the team and other stakeholders to get their feedback and keep the project up-to-date.
Reviewing status of project deliverables to ensure they are produced according to acceptance criteria.

Performing a post implementation review to confirm the project has reached its goals and objectives and that deliverables are produced.
Conducting lessons learned exercises to document successful experience and practice of the project. Can be used for project planning and scheduling and up to project and task progress tracking. It captures the tasks for each project along with task estimates, durations, dependencies, and start dates. ConceptDraw PRO provides export of vector graphic multipage documents into multiple file formats: vector graphics (SVG, EMF, EPS), bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), web documents (HTML, PDF), PowerPoint presentations (PPT), Adobe Flash (SWF). Shareme is a dedicated internet portal bringing users the latest shareware & freeware from the world's best Software Authors. Contractor project management software is a combination of time and task management tools to help subcontractors and construction companies to collaborate and work on common projects together.
Such software can be used in IT projects, engineering projects, construction projects, etc. Project management software for developers helps establish collaboration between programmers, testers, quality engineers and other personnel committed to IT projects. Project management software architects solutions will be best for managing budgets of construction projects and controlling spending. It is a client-server solution that supports user collaboration allowing your team to share project data and work on common goals.
This allows you to create most of your project plan in the Mind Map view and then simply switch to the Gantt view for fine-tuning.
You can also import existing task lists from Outlook into MindView and synchronize versions of the same task list stored in both MindView and Outlook to eliminate redundancies. You can also import existing project schedules into MindView directly from Microsoft Project or via the Microsoft Project XML format, in order to take full advantage of MindView´s Mind Mapping and brainstorming capabilities.
Conversely, the XML Export feature lets you integrate MindView documents with other applications by simply implementing a transformation file. With one click of your mouse, MindView allows you to convert your Mind Map to an outline in Word or to a finalized PowerPoint presentation. This lets you present your project plan visually to audiences unfamiliar with Gantt charts. This is an easy and effective way to present your professional Gantt chart at your next meeting!
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Shareme allows Shareware & Freeware Authors to submit their latest wares, so you the user are able to download their latest software updates all the time, after they are released!
By means of subcontractor project management software, construction businesses earn a competitive edge because they can combine their latest technologies with the best PM practices.
As many IT project management software reviews show, IT projects today become more popular because the IT industry rapidly grows and the number of software companies becomes higher.
Architect project management software helps solve critical issues associated with out-of-schedule delivery, downtime, absence of workers, and others.
Task information such as resources, duration and priorities can also easily be applied directly onto your Mind Map.
Your final Gantt chart can then easily be printed or integrated with Microsoft® Project.
While brainstorming, you can add any number of branches and sub-branches to your Mind Map to represent different ideas or tasks, enter notes and comments, and even attach relevant files to any branch.
Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. The gap between plans and results will be bridged, and budgets, HR resources and time will be used better.
You can even import Word and PowerPoint files into MindView when you want to see an overview of your project. Simply specify how many pages your Project Timeline, Gantt chart or Mind Map should use, check the preview and click the Print button.

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