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We have so many insights that couldn’t fit into the PMBR otherwise we would have ended up with a weighty tome! Large organizations often employ project managers to facilitate communication between groups or departments when collaborating on a certain project.
The project manager, as well as those with management occupations, gets paid around $108,570 or $52.20 per hour, according to the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics (OES). On the other hand, a construction project manager’s salary in 2011 was $84,240, with the highest paid manager receiving around $149,070. The BLS reported that the highest paying state in the US for those in the management occupation is New York that paid an average salary of $134,490 in 2012. Managers in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA were paid the most with an average salary of $151,370. Based on salary reports from Indeed, a construction project manager gets paid around $78,000. A senior project manager receives a median salary of $99,834 with their salary ranging from $77,741 to $121,928, according to PayScale. The junior project manager’s salary ranges from $33,647 to $71,972, with the median salary being $48,485. The technical project manager’s salary is between $53,795 and $131,213, based on PayScale survey reports. Based on Indeed’s salary reports, an infrastructure project manager’s salary in Canada is around C$87,000, which is similar to that of an engineering manager.
Project managers with less than four years of experience are usually compensated with an annual pay of AU$49,662 to AU$114,441, while those with five to nine years make AU$60,843 to AU$144,142. PayScale surveys showed that the median salary of an IT project manager is around R432,969, with the salary range being R190,587 to R793,029.
On the other hand, the salary of a construction project manager is between R141,964 and R750,289.
For an IT project manager, the salary ranges from Rs857,134 to Rs2,203,192, with the median salary being Rs1,509,881. On the other hand, an engineering project manager’s yearly pay is between Rs447,544 and Rs2,060,426. Those who are working in the information communication and technology industry make around NZ$94,000 per year. Project managers who are working in the construction industry receive around NZ$55,000 to NZ$135,000 a year. To become a project manager, one has to complete a bachelor’s degree in management, business, or similar field.
According to BLS, the management occupation can earn professionals an average of $108,570 per year with the pay per hour being $52.20. The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is one of the most well known and recognizable certs within the IT industry today. Information technology (IT) project managers lead their technical team(s) in design and development tasks. For IT Senior Project Managers, Capgemini hands out the highest paychecks — $163K on average — relative to the national average of $104K per year. The program project manager is a title held by higher-level staff in various industries, although the title is most commonly found in the finance and information technology sectors. Compensation for IT Program Managers in the United States is generous, with average pay surpassing six figures annually ($116K).
An information technology (IT) program manager is an administrative position for a company with an IT department. Engineering Project Managers in the United States with more than 10 years of experience in their profession represent a little more than half of Engineering Project Managers. When we talk about 90% chances of minimizing the risks of failure of this exam, it is only possible by preparing the exam with the most updated material. The company founded in 1985, has total assets of RMB1.52 billion, occupies a total area of 800,000 square meters, and employs 3,000 staff members, including 98 senior engineers and technicians and 319 mid-level engineers and technicians. This is the most comprehensive report we have released in relation to project management salaries and has been put together following the release of the Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) at the beginning of the year.

So here is the Project Management Salary Guide which takes an indepth look into how project management salaries and rates are impacted by areas such as education level, the accreditations they undertake, even the type of projects they manage.
You can find out more about Arras People and follow me on Twitter and Google I also write the careers column for PMI's Network magazine and other project management organisations too. These manager has duties and responsibilities vary based on the project that he is overseeing. Basically, they are liaisons who serve as the connection between groups when it comes to exchanging evaluations and feedback. Those in New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ area received around $149,240, while those in San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA took home $142,570. One who is responsible for Project Oversite earns a bit less at around $73,000, while a project manager engineer makes more at around $101,000.
Someone who is working in the construction industry can earn around $32,920 to $74,269, with the median pay being $50,954. Aside from the basic salary that is between $36,061 and $70,171, there is also a bonus that may amount to $7,450.
Their survey showed that the top 10% of the project management jobs pay more than ?108,000, while the lowest 10% earn less than ?35,000 per year.
The managers in the South East receive ?65,000 per year, while those in the East of England and the Yorkshire and The Humber areas take home ?55,000. There is also a bonus of Rs19,483 to Rs390,461, profit sharing that ranges from Rs20,425 to Rs405,921, and commissions that may amount to Rs253,419. This is the total of the basic salary, which ranges from Rs404,704 to Rs1,938,977, bonus of up to Rs227,388, commission of up to Rs320,556, and profit sharing of up to Rs239,26 combined. The bottom 25% of only take home NZ$75,000, while the highest paid managers make around NZ$120,000 per year. Others go on to get a master’s degree in project management, earning them a Project Management Professional, Certified Associate in Project Management, and similar credentials awarded by the Project Management Institute. The top 10% make more than $135,620, while the lowest earning project managers receive less than $46,000. According to the Feb 2015 update of PMI Today, there are 615,006 people worldwide who actively hold the PMP certification. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career.
They assist test teams in their efforts to create test plans, and they make sure that the software quality is up to par.
Depending on the field a manager is in, the title is usually an appointment for a project that has a specific time limit. This position incorporates elements of managerial work and technical skill, with the manager directing a team of IT specialists. This study routine should be combined with solving the exam practice test questions so that you get familiar with the format of the Project Management Certification exam.
One thing that is common though is that their main role is to plan and implement projects on without wasting any resources as much as possible. They are responsible for helping the groups come up with realistic goals while making sure that these goals were made after taking the limitations into consideration. Project managers and other types of managers working in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT and Framingham, MA NECTA areas were paid around $140,840 and $137,480. Managers with less than a year of experience make around $30,201 to $88,228, while those with over 20 years in the business receive around $66,019 to $138,853.
Their basic pay starts at $39,048 with the highest paid associate project manager receiving around $82,474. They have a basic salary of between $53,054 and $123,125, but this is boosted by the addition of a bonus that may reach up to $15,377 and profit sharing that ranges from $1,957 to $31,785. A technical project manager takes home C$79,000, a bit higher than that of a construction project manager’s salary, which is C$65,000. Their basic salary actually ranges from AU$54,146 to AU$134,653 plus a bonus that may amount to as much as AU$18,740.
The project manager salary ranges from AU$58,734 to AU$170,871 for managers with 10 to 19 years in the business and around AU$61,042 to AU$210,000 for those with over 20 years of experience.

Managers working in the North West, South West, and East Midlands also get compensated around ?50,000 a year. All of these combined leads to a total project manager’s salary of Rs929,682 to Rs2,394,601. Project managers can also get certifications such as Senior Project Manager and Project Manager from organizations like the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management.
Additionally, they coordinate the delivery of development and production releases, making sure that quality assurance standards are met. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Microsoft Project, Leadership, and Strategic Project Management.
However, these managers are usually always presiding over consecutive projects, so when one ends, they will begin working on another; for example, the program project manager could constantly work in software development in developing new products and updating products. The most important factor affecting compensation for this group is the particular firm, followed by years of experience and geography. A typical day for an IT program manager include meetings with subordinates, general oversight of the IT workspace, and collaboration with other departments. In the world of Engineering Project Managers, total cash compensation can vary between $57K and $131K.
Another major responsibility handed over to project managers is to do the planning complete with the timelines and budget as well as contingencies in case of problems. The project manager’s salary ranges from $54,391 to $109,191, while that of a manager with 10 to 19 years is between $66,738 and $124,132. The District of Columbia and Rhode Island paid the managers around $129,610 and $122,320 per year, respectively.
An IT project manager salary is around C$80,000 and it is C$10,000 more for a senior project manager. However, they also receive bonuses of up to R60,442, profit sharing of up to R183,831, and commissions that may be around R9,000. Programs in courses relevant to project management often include courses such as risk management, cost-benefit analysis, general business skills, statistics, and IT.
IT project managers create and maintain project plans to ensure timely completion of tasks, major project milestones, and resource allocation.
Most report receiving medical coverage from their employers and a large number collect dental insurance. Each package generally includes bonuses and profit sharing proceeds, and in exceptional cases, those amounts can reach heights of $15K and $10K, respectively. Glassdoor, on the other, reported the median project manager salary to be lower at around $81,411. A project manager also follows the progress of the project by giving a regular status update, be it daily, weekly or monthly.
Project managers with more than 20 years of experience get paid around $70,422 to $134,640 per year. Work is enjoyable for IT Program Managers, who typically claim high levels of job satisfaction. The most important factor affecting compensation for this group is the particular firm, followed by experience level and geography. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed an even higher average salary for project manager, around $108,570.
The bureau also projected a 17% growth in the demand for management positions from 2010 to 2020. Keep reading for more information about project manager salary and career requirements. Once they find something wrong with the process, they can choose to have those inefficiencies eliminated and replaced by more effective processes.
Getting feedback from everyone in the groups is also something that a project manager must do before wrapping up a project. There are far more male Engineering Project Managers survey respondents than women, making up 87 percent.

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