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IBN Web Project Management Software is a web-based and complex collaborative project & task and issues management application. IBN portal provides you with a cost-effective and flexible approach to repeating success and re-using a unified system to consolidate corporate information into a single web portal! All these years of growing and progressing project planning techniques, there are various short hand methods and techniques which help you to quickly take pointed information and utilize it to find the efficiency and effectiveness of devised plan.
For all these reasons, planning is the first and most accompanied portion of total working in which you have to review available sources and deadlines and then plan the task roles and duties for the available man power accordingly.
Since there are many different kinds of project management software tools, we here are concerned about those particular ones which are dedicatedly helpful for construction projects. Like many other, this software is based on multi-client project management features to monitor the working of more than one project at a time.
The vector stencils library Project management is included in the Business and Finance solution from Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Use it to quick draw illustrations, diagrams and infographics for your business, financial and project management documents, presentations and websites. Merlin is the leading professional project management solution which delivers the tools necessary to manage any project on time and on budget. Good project management requires a 360-degree perspective, and Merlin allows you to work on your project from whichever point of view you want. Merlin allows you to search through your project using as much or as little information as you've got. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Our last blog talked about how project management was used to grow the business of an architectural firm back in the 1930s, when there was no standardized project management processes, computers, software or the internet. However, a lot of organizations are still using individual copies of MS Project desktop to manage project schedules and Excel to manage resources and analyze data. These were some of the challenges one of Project Insight’s clients was facing and the reasons why they chose to get PMP certification for their team, in order to implement a more formal project management process and also to implement project management software.

The goal of this client is to grow their staffing levels and ensure that their resources are comfortably booked with tasks.
However, even after they got their team trained on project management concepts and implemented project management processes, they still weren’t achieving the efficiencies they needed.
The team also had no centralized list of what they were working on, so they didn’t know what work was scheduled.
Seeking to the capacities and range of each employee, you can evade any unnecessary approach to remove any possible threat. Below here are some of the top and highly preferred software applications for this purpose which you use and get best projected results over the basis of available data.
Best of all, Merlin is intuitive, easy to use and offers a variety of options to help you plan, take control, collaborate and complete your project successfully. Enter your activities and link them in the Activities View, add your resources in the Resources View, and see who is doing what in the Utilization View.
Inspector is context sensitive, offering you the relevant information for each selected item. Merlin offers extensive financial capabilities and full costing engine for successfully driving projects within budget.
A search field integrated into the toolbar for each section allows you to perform straightforward searches or to define more complex search parameters, which can be saved and accessed again later. The Merlin QuickStart Guide provides a simple, step-by-step overview to help you get quickly on your way with Merlin.Download the Merlin QuickStart Guide (PDF). Organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI) have standardized project management processes and methodologies. Project documentation is stored on file servers in directories and communication is done through email or phone, making it difficult to see all information about a project in one place.
Duplicate data entry was required to move data from team members (their time) to project managers, and then to the accounting software system. Management couldn’t easily track what tasks were completed and what needed to be done, so they had no way of knowing if the project was on track or not.

Our client needed project and portfolio management software to tie it all together and make it visible for everyone in real-time. With the Inspector, you see only what you need to see, reducing workspace clutter and information overload associated with other project management applications.
Merlin helps drive the approval and budgeting process up through the allocation of budgets for phases and activities, whether it be a top down or bottom up process, in both percentage and absolute terms. The Library helps you store resources and construct complex projects using snippets of information you have stored.
If some of that time wasn’t tracked, or was missed or lost, it could result in staff not being paid properly. Communications were stored on individuals email systems and conversations weren’t being tracked either. Merlin supports the comparison of planned and real values across different cost categories (process costs, element costs and resource costs) can be given.
The Library also contains all addresses (from the Address Book, LDAP, and MS Entourage) that can used in establishing your available resources for a project.
Project management software, like Project Insight for example, is available in the marketplace and data can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere with wireless communications and the internet.
If one of the team members were away, then no one knew what was going on with their piece of the project and no one could pick it up. Perhaps more importantly, it made their employees feel happier and more secure, knowing what was expected of them.

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