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Learn all at once or five minutes at a time, anywhere, anytime with Microsoft Official training On-Demand (aka MOC On-Demand). Now you can build Microsoft technical expertise while balancing the demands of your schedule. Mobile devices are changing the way people go about their day to day activities, as well as how they work. Microsoft recently released a report on the risks that enterprises will face by not migrating to a new operating system.
If you are serious about building a successful career in the IT field, then you should definitely consider earning one or more IT certifications.
Data is one of the most valuable resources to an organization, and because of advances in technology, data access, entry, tracking, and analysis have become easier and more efficient over the years.
IT Certifications can help IT professionals get ahead in their careers, assist those entering the IT field to land a job, and provide knowledge to accel on the job. Project Management is a highly sought after skill that encompasses many different skill-sets including, organization, leadership, and time and resource management. MOC On-Demand on Learn all at once or five minutes at a time, anywhere, anytime with New MOC On-DemandTanya Ruff on Can you hack it?
The Certified Project Management Specialist (CPMS) is a professional certification tailored to fit the schedules of busy professionals. Master’s Certificate Credit: This program counts as one of the core course requirements for the Master’s Certificate in Business Management.
Advance your project management career by learning project management fundamentals, best practices, and strategies.
Guaranteed Value: We are so confident that you will greatly benefit from our career coaching, practical training modules, and resume improvement from completing our programs that we offer a 100% money back refund policy. Have you ever walked into an auto parts shop trying to find the exact part(s) it takes to fix something on your car and the sales representative is not knowledgeable enough to answer your questions and provide you with good customer service to fix your vehicle? Not only may they not be able to provide you with the parts necessary, but most likely they cannot answer any questions that you may have on how to install the parts?
The majority of these workers are becoming more computer dependent, as they cannot think or act without an input from the computer.  This lack of training is becoming a common practice today in different industries, as organizations are looking for ways to decrease costs and increase revenue, so training gets pushed down lower and lower on the priority list.
A large portion of company resources go into projects, so knowing that your project manager has the proper skill-set necessary to improve the success of a given project should be an easy choice.
Often, project managers are promoted into the position based of their technical ability or their past performance they have shown, but they may be lacking necessary cross-functional team management skills. Few organizations offer project management training programs and even fewer are requiring an internal or external certification, so this raises concern as organizations are most likely not seeing the benefits from this medley of training that could have been achieved when compared with a more focused and comprehensive approach.
In a 1999 survey conducted by Tippett and Peter’s, only about half of the respondents indicated that their project managers had any type of management training prior to taking on their management responsibilities.

In another survey conducted by Crawford and Gaynor, only 12.4% of their sample set had any kind of certification or registration in project management. Why is training important to move from an accidental project manager to certified, formally trained project manager? Before you start thinking, all is lost, there are several options your organization can look into doing to increase success! In essence, by increasing the tools found in a project manager’s toolbox is key to this approach. Take myself for example, several years back, my immediate manager assigned me to a project, reviewed the requirements and vision for the end goal, and was then told to run with it. In taking on this project, I felt I possessed strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills through my past experiences running group projects for school and my non-profit organizations.
I decided to take it upon myself to purchase project management books, read articles, ask other experienced project managers several questions, and read other project manager’s blogs to provide me with helpful resources in managing a project.
In the end, the project had a successful rollout, but could not have happened without the help of some great mentors and resources I was provided.  I did learned a lot from this experience, but feel that I could have done better job, if I could have formal training to help set me up for success in the beginning stages. Your organization could look into implementing a development program model, using the PMBOK guide, along with the company’s own needs and methodology. This program would be much more than training, but a development program that includes practice and mentoring.  This type of program can increase the project manager’s confidence to perform their job with the tools and experiences they learned throughout the program.
If your organization is paying for any courses, the organization has the responsibility to ensure the programs are complete, focused, and relevant to skill-building needs of the individual, in addition to being aligned with the business strategy and goals of the organization. So is training worth the investment?  After taking a formal project management course at my local university, I have found that proper training, reading books, and having several project manager mentors at work have really helped me along the way to become a better project manager. Lisa Drake, MBA is a Technical Project Manager for International Game Technology (IGT), which is a lending company specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of computerized gaming equipment, software, and network systems worldwide. She manages a diverse project portfolio for IGT, which includes their customer promotions, gambling machine and spare part pricing, along with SAP technical projects. One of her latest projects she is passionately working on is starting her own business called Holcomb Ranch Honey, where she will be producing honey and gifts to sell locally and online. The truth is there is probably as much training available on project management as there is on any leadership topic or skill I could ever write about here. There is plenty of training available, plenty of experience with it, plenty of knowledge available.
If you are shaking your head and wishing the projects in your organization were going better, read on. Do you think that if they had a bigger picture they might be able to operate within the project more successfully?
So we send leaders to project management training, and we spend money to certify project managers, and while that is all good, are we giving those people in the trenches the skills they need to work inside those projects? The answers to these questions are that you would have a more successful project this time and with every future project.

The truth is there is probably as much training available on project management as there is on any leadership topic or skill I could ever write about here.
TechSherpas, your Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, is now offering Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand). The new operating system is the perfect platform that combines the strengths of Windows 7 and 8. With our 100% online learning platform and multimedia study materials; this program provides participants with our easy-to-access and revolutionary training platform. Completing the program allows you to add the Certified Project Management Specialist (CPMS) to your resume and bio to show that you have passed our examination as evidence of your knowledge of business management knowledge. If you change your mind about completing our programs for any reason at all within the first 7 weeks after registering just email us and you will get your full money back in 1 business day. You can also contact an enrollment advisor Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) at (503) 922-2752.
Our Project Management class includes both class room sessions and hands on program by consideration of an example of real time projects. I want to talk about how we use the skills and experience we have and the training that is available to us to make a difference in how successful our projects are.
You may be getting fired up to attend a new project management workshop, which might be fine, but you have likely already attended some in the past, right?
What if your project teams understood the tools you rolled out to them rather than you giving them the quick overview in a project meeting? Take some time this week to think about what skills could help your project teams succeed at higher levels.
This platform includes audio interviews with industry experts, instructional videos covering the best practices, fundamentals and insights.
Give us a test drive by registering today and you will see why over 3,000 participants like you have completed our training programs.
In fact, my observation is that even with all of that training, experience and knowledge, most organizations aren’t getting much better at delivering projects on time and on budget.
What if your project team members had some additional skills in prioritizing their work as they balance project work and their “regular jobs?” What if you entrusted project team members with a more significant piece of the work, because you knew they had the skills to manage it?
Oh, and by the way, the effort (and more importantly the results) will make you look good too.

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