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The Blot Property System is an integrated application for property management companies and letting agents that handles promotion of your rental properties AND back-end management of the properties, certificates, leases, tenants and landlords. The system is web-based and is driven by an extremely comprehensive property database, which can contain over 100 pieces of information about each property. Whenever you login to the system, you will get a report showing you any certificates that need to be renewed in the next 21 days. For each lease, you can see each of the tenants on that lease, with contact details, references etc. The management system is straightforward to use and information is retrieved in a fraction of the time needed to fetch papers from filing cabinets. To learn how the Blot Property system can get your properties under control and showcase them on your website at the same time, please contact us today.
Showcase your properties properly, with as many photographs as you need - each property can have an unlimited number of photos assigned to it.
We provide commercial and residential property management services to investment property owners. We just had a very upset tenant leave our office because they felt that replacing a broken window screen should be addressed immediately and was a habitability issue. Barrett PM is Located at 101 Providence Mine Road, Suite 103B in the Providence Park Plaza in Nevada City, CA.
Do you want a property management company that gets you results and a property manager that gives you good feedback?
Lifestyle specializes in property management of homes, condos, apartment buildings and commercial properties in Western North Carolina. Lifestyle Property Management exists to provide reliable, high quality, responsive property management, based on accurate accounting and leasing practices, that will bring about the highest possible return on your property investment.
We treat each property as if it were our own, knowing that you have entrusted it to our care—whether it’s a small apartment, a house or a multi-unit property.
You’ll find an exceptionally low vacancy rate thanks, in large part, to our professional leasing staff.
Lifestyle will create your listing, offer up-to-date rental availability on our website and market available properties in print and electronic media.
We provide a comparative market analysis of current rent rates, ensuring that you price your property at the ideal rate. Our office strives for quick turnaround using insured third party contractors from our approved vendor list. We will pay tax, utility, mortgage, HOA dues for a nominal fee, saving you the time and hassle.

All financial activity is tracked, and expert staff generate reports and include them in the monthly owner’s statement.
We manage and reduce the risks to the landlord, and use all of the most current rental forms to best protect our clients.
We perform frequent exterior visual inspections, and can execute a detailed property inspection to determine any property needs. Lifestyle will return calls promptly, do what we say we are going to do consistently, and listen.
Lifestyle Property Management currently manages apartment buildings of all sizes, homeowners associations and single family homes. Lifestyle will gladly pay a referral fee to any agent who refers a client who lists or signs a lease with us.
In short, we have the infrastructure to market your apartment, house or villa for holiday makers in Cape Town on our site and be hands on with the entire process.
We also have a decor specialist that can assist you in creating a holiday environment which the guests will want to return to time and time again. Our reservation division handles short term holiday bookings as well as the reservations of Shuttles and Tours where requested. We are totally committed to providing home owners with high quality and professional services.
Our company therefore eliminates the need to call a general handyman, a plumber, an electrician, a cleaner, a gardener, a laundry mat, a design specialist or any other specialist you may need to maintain or beautify your home. We provide all home maintenance and management services to you through one company, one call. Our property management software is a Microsoft Access based database software for rental or properties management. Urgent Issues dashboard will display all the urgent issues and service appointment information. If you have property management business, then this property management software fits your business exactly.
Our mission is to build the easiest to use property management software for property managers and real estate investors. Save time by using a pre-designed property management software template for your business use. Saving money by spending your time on how to run your business instead design property management software. Avoid for buying other expensive property managing tool or hire outside consulting for your business.

No learning curve, If you know how to use Access, you know how to use our property management software. Find a HomeCommercial RentalsLifestyle Property Management is a full service commercial real estate rental firm based in Asheville, NC. Lifestyle expert staff are always available to provide excellent customer support to you and to your tenants, by answering questions, doing inspections, handling maintenance requests and resolving any concerns.
Each staff member is trained to comply with all applicable statutes and regulations, keeping your investment safe. We’ll also post “For Rent” signs at your property, with a link to your page on our website and list your property on the MLS.
We screen every tenant before placing, obtain credit information from all three of the major credit reporting agencies, and contact the applicant’s current and previous landlord as well as employer. To serve our clients better and faster, the firm uses a North Carolina General Contractors License to pull permits when needed.
Reports contain year-to-date totals and percentages, which make it easier to prepare taxes and to monitor cash flow progress throughout the year. We offer several marketing and property management services and to make your life easier and at the same time make your property work for you.
Thus adding value to your investment, so that your apartment of villa is in a suitable condition for generating income. Our knowledge, expertise and professionalism will ensure the safe handling, security and productivity of your rental property. We also include a general ledger and copies of all invoices in the monthly statement package. These services and costs can be tailored around you and your holiday property by negotiation. The ultimate goal is to maintain the highest standard of property maintenance, reliable tenant selection and effective marketing, resulting in a cash-positive investment. We have none of the employee and personnel hassles that can plague larger property management companies.

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