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An end-to-end solution that streamlines the property and financial management aspects of the commercial real estate lifecycle to help you enhance the underlying value of your portfolio. From commercial real estate owners with small portfolios to large global enterprises, Yardi Voyager® combines property management and accounting with ownership, financials, budgets, forecasts, construction, and maintenance for a holistic view of your portfolio. The Voyager lease administration system forms the backbone of the commercial billing process, which accommodates indexation, complex recoveries, retail overages, multi-currency leases, and more. Critical dates, tasks, and notifications are an integral part of the Voyager lease management system. In addition, you can use tasks and email notifications to perform valuable internal audit functions. Allow your residents to make convenient payments online, via text message, and in person at participating retailers. Increase resident satisfaction and maximize cash flow with Yardi Payment Processing™, which includes four payment processing options for multifamily property management. Online Payments supports paperless, self-service rent payments for your residents, with a recurring payment option. Our Walk-In Payment System (WIPS) allows residents to pay rent in cash at over 20,000 participating retail locations.
CHECKscan eliminates trips to the bank, lost checks, and manual keying errors, and also reduces NSF risk.
H&H will also adopt Yardi Commercial Leasing Pad™, an automated, fully mobile solution that shortens leasing cycles by combining contact and prospect management with portfolio health analytics. H&H Investment and Development is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based firm that offers its clients integrated turnkey real estate solutions ranging from development management of large technical projects to full property management services, procurement of FFE and Interior Design. Now in its fourth decade, Yardi® is committed to the design, development and support of software for real estate investment management and property management. Leverage the Yardi Voyager® Residential platform to streamline single family home management — and gain complete visibility and control.
Yardi Voyager® Single Family Homes leverages the industry’s leading multifamily business platform: Yardi Voyager Residential.
Voyager Single Family Homes provides quick setup tools and automated workflows modeled on industry-standard best practices.
The Single Family Homes Dashboard instantly displays details about leased and occupied properties, available and on-hold properties, resident charges and receipts, property traffic, maintenance tasks, and more. Convert more leads into leases, improve retention, gain visibility into your leasing office, and maximize marketing ROI. Promptly turn leads into leases, gain visibility into the performance of your leasing team, and identify the most effective advertising sources for your properties. With PopCard, automated workflows channel daily leasing and CRM activities into one integrated, transparent system — so you have total visibility into your leasing office. Analytic reporting on agent performance, property positioning, and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns provides timely information to effectively manage your leads and contacts, sign more leases, and improve your team’s performance. Yardi Voyager® is a fully integrated business-wide software solution for office and industrial real estate management. You can easily expand Voyager Commercial with smart additions from the Yardi Commercial Suite and develop a diverse range of high-value services and best-in-class operations that enhance customer experience, promote growth, and drive returns all from a single business-wide solution.
Engage in highly effective planning processes by delivering budget projections with increased accuracy and the ability to make quick, accurate, flexible forecasts.
Schedule, track and manage all preventative, routine and emergency maintenance from your desktop or mobile device – and gain modules for managing inspections, fixed assets, and inventory control at no extra cost. A unique combination of dynamic, personalised online marketing and tenant service portals that enhance your marketing efforts and deliver unrivalled customer services. Shorten the leasing lifecycle and drive greater efficiency with a fully mobile solution that combines contact and prospect management with portfolio health analytics and business intelligence. Easily create simple-to-use dashboards to analyse the operational and financial health of your entire portfolio.
Yardi Procure to Pay™ streamlines and automates your accounts payable process, so you can reduce costs, work more efficiently, and focus on your clients.

Yardi SaaS utilises more than 10 data centres around the world to enable faster, best practice based deployment of our latest platforms. Share your skills with other users, draw on their expertise, and provide united feedback for feature development.
As daily users, our clients play a crucial role in the development and enhancement of our products. User groups help members, both new and expert, share their interests, knowledge, and skills with Yardi products, as well as discuss unique applications used in individual environments. Voyager is an end-to-end commercial property and financial management platform for office, retail, and industrial real estate, automating processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics.
The automated leasing workflow allows lease administrators to set up terms of complicated industrial, office, and retail leases and amendments, while reviewers can compare the abstract to the actual legal documentation before activation. You can configure the varying numerators and denominators, base years, caps, gross-ups, and management fees for the terms defined in the lease. Dates and tasks are integrated into the user’s dashboard, so that important deadlines are never missed. It allows you to create customized invoices, statements, collection letters, prospect letters of intent, as well as owner and investor reporting packages.
The tenant retail parameters allow you to easily define sales types and reporting and billing frequencies and breakpoints, including an automatic calculation of natural breakpoints. Automate rent processing and eliminate bank runs for your staff to save time and maximize cash flow. Yardi Online Payments™, Walk-in Payment System (WIPS®), Yardi CHECKscan™, and RENTCafe® TextPay™ integrate with Yardi Voyager® to streamline rent collection, cut operational costs, and reduce processing errors. Residents can log in at any time, view their account balances, and pay rent directly from a bank account (ACH payment) or with a credit card.
Simply bulk scan batches of personal, corporate, bill pay, and cashier’s checks and money orders to greatly reduce processing time. Voyager will enable faster and more efficient execution of property operation strategies, will help drive improved analysis and decision-making, and will deliver maximum transparency across our business. H&H approaches every project with intuition and avant-garde concepts that break from normality and challenge the conventional to make a positive impact and reflect the collective expression of an international society. With the Yardi Commercial Suite™, Yardi Residential Suite™, Yardi Investment Suite™ and Yardi Orion™ Business Intelligence, the Yardi Voyager® platform is a complete real estate management solution. When you add Single Family Homes to Voyager, you’ll gain unprecedented insight not only into your single family properties but also into your entire portfolio — with role-based dashboards, real-time reporting, and all the tools you need to manage single family properties seamlessly and profitably. Once a prospect becomes a resident, the resident record is automatically populated by the guest card. Analytic reporting combining real-time data — including rent roll, deposit accounting, gross potential rent, traffic, and conversion ratios — provides unprecedented business intelligence, so property owners, managers, and investors can make better decisions, improve communication, and maximize operational efficiency. Fully integrated with Yardi Voyager®, Yardi Call Center™ and Yardi LeasingPad™, Yardi PopCard™ automatically delivers vital lead information directly to your desktop or tablet. PopCard tracks your advertising sources with complete accuracy to reveal how your marketing dollars are performing. With PopCard, your staff instantly knows the contact’s advertising source, phone number or email address, and guides them step-by-step with daily task alerts to assist leads efficiently from end to end. With PopCard analytics, you can turn accurate data into actionable information that increases your ROI. It is a property, asset and financial management system built on a single platform with portfolio-wide access to real-time information with drill down. Once you standardise operations on Voyager Commercial, you can deliver end-to-end efficiencies and obtain a 360 view of your business with comprehensive front office and back office functionality and unprecedented business intelligence.
Gain spend management with approval workflows, electronic invoice processing and payments, reporting, and analytics. To give our users the greatest possible support and to facilitate the exchange of information, Yardi encourages the development of active local User Groups.
A user group provides a professional forum to exchange experience and ideas with peers and helps promote uniform and focused input to software developers.

If there is not a current group in your local area, we would be more than happy to assist you in starting a new group by identifying and alerting our clients in your area that you are interested in starting a local user group. Enabling faster and more efficient execution of property operation strategies, Voyager helps drive improved analysis and decision-making and delivers maximum transparency across your business.
And because the calculations differ for each tenant, Voyager eliminates the daunting job of reconciling all variables and compiles an accurate accounting of what your tenants owe. Templates merge with lease data, reports, and graphs; the generated documents can be automatically emailed, printed, or saved as PDFs. Your residents can conveniently pay rent online, via text, or at participating retailers, and your staff can quickly bulk scan and digitize rent payments made with checks and money orders. Online payments are entered directly into Voyager, with automatic deposits and easy bank reconciliation. Immediate confirmation is provided to residents making text payments from a bank account or credit card. CHECKscan creates receipt batches in Voyager for all items and permanently stores the image files — so you don’t need to make copies. Voyager will also give us the integrated platform that we need for efficient management of our residential, commercial, retail and homeowner association assets,” said Mr.
Through this niche approach H&H meets its clients’ goals and aspirations by balancing tangible and non-tangible aspects of a project which ensures its success. It includes operations, accounting and services with portfolio-wide business intelligence and platform-wide mobility.
Systematic controls let you seamlessly process resident information from leasing and renewal through move out — so you can work smarter than ever. As a result, you can capture and track every lead efficiently, make your advertising more productive, and cost-effectively increase conversion rates.
Input from our user community is of paramount importance in helping us continue to build state of the art products that are both feature-rich and cost-effective. Our corporate office accomplishes this through mailings that provide your company, name, and phone number as the point of contact for anyone interested in joining your group. The billing results are invoiced to your tenant in an easy-to-understand format that helps reduce tenant billing disputes and increase cash flow. Retail analytics provide up-to-the-minute reporting on sales, including MTD, YTD, Moving Annual Total (MAT) comparisons and tenant occupancy costs. ACH payments are sent to your bank via EFT the next day; credit card payments are processed within 2-4 days. Rent payments are automatically entered into Voyager, improving operational efficiencies while increasing resident satisfaction by providing an in-demand mobile service. Payments are transferred electronically to your financial institution the next day, optimizing your cash flow.
Yardi serves clients worldwide from offices in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.
Centralizing your single family homes data, along with your portfolio-wide information, gives you total transparency. Such mailings have been instrumental in bringing users together for the formation of existing user groups. Electronic payment confirmations available in Voyager next day; funds made available within three business days. If you would like us to create a mailing on your behalf, please contact Alyssa Ohman for more information.

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