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Firstly, go to your website and have a look at some of the words on your pages or perhaps your page title.
Now type your main topic into the Google search box or if your still not sure of your keywords, type in words that describe your business in the same sort of detail that someone searching for your business online would use.
Now take action by ensuring that you make one page per related topic and add really useful content on each of these pages (pictures of what the page is about, descriptions, a clear call to action of what you’d like people to do) in other words educate you clients about what you do using Google's suggestions. That way, Google is getting a really good feel for what your site is about and it’s relevancy. PMIT inspires, supports and educates property managers with world-class live events, business coaching and mentoring programs. Rents2Riches  specializes in marketing products and coaching specializing in the property management industry. Whether you are a start up or international company, Rents2Riches can help take your property management company to the next level. If you are just starting-up our property management company and you are feeling lost or getting caught up in all of the snags a new business could bring JOIN US!! The Next Level You are already a solidified property management company and have more than 10 full time employees. FANTASTIC WEBINAR!Just viewed the fantastic webinar and would like to get some information on your coaching program.I have read your program at least 4-5 times and everytime I learn something new. I FOUND THE PLAN SO HELPFULI wanted to take the time to write you and just say thank you for the free business plan and for the other info you have sent. I AM CONFIDENT I CAN BE SUCCESSFULThank you so much for all the information you have provided.
EXTREMELY HELPFUL!The information you have provided and the ongoing online web seminars are extremely helpful. I NOW HAVE A SUCCESSFUL  PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANYI purchased your manual last year and used it to layout the steps I needed to build a property managment business.
Did the landlord of the home in San Bernardino, California where the Isis related shooters lived make a million dollar mistake? The purpose of a Routine Inspection is to assess the property for maintenance, damage, future improvement and risk. An inspection is not about tidiness or even cleanliness (unless it is likely to cause damage).
It is not necessary for the tenant to be home when you carry out an inspection, however, it is a great opportunity to meet your tenants and build on your relationship with them if they can be.
In order for a rental property to sustain long term tenant retention and acceptable return on investment it needs to be maintained properly.

A property manager can be very skilled at all the other functions of management, but if you drop the ball when it comes to these types of maintenance, the property will experience a degradation of condition, loss of tenants, and declining rents. Of course it's understood that as a Property Manager you are not a qualified builder or structural engineer, however if you are attending a property to inspect its condition it is your responsibility to ensure that the premises is safe and secure based on your visible inspection. The final aspect to consider during your inspection is how the tenant is taking care of the premises. Dirty ovens that look like they have not been cleaned within the past three months Dirty door tracks, blinds and windows again using the three month rule. Of course some people are untidy which is ok but just point things out if they seem a little too messy or begin obstructing doorways etc. Please email us if you'd like to know more about our Property Management Courses or need any further assistance. Prior to deciding whether the prospective tenant is a good candidate, you’ll need to collect, process, verify and discuss all Applications with the Owner of the property. Keeping in touch with your Owner and Prospective Tenant is important, lets take a look at the key touch points during the Application Process. Number 1 – Always confirm with the Applicant how long it will take to process their application and ensure they have completed all the necessary documentation. Number 7 – Confirm with the Owner either by phone or email when the initial deposit has been paid and the next steps have been taken. If you're like most Property Management businesses your website will have your properties listed, a little bit about who you are, what you do and perhaps some forms you can download but what about SEO?
Now you'll have an interesting website with good SEO that is also valuable for your customers! Our mission is to devote our time in helping other property managers grow their companies into 6 figure profit making businesses in one year or less.
We excel in property management marketing, coaching, client contact, business relations, referrals and much more!! If you are just starting-up our and you are feeling lost or getting caught up in all of the snags a new business could bring JOIN US!! In your program you have a detailed timeline for each day of work and I have it laminated and sitting on my desk to follow each day I work. Just like the free SEO course offered earlier this year, the material presented is useful and professionally prepared. I already had the experience so that was obviously helpfull, but with the help of your program and brochure template I’ve completed all the steps and now have a successfull Property Management company.
The frequency of Routine Inspections allows the Property Manager to track changes and maintenance issues at the property without encroaching on the Tenant’s right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises. It is important to note the purpose of an inspection.

An inspection is the property manager’s opportunity to check for current or potential maintenance issues, report on any damage and organise repair, provide feedback regarding future improvements to the property (replace curtains, freshen up the paint, install a garage) and assess potential risk (stairs, balcony railings, soft floorboards). Preventive and ongoing maintenance to rental properties requires a thorough knowledge of the property and its needs for upkeep. Sometimes the repair is of an emergency nature, such as a blocked drain or no hot water, while at other times these repairs can be scheduled and done efficiently in groups. Items may include, loose handrails, exposed wires or loose light fittings or power points, leaking roofs or basements, cracked tiles where someone could cut themselves, broken or cracked windows can be dangerous, timber deckings with wood rot, unstable balconies and report any other items that stand out as potential risks or danger during your inspection. If the tenant hasn't cleaned it in three months they are not likely to in six when its time to vacate and then you left with the bond which has to go towards a major clean. You’ll need to understand the legislation surrounding privacy and disclosure and also master the art of giving someone the bad news when rejecting applications. That's Search Engine Optimization a fancy word for the way Google ranks your website and how potential clients actually find you online. We offer free resources to help those professionals remove the bottlenecks and get to the next level.
We will walk you thru our step-by-step property management business plan.Join Now!Marketing for More Properties If you managed to work your way through the hurdles a new business can throw at you and you have find yourself stuck with a limited amount of properties, let us show your our Property Management Marketing MasteryJoin Now!
I have grown to 5 Single Family Residence, 1 fourplex and another triplex and single family home in the pipeline for next month.
As the property manager you must balance the costs of routine and preventive maintenance with the benefits and desired results. It is the responsibility of the property manager to know the difference and to serve the needs of the tenants while balancing costs. Once you have shown prospective Tenants through your Rental Property by conducting viewings its time to follow the next step, The Tenancy Application. Managing 10 or more employeesYou are at the top of your game…but then there are always those little bits of information you could use to boost your company to the next level.Join Now! Patrick focuses on your website, your competition and suggests ways to increase your visibility.
All that said, it is time consuming to implement, and if you want to outsource the work, Patrick can help you with that, too.
Not one day has gone by that I have not re-read the material or used a document provided from your program.

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