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During my coaching session with Lixin, I suggested to her to try to visualise the happiest moments she had – which she said were riding on the motor-bike, because she felt liberated.
Steve, whom I coached during a Public Speaking Course (Singapore), was a great technical expert who can have an explanation for anything connected with technology. One of the most common fears shared by my participants in my Public Speaking Course (Singapore and Malaysia) is about their fear of FORGETTING their lines.
Alice attended my Effective Public Speaking Course (Singapore) and she is is not nervous, she has key messages, and she is reasonably competent managing the audience.
But perhaps she has the most serious problem – nobody remembers her after she speaks. I hope your find this coaching useful – please LIKE this article or share it with your friends! Written by Tan Teck Kim, trainer and coach in Effective Presentation Skills Courses, Delivering With Impact workshops. Contact Tan Teck Kim if you wish to enrol of the latest Effective Presentation Skills Course (Singapore) or Impactful Public Speaking Course (Singapore and Malaysia).
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A Simple Technique that will Improve Your Memory so You Never Again Lose Your Train of Thought in a Speech. Graduates of the program come back over and over because there is so much content that is jam-packed into the seminar that every time a participants comes back (with a new level of understanding and experience) they grow more and more!
Each of the events below have limited enrollments available to ensure optimal participation.
Seating is limited in each class, and seats are filled on a first come, first served basis.
We have a number of options to fit every budget including free public speaking tips, self-study online seminars, and in-person public speaking seminars.
BONUS: When you order both one-day seminars together, you also receive the entire Online Seminar for Free! There are several institutions (eg The Asian Parent) that offer training in public speaking for children in Singapore.

All the above courses are highly rated and they serve different audiences and provide different platforms for learning. Get yourself enrolled in any of the public speaking workshops first to decide if you can improve without hiring a public speaking coach as the pricing could be significantly different. Yes we provide highly customised in house training workshops for presentation skills and public speaking. Planned activities with real-world application-interviewing, Prezi presentations, creating positive first impressions. In today’s times, it is extremely important to be skilled in the art of efficient communication. Our introduction to communication theory classes are going to shed light on the main basics which you need to learn. Those who want to perfect the art of spoken and written English can benefit immensely with our video lectures. He has travelled to various parts of Asia to train country managers and executives to deliver impactful presentations. In just a single day, this presentation seminar helps participants gain poise and self-confidence in front of a group! Invoices must be paid no later than 30 days after the completion of the class or the credit card on file will be charged for the tuition. 36 HR Training and Consultancy is specialised in training adults and unfortunately do not train children under 16.
Watch what Warren Buffett said in the video about public speaking training – it might change your life.
With our video lectures, you will be able to hone your English speaking skills and improve the way you speak. Once you have grabbed these main points, you can then move over to video lectures that deal with the fundamentals of public speaking and even communication skills as well. We have video tutorials for crisis communication which will come in handy when you are looking to deal with troublesome situations.
Over the last seven years, we have taught over 1000 public speaking classes in cities all over the world.

All classes are limited enrollment and registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Toastmasters Club in Singapore or British Council of Singapore or Art Of Voice or The Speech Academy Asia or Public Speaking Academy or 36 HR Training and Consultancy? In our communication tutorials, we have covered various diverse aspects that will help you become a great speaker.
Regardless of which field you work in, you will need the best communication skills to excel in your career. Our video lectures shall also cover meeting management issues and thereby help you deal effectively with all the crux situations which you may face. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the self-confidence that we show when we deliver business presentations.
If you are not sure of your English speaking skills, you can make use of our video tutorials. A person who can stand in front of a group, with poise and self-confidence, can immediately create the perception of competency. Because the class space is limited to just a few people, no refunds or transfers will be given within 14-days of course start date. However, a person who is shy and timid in front of a group will have a tough time convincing the audience that he or she is capable.
Participants may transfer to a future class after a $100 transfer fee is received in our office as long as at least 14 days advance notice is given by participant.
Our public speaking classes are designed to help participants generate this self-confidence when they speak, so that their audiences see them as being the expert! First, “Was the class worth the tuition?” And second, “Would you recommend the course to your friends?” Since we started teaching the program in 2002, EVERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT has answered YES to both of these questions!

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