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From time to time, a speaker or performer reaches an audience with such authenticity and passion that it can feel almost magical. The journey the audience takes with Blake is inspiring, motivating, challenging, and hilarious. After studying psychology and neurophysiology at Western Illinois University, he returned to Chicago and moved into sales. As a hypnotist and self-proclaimed Quarter-Life Crisis Coach, Blake has helped people make sense of the places they find themselves stuck, and create ways to take their next best step to the lives they truly desire by tapping into the energy of what makes them feel most alive - what ignites their Adrenaline of Purpose.
Blake's personal coaching style is a blend of nurturing, intuition, challenge, and telling the hard truth.
Your personal story can also be motivational if you share it with the help of your public speaking skills. This is another common fear scenario that has you in front of an audience and will say something embarrassing. Standing in front of an audience and completely forgetting what to say, is a situation that may make you nervous even reading this. You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition would become Public Speaking trainer, but that's exactly what Lucas Mattiello did. Lucas is passionate in empowering business professionals with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to communicate with confidence. The purpose of this guide is to assist you with finding information about your course and the speeches you will be making during the course.
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Whether it's speaking to twenty people or two thousand people, the ability to speak well in public is vital to every business person.
Good public speaking means the presenter is relaxed and prepared, grabs the audience's attention, and sustains it throughout their speech. Effective Communication can help you and your staff reduce your public speaking fears and polish your public speaking skills. In addition to offering a complimentary 'Trial Workshop' to demonstrate our relevance and value, we also offer a 100% Accountability & Satisfaction Guarantee when you engage our complete 'Effective Presentation Skills Learning Process'. All great speakers connect to their audience, but the truly incredible connect with their audience – taking a journey together. After enduring a life-changing car accident, he found himself reevaluating the pieces of his life – taking care not to take any experience for granted. Writing between 3 and 4 million dollars in sales each year, he honed his presentation and closing skills enough to present them to trainees and new employees. Blake is a magnetic speaker, and loves to get groups of people involved in experiential learning with his workshops and interactive presentations.

He calls forth the best (and worst) in his clients to pull them out of their comfort zone and into a place of creation. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Make a record of all the things that happen to you, so you always have something new to share. Think of an inspirational or personal story, practice them, and then share them with your audience along with hand gestures and adjectives to really involve them and reach out to them. I’m a curious person and want to assist everyone to achieve their greatness, so the fear of public speaking is a perfect fit for me to explore. This creates a situation where 90% of people will tell you how nervous they get or how much they hate public speaking. This creates tremendous anxiety as it’s commonly linked to a worst-case scenario of extreme embarrassment  When I ask where this thought comes from, most of my clients recall a situation from their school years where they spoke in class and were laughed at. This is what causes many people to completely script their presentations and spend hours trying to memorize it.
List out the most important points you want to address and fill in the supporting information.
He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years, the self-management tools he used to control stress, and his training as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with clients. He is an internationally renowned trainer in communications and stress management that has been featured in Forbes and numerous news shows, is a best selling author, and his corporate clients include: Vancouver Coastal Health, City of Burnaby, and Cactus Club Ltd. Conveying your message effectively means that you and your business will be perceived as knowledgeable, competent and experienced. Such skills are learned, and developed over time, and as such good public speaking training identifies each person's unique individual needs and provides tailored training solutions. This is possible having trained thousands of people from executive to graduate across many multinational companies. This means your entire investment will be returned if we do not complete each step of your 'Learning Process' and or, if you are not satisfied with our service.
After leaving corporate America in mid 2010, Blake started speaking at community centers, colleges, and business events for entrepreneurs.
Everytime I am upset, he has this way of showing me that everything is okay and I’ll be just fine.
Believing that life is all about experience, he creates opportunities for his clients to live their 'best' lives - experiencing their personal power as a motivator. Through exercises and challenging perspectives, Blake is the shovel that breaks ground on transformational change. Keep in mind that these skills can help you reach out not only to people’s minds, but to people’s hearts.

Make sure that your story is relevant, and that you use your public speaking skills to improve upon the way you share the story. Being an Anxiety Coach, I address many different situations, all rooted in fear and the beliefs that reinforce it. Let’s think about it, if you’re nervous about speaking in public and most people you know confirm this belief, do you think this reinforces the association of fear and public speaking? The school years are challenging for all of us and has significant impact on our beliefs and self-esteem…if we allow it. The hours spent usually lead to stressed out and tired presenters as you’re so nervous that you just want to grind through the presentation and get it over with. Not many, most people will accept this fear as who they are and live with the consequences, this DOESN’T have to be you! He challenges his audiences to discover their own personal mission statements, and the purpose of their journey – both inside and away from the company or group to which they belong. Reaching out to hearts can be easy: all you need is to put together your public speaking skills and your ability to tell stories. Let your words design your speech in a way that your audience will be entertained and inspired. An ordinary day can be riveting if it gave you certain realizations that you are willing to share with your audience. This is one of the public speaking skills that will definitely help you grab the audience’s attention. Try to make your points by giving the audience the visual imagery that should accompany your stories. My work with the fear of public speaking has produced interesting insight on what creates most people’s fear and strategies to overcome it. Ask yourself if being afraid of public speaking is your belief or something you learned from hearing others tell you they are. Critique yourself to improve your public speaking skills, and you will be well on your way to touching your audience’s hearts.
If you use your skills to make your listeners feel like they are actually witnessing the story, your speech will be so much more effective. You have changed and achieved a lot since them, don’t hold yourself back from success today because of a learning experience years ago.

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